10 Best Apps to Locate a Lost iPhone

Losing an iPhone is a real nightmare for Apple device users, but fortunately there are plenty of tools to help you find your smartphone today. In addition to using your device's official app, you can also use other very useful and complete apps.

To find out which ones are best, just check out our detailed list of the best apps to find your lost iPhone!

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1. Find My iPhone

Our first recommendation could not but be Find My iPhone, Apple's official app so you can locate your lost iPhone anywhere. To have it on your smartphone, you must have at least iOS 5 installed and have an iCloud account.

These are standard procedures today, and Find My iPhone will be installed on your device. With it, you can track your device directly from the iCloud website (which can be accessed here), and you can also lock or erase your iPhone data remotely. If you need to, the app can be downloaded at this link.

2. GadgetTrak

If you're looking for alternatives, you can also try GadgetTrak, which increases the chances of you recovering your smartphone by generating multiple location reports. The app will send messages to your device and even take some pictures of the possible thief with your front camera to send you.

Also, once installed, Gadget Trak cannot be deleted from your iPhone without a specific password, which will not allow anyone but you to remove it from the device. The application can be downloaded directly from this link.

3. Device Locator

Device Locator also offers some very good features if you don't remember where you left your iPhone or if it was stolen. It can sound an alarm so you know exactly where it is in your home, for example.

If you suspect someone else is using it, the app can also take a picture of the person with the front camera and send it to you without the thief knowing. Devie Locator is paid for, but worth it for being more complete than other free apps in the same category. Click here to download it.

4. iHound

IHound is even more perfect if you are sure your iPhone has been stolen, as the app can lock it, wipe all your data remotely or ring a loud siren that cannot be easily disabled without a password. .

Of course, it can also track your iPhone like other apps, but its other features are prominent. The app is free to download and can be accessed through this link, but users must subscribe for at least three months to use all of its features.

5. If Found +

If Found + is one of the cheapest paid apps on our list and also brings some really cool features for those who lost the iPhone. He changes his background with a message that warns that the iPhone in question has been lost, helping if anyone finds it.

You can use it to locate your device, but the focus of the app is clearly based on someone finding and returning your device. If you are interested, you can download If Found + via this link.

6. Mobile Spy

Undoubtedly, Mobile Spy is one of the best apps of ours, but it's also the most expensive of all, coming out for about $ 99 a year on subscription. This exorbitant price is due to the app allowing you to monitor your iPhone in real time, with a variety of device usage reports being sent to you

This lets you know about outgoing calls, incoming SMS, exact GPS location, incoming or outgoing emails, websites accessed, and until photos or videos were recently taken. For features like this, it's even worth paying such a high price if you really want to recover your smartphone. The app can be downloaded by this link.

7. Phone Trace 4

For a much lower price, you can buy Phone Trace 4, which allows you to track your device in real time, as well as give you some reports of lost iPhone usage. The app also tells you if someone is using a new number on your device, a feature not very common in these types of apps.

You can also send messages, emails and SMS to your device remotely, which makes it very easy to communicate with the person in possession of your device. The app can be purchased for less than $ 8 via this link.

8. Motion Alarm

Motion Alarm is a bit different from the other apps we listed here. With it installed on your iPhone, you can make a very loud alarm (which you can customize) ring whenever someone is using the device.

This makes using the iPhone in question almost impossible for a thief and makes selling the stolen device very unlikely. The cool thing is that it also has a GPS tracker that will show you the location of the iPhone and send reports of any movement by email. Motion Alarm can be downloaded from this link.

9. Navizon

If you want a free alternative, we can recommend Navizon, which is quite simple and doesn't offer as many features as the other apps on the list. Even so, it delivers on its promise: it shows your iPhone's position in real time via GPS.

Possible moves made with your device will also be shown on Navizon, but otherwise there is not much to expect from the app. The application can be downloaded to your iPhone directly from this link.

10. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is also completely free, but it works a little differently. With it installed on your lost iPhone, you can use someone else's iPhone or iPad (who also has the app installed) to find it quickly.

The app is more useful for you to know where your friends are, as you can see by name, but it's also a good, free option to track down a lost or stolen device. Find My Friends can be downloaded from this link.

Found your lost or stolen iPhone?

Could you take our app tips for finding a lost iPhone? So leave your comment and tell us which one seemed most interesting and if you already use any application to help you in situations like this!

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