10 best farm games for Android and iPhone

There is nothing more relaxing than taking care of a virtual farm. That's why farm games are so addictive and can make us waste time tending to gardens and friendly animals. They may be able to bring more relaxation than their own relaxation apps.

On the other hand, developers of relaxation games know this and there is an avalanche of farm games available at Google and Apple app stores. This can cause you to get lost without knowing which one to download.

Even this kind of game has its own style and way of interacting with the elements around it. While some games place him as a character interacting with that world, others put him in the role of an invisible administrator, just giving orders. Well in the style of PC simulation games.

That's why we searched the stores for you and chose 10 of the best farm games you can install on your Android or iPhone.

Check it out below and start testing them to find out which one is your favorite!

1. Stardew Valley

Developed for 5 years by a single person, Stardew Valley can be recognized as the best farm game in the world. For those who played Harvest Moon in the 1990s, the game is one of the best honors there is.

At the command of the customizable protagonist, you must raise your farm from scratch. In addition, you must also manage your relationships with neighbors and inhabitants of your city and even raise a family, as in a romance game.

There are a variety of tasks, actions and possibilities in the game, making your experience different from other players.

Stardew Valley is available for Android and iPhone. You can also play them on the main video games on the market and on the computer.

Tip: Stardew Valley is paid, but Android users can follow this tutorial to learn how to download free paid apps on Android in a legal way!

2. Farm On!

Ideal for mobile gaming, Farm On! It is designed to be enjoyed with the portrait mode screen. That is, it is optimized for your mobile screen.

Unlike Stardew Valley, you run the farm without appearing. But that does not stop you from touching animals and crops to develop your rural property.

You can also have barter relationships with neighbors and create recipes with the ingredients of your farm. Click the link to download Farm On! on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Hay Day

Developed by Supercell, the same as the successful Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, we have Hay Day. Made with the expertise of the mobile game maker, the game is the most popular of its kind in many countries.

Just like Farm On, you manage your farm invisibly, that is, without a character of your own. In addition to the farm and trade among its neighbors, the game also allows you to fish for fish and increase the income of your fake business.

Hay Day can be downloaded for Android and iPhone.

4. Farming Simulator 18

If your goal is to simulate the real experience of being a farmer, Farming Simulator 18 is the ideal option for that. Sparing you nothing, the game lets you manage every millimeter of the farm.

Seed type and quality, simulation of the effects of the weather on what you are planting and the ability to choose and the tractors you will use on the crops are some examples of the game's fidelity to reality.

Farming Simulator 18 can be downloaded on Android and iPhone. Like Stardew Valley, the title is also available for computers and today's generation of video game consoles.

5. Township

This game can be confused with city building games as it features two types of gameplay. First, you start by taking care of a small agrarian community. Its role is to develop these farms in a metropolis when it becomes more like city simulators.

Still, it can be classified among the farm games, as much of the game you will have to choose the crops you will make and negotiate with your neighbors. At the same time, you should build buildings for your citizens and take care of the city's economic development.

See more by visiting your page on the Google Play and App Store.

6. Blocky Farm

Here the scope is not as high as in Township. In fact, Blocky Farm was made to relax and take care of your farm animals. Think that the game mixes what farm games do, but also brings elements of virtual pet games.

As its name implies, all of your farm and animals are in "blocky" style, like playing Minecraft, but much simpler. You will also take care of orders and should improve your relationships with neighbors.

Click the link to download Blocky Farm for your Android.

7. Tiny Pixel Farm

Another farm simulator that will kill you with cuteness! Tiny Pixel Farm wastes no time with complex mechanics and the goal here is to really relax. So we can consider the simplest game among the farm games on this list.

We can consider Tiny Pixel Farm a simpler (and free!) Version of Stardew Valley. The game is available for both Android and iPhone.

8. Farmville 2: Country Adventures

If you think Farmville 2 ended when people stopped playing on Facebook, you're pretty much mistaken. The most popular farm simulator on social networks is available in several versions for Android or iOS devices.

This title follows the main line of the series. You receive missions every day and must organize your crops and crops to meet demand and be rewarded. With payment, you can expand, evolve and customize your doing.

Farmville 2: Country Adventures is available on Android and iPhone.

9. Farmville 2: Tropic Escape

If you prefer to take care of a farm in a tropical and beach-filled environment, this version of Farmville 2 is right for you. In addition to the mechanics common to farm games, Tropic Escape allows you to explore the island's mysteries in a campaign with its own story.

In addition, you can build buildings for a variety of purposes, including photographing wildlife on your farms. Farmville 2: Tropic Escape can be downloaded on Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

10. Idle Farming Empire

Closing the list of the best farm games, we now show the best of games for the lazy. Idle Farming Empire doesn't require you to take care of anything, just watch your bank account grow and build improvements to make it happen faster.

Good for relaxing and watching your agribusiness empire grow without having to make any decisions about it.

Idle Farming Empire is available for Android and iPhone.

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