10 best MOBA games for Android and iPhone

If you've heard of games like League of Legends and Dota 2, you already know what MOBA games are. Acronym for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena - The style of online multiplayer battle arena, the style usually brings together battles between teams of players who must take the enemy base while protecting their own from rivals. If playing computer games isn't your thing, but you would like to try MOBA for Android and iPhone, get to know the top 10 style games to start practicing your skills!

1. Vainglory

One of the premier MOBA mobile games, Vainglory is the first and most loyal choice of its kind for mobile devices. It's one of the few titles to have a broad player base and competitive tournaments, making it easy to immerse yourself in the game and interact with your community.

With over 30 heroes to choose from - each with their own skills and proficiency - and touch screen control optimization, Vainglory is one of the best mobile games for those who like to compete. The title can be downloaded on Android or iPhone and supports games between players of different devices, meaning even if you have an Android and your friend an iOS, you can still play together.

2. Ace of Arenas

A MOBA without big news, it is very similar to other games in the genre, without presenting big news. It is optimized for touch screen control, giving you different skills when you touch or slide your finger across the screen. It also has a large community and is easy to play, making it ideal for beginners. Ace of Arenas can be played on both Android and iOS.


3. Heroes Evolved

One of the MOBA games with the most characters to choose from, Heroes Evolved has a collection of iconic characters for their battles, the latest being iconic martial arts star Bruce Lee.

With an equipment system, even a character can act differently to an equal one, adding to the variety of matches. It also has touch screen optimized controls and is available on both iPhone and Android.

4. Battle Bay

From the creators of Angry Birds, Battle Bay is one of the most distinguished MOBA games on the list. Rather than relying on superpowered heroes or movie figures, it is the vehicles that take part in Battle Bay battles.

The title features five-by-five matches and has a more focused perspective on action players, not strategy players as it usually does. Battle Bay brings short matches and ideas for beginners and allows for the creation of teams of players called guilds. Rovio MOBA is available on Google Play and the App Store.

5. Mobile Legends

Perhaps the most similar to the League of Legends. This game also features 5v5 matches, as is usually done in similar MOBA games released for computers. Its control scheme is a little different from the ordinary, using a virtual joystick instead of the screen itself to move and attack with your favorite hero.

As a hero, Mobile Legends does not leave its players orphaned, having about 43 heroes in its collection. The title can be downloaded for Android or iPhone and iPad.

6. Call of Champions

Another MOBA game ideal for beginners, as it has a large community of players - resulting in a wealth of guides, tricks and opportunities to meet other people playing - and quick matches that last about five minutes. Using the medieval fantasy theme, the most used in its genre, Call of Champions also has a spectator mode, allowing you to watch matches when you want to better understand the strategy of skilled players. The title can be downloaded for Android or iOS.

7. Heroes of Order & Chaos

Created by mobile gaming giant Gameloft, Heroes of Order & Chaos is one of the most expansive MOBA games for mobile devices. Featuring more than 50 selectable characters, the title features 5-player battles for each team, with the same goal of destroying the enemy base while protecting yours.

The game allows you to customize the skills and equipment of the same hero, making their use different for each player. You can also watch spectator games, and Heroes of Order & Chaos is available on the Google Play and App Store.

8. Planet of Heroes

One of the few MOBA games that is not set against the backdrop of medieval fantasy. Planet of Heroes takes greater inspiration in science fiction, but with a more childlike footprint, being more suitable for the little ones. It is also one of the few titles of its kind to be able to play offline.

More simplified than most titles here, Planet of Heroes matches take place between teams of three players each. It's ideal for those starting out in the genre, but it can be considered too simple for the veteran. Planet of Heroes is available for Android or iPhone and iPad.

9. Iron League

Like Planet of Heroes, Iron League matches are between teams of three players. However, it is a more complex game than shown in the previous item, offering a greater balance of appeal for novice and experienced players.

Iron League is one of the few games that allow a duel mode, ie one player against another. The title has about 30 characters to choose from and can also be downloaded and played on Android or iOS.

10. Star Wars: Force Arena

One of the best mobile Star Wars games, Star Wars: Force Arena mixes MOBA games with game mechanics like Clash Royale - considered the best game of 2016. In addition to controlling your hero in matches, you can summon minions through of letters.

The game allows, at most, matches between doubles or duels of one player against another. Because of this, the matches are more agile. The title also lets you watch matches from other fans and has memorable franchise characters to select from. Star Wars: Force Arena is available on the App Store or Google Play.

What MOBA games have you tried?

Although the genre can no longer be considered new, since there are many options on both the computer and mobile phones and tablets, is still one of the most unknown for those who are not aware of the competitive landscape of electronic games. Did you like any of our recommendations? What game would it indicate to whom it is starting? Comment with us and leave your opinion!

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