10 Best Original Netflix Movies

Netflix is ​​easily the best known and most successful movie and series streaming service in the world. You can find content from different genres and eras there, but it's now becoming even more common to see original Netflix movies.

Overall, the company has been working hard to produce diverse films and series that might not find their place in the conventional film and TV industry. Fortunately, much of this content is of good quality and worth seeing and enjoying.

Although the streaming service series are extremely popular, it's the original Netflix movies that are catching the eye. If you're curious and interested in what are the top 10 original Netflix movies, just check out our list of recommendations. See everything in detail below!

1. Rome

Of course we couldn't start our original Netflix movie without mentioning Rome. After all, this was the first movie from the streaming service to receive numerous awards, including three Oscar statuettes.

For those who haven't heard, this black and white feature film follows the story of a Mexican family in the 1970s, who goes on vacation to try to overcome the abandonment of their husband and father, who ran away with their lover. Although it sounds very simple, this drama is very interesting, it has an excellent script, very convincing performances and beautiful cinematography.

2. Beasts of No Nation

Although not as well-known as Rome, Beasts of No Nation is worth as much as the drama mentioned earlier. This is one of the first original Netflix productions and was released in 2015 on the streaming platform.

Like most war movies, this feature is not so light to watch, especially because it focuses on a soldier who begins his life in combat as a child and is shaped by the violence around him.

3. One More Chance

Moving on to something much lighter than our last two recommendations, One More Chance is a movie that mixes a bit of drama and comedy. The production tells the story of a couple who are over 40 but still trying various (unsuccessful) methods to have children.

Things in the couple's life change positively when their niece is spending a season at their home. Even with a very simple plot, the movie is very interesting, charming and worth checking out.

4. The Meyerowitz Stories

Here is another movie that mixes drama and comedy in a very interesting way. The Meyerowitz Stories not only features a well-written script, but also features a diverse cast including Dustin Hoffman, Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller.

His plot is also simple but effective: three brothers who have always competed for their father's attention and affection, a well-known art teacher and sculptor. As they need to spend more time together as adults, some complications and unexpected turns are happening in each other's lives.

5. Mogli - Between Two Worlds

Most people know about Mogli's Disney animation, but Netflix has also produced its own version of the wolf boy story. This movie, released in 2018, has a more realistic tone rather than following the style of animation so famous of the 1990s.

The story itself is not much different from what we already know, with Mogli (a human child) being raised by wolves after his parents were murdered when he was still a baby. If you already liked the plot and want to see a different version, we recommend you check out the Netflix production.

6. Bird Box

Even if you haven't watched it, chances are you have at least heard of Bird Box. This is one of Netflix's best-known original movies, and even generated some viral and quite dangerous internet challenges in 2018.

For those who don't know his plot yet, he basically shows a mother taking her two children on a journey into a post-apocalyptic world, in which a mysterious presence drives people to suicide. To prevent this from happening, the entire trip needs to be done with everyone blindfolded. The plot is very interesting and will definitely make you tense.

7. Megarromantic

Despite its name, Megarromantic is not exactly the typical romantic comedy we are used to seeing around. In fact, he kind of makes a mockery of all the clichés so beaten of movies of this style.

It all starts when the protagonist who lives a very normal life and has a cynical view of her love life, ends up in an accident and wakes up in a world that works just like a romantic movie, to her utter dread.

As you can imagine, he's very fun and laid-back, so it's worth checking out.

8. For All the Boys I Ever Loved

Following a very light line in this next recommendation, the movie For All Boys I've Ever Loved is really geared toward romantic comedies. Still, he knows it's a lot of fun, especially for those who loved such popular teenage movies in the 1990s.

In this movie, the protagonist still in high school writes letters to all the boys for whom she has had some innocent interest in the past, almost as a way of trying to understand and overcome these feelings. The problem begins when these letters are mysteriously sent to the boys.

Although it sounds pretty cliché, the movie has several different and unexpected turns to a feature of this type. So it is worth checking out.

9. Okja

Although not so old, Okja was one of the first original Netflix films to catch the attention of both the public and the critics. In this production, we follow the story of the South Korean girl Mija, whose family receives a large (fictional) animal nicknamed Okja from an American corporation.

After 10 years, the corporation marvels at Okja's successful breeding and transports the animal back to the United States, but the girl does her best to prevent Okja from suffering the mistreatment and possible slaughter that the company plans.

As you may see, the film draws several parallels with the way the meat industry really works in real life. The movie has received a lot of accolades and is extremely moving, so it's worth checking out.

10. Nothing to Hide

Finally, we close our list with a very entertaining French movie that you are sure to find very interesting. In it, we accompanied the dinner of three couples and one single who have known each other and have been friends for many years.

After some of them keep checking their cell phones constantly, some people in the group suggest that they leave their phones on the table and read any messages they receive aloud and leave possible incoming calls on speaker. Of course, this leads to more and more confusion, problems, fights and secrets being discovered throughout the night.

Did you like the original Netflix movies?

Did you take advantage of our list today to know some of the best original Netflix movies? So be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think of the recommendations, if you saw any of them and what other movies you would include here.

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