10 best restaurant games for Android, iPhone and iPad

The branch of gastronomy is one of the most difficult, although it is also one of the most common and ancient. Considering that the movement of bars and restaurants happens outside of business hours, the area professional is usually working just when everyone is resting. If despite the interest in the area you do not want to embark on this world head on, there is a wide variety of games that simulate this life, but in a way that you can do in your free time and without compromise. That's why we've put together a list of the top 10 restaurant games to play on your Android, iPhone, or iPad. Do not forget to tell us which one is your favorite!

Tip: Learn English the fun way by playing these 10 games!

1. Cooking Fever

The most popular restaurant game for Android, iPhone and iPad, Cooking Fever features a variety of dining establishments, including about 400 dishes - ranging from famous fast food to seafood restaurants and more - and more. challenges to complete. Its big footprint is time management, as customers keep coming and ordering, so they have to keep an eye on the clock and plan as quickly as possible to meet demand. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play or from the App Store.

2. Order Up !! To go

With a premise similar to the previous game, Order Up !! To Go also puts you in the role of a restaurant owner who needs to deliver delicious dishes without letting his customers wait too long. However, unlike Cooking Fever, in this game your role in creating the dishes is more active. This means that you will have to get your hands dirty, or as close as possible, when using the touch screen to chop the vegetables, turn the hamburgers in the pan, stir the broth, among many others. Learn more about the game on your Google app store page, or from iPhone and iPad.

3. Sara's Cooking

With a less insane pace than the previous two games, Sara's Cooking has a more educational proposition. At each stage, you must follow the instructions and perform the tips given by the protagonist of the game. One of its main advantages is the possibility of also making the dishes in the physical world and the availability in 11 languages, including Portuguese. The game is available for Android and iOS.

4. Cooking Dash

Returning to the fast-paced restaurant games, Cooking Dash plays the player in the role of Flo, a chef who wants to become a TV star. However, the mechanics are similar to what we saw in Order Up and Cooking Fever: combining the delivery of dishes at the right time and quality, collecting the gains from your restaurant and reinvesting them in better and faster equipment. When cooking complicated dishes, your fame increases, as do the gains with customers. Cooking Dash can be played on Android or on iPhone and iPad.

5. Pizza Maker

Instead of participating in all kinds of cuisines, Pizza Maker is one of the perfect restaurant games for anyone who wants to be a pizza maker. The only alternative option is to create sandwiches. Still, the game takes a more similar approach to Sara's Cooking, allowing its users to invent their own types of pizza. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play or App Store.

6. Cooking Mama Let's Cook

Known for games released for Nintendo consoles, Cooking Mama also shows up on mobile devices with Cooking Mama Let's Cook, available for Android and iOS. Focused only on making the best dish possible, you should follow the instructions as perfectly as possible to pass the internship. It is possible to practice before accepting the challenge of assembling the plate, thereby increasing your chances of getting a good enough score to continue the game.

7. Restaurant Story 2

While most of the games listed so far mix between frenetic pace or recipe execution accuracy, Restaurant Story 2 further expands the scope, making the player produce their own ingredients. In addition, your kitchen is also fully customizable, with many items to use and enhance the look of your restaurant. The title can be downloaded for free on iPhone, iPad and Android.

8. World Chef

One of the restaurant games also focused on resource management, the player must grow it from a small local establishment to a global network with dishes from around the planet. You can also customize it any way you like, giving it your personal touch or recreating some kind of restaurant that you find enjoyable. World Chef can be played on Android, but also on iPhone and iPad.

9. Gourmet Ranch

Following Restaurant Story 2's line, Gourmet Ranch also puts the player in charge of managing all aspects of the restaurant, including the production of ingredients, following the mold of establishments that work with organic produce. With less pressure to deliver the dishes than most games on the list, Gourmet Ranch gives top priority to planning. It is also one of the few that allows you to exchange ingredients with other players. The title is exclusive to iPhone and iPad.

10. Street Food Maker

Like Pizza Maker, Street Food Maker also specializes in one type of cuisine that has even become very popular: street food. Without the pressure of some restaurant games from this list, you can choose your favorite street food type - such as skewers, sandwiches, and ice cream - and customize it to your liking. It is also worth noting that it is one of the few that lets you "eat" what you invented, but obviously figuratively. Street Food Maker is available for download from Google Play and the App Store.

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What kind of restaurant games do you like the most?

The ten options on this list can be divided into three categories: time management, recipe execution, and general administration, from production to dish delivery. Which one pleased your style the most and what is your favorite game from the available examples? Comment with us!

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