The 10 biggest news for Android 10

Each year Apple and Google release new versions of their operating systems. While Apple is expected to launch its iOS 13 in September, August may mark the arrival of Android 10. With the release date of Google's system coming, much of the news has been revealed and we know what to expect.

At first, the biggest benefit of downloading a new system is the improved performance and security of your phone. This will allow you to enjoy higher quality Android games and solve common Android issues without having to do anything.

Still not sure what Android 10 will bring?

Then check out our list of the 10 biggest news of Android 10!

1. Sugar Free: Android 10 Will Not Have a Candy Name

For the first time in many years, this version of Android will not have a sweet name like Kit Kat, Oreo and Android Pie versions. According to Android Sameer Samat vice president of products, the previous names could be confusing as sweets are pronounced different in each language.

As a global brand, the goal of keeping the version name as Android 10 is to make releases simpler and more intuitive for the community.

That is, future releases will no longer have the sugary names of before. But let's miss trying to guess what would be the next candy honored by Google.

2. Brand New Design

The arrival of the new Android 10 also brings more changes to the Android brand, besides the end of candy names. The logo has also undergone subtle changes, as you can see in the image below:

3. Greater compatibility with folding phones

Despite the initial failure of Galaxy Fold, Google has not given up working on better system compatibility with folding smartphones. After all, it's not just Samsung that tries to bring innovation to market in a way that appeals to consumers.

That means the system will upgrade to the standard of the world's best phones, while better preparing your Android for future innovations.

Among the improvements, Android 10 will make multitasking and screen continuity easier, making it easier to move apps from screen to screen.

4. 5G Compatibility

The future of mobile communication is the 5G connection. Although there are not many compatible smartphones yet - not even the next iPhone will have compatibility - in the coming years the 5G will be the standard.

To get ahead of the fray and make sure smartphone makers can build phones that can connect to the 5G, Android 10 will bring native support for this kind of connection.

5. Machine Learning Functions

Android 10 will have more automatic functions with your arrival. Smart Caption will create subtitles for any video you are watching in real time.

In the meantime, the Smart Reply function will give you automatic suggestions based on responses you have already given in other messaging applications. Note that Smart Reply will work on any app you use, be it WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct.

6. Greater access to security settings

With the recent scandals involving breach of privacy on social networks, more users are tuned to security settings. This will make Android 10 easier to access these settings.

They will be at the top of the system settings app, where you can modify activity controls and location data you shared with apps.

7. Easier to upgrade Android 10

Until the current version of Android, you need to restart your phone for Android to apply the required updates. During the installation of these updates, you lose access to your smartphone until the process is over.

With the arrival of the new system, the updates will be distributed on the over the air system, the same as the application update. That is, your Android will be updated while you use it normally, without having to stop or restart your smartphone.

8. Focus mode for increased productivity

If you use any productivity apps to focus on a task, they will no longer be needed. In the new focus mode, you can choose which applications distract you the most.

From there, Android will block notifications and access to these apps while you are working. At the same time, it may allow other useful applications to become active.

9. Android 10 Release Date

Traditionally, new versions of Android usually come out in August. With the recent arrival of the latest beta, Android 10 may arrive next month. That is, we can expect an almost simultaneous release of the Google and Apple systems.

10. Download the latest beta!

Now that you know some of the major news from Android 10, you can start experimenting with some of the beta testing features.

To download the beta, you must have a Google Pixel and click the link to sign up for your device with your Google Play login.

What do you think about Android 10?

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