10 Disney games you can't miss!

Everyone loves Disney. Especially kids who dream of California to marvel at the great world that Disney provides. True, today we will enter this magical world, or at least part of it! Let's talk about the great Disney games for the whole family! Select your favorites and learn how to play them here! If you want to, however, select other games as well, take a look at our tutorials: 10 must-see iOS and Android car racing games, 25 free kids games to try, and 10 iPhone card games, iPad and Android!

1. Disney City Girl

First let's talk about an app dedicated to girls, Disney City Girl is a Facebook game. He tells the story of a girl who lives in a small town surrounded by country, who recently graduated and is part of her dreams of going to the big American city, New York.

One day she actually makes it to New York and asks her friend Jenny to help her find an apartment and guide her in her next steps. Jenny then becomes a kind of tutorial for you, who has now embodied the enchanting character who left her parents' house to live her big dreams. Ready to rock in New York?

2. My Penguin

For sure, the user knows Club Penguin. Not? Well, in Club Penguin, each player creates his own custom penguin, can buy accessories for him (using the game's coins) and adopt pets. The idea of ​​this app is then brought to My Penguin, where the player can use the same user they already have on Club Penguin, or they can create a new one in their own app.

My Penguin actually brings five games within the same application and all of them are quite varied. This app is dedicated to the little ones and the older ones, so there is no reason not to try it!

3. Monsters, Inc. Run

The Monsters, Inc. Run app is great! The user surely remembers Super Mario and Sonic and many other similar console games, as well, this app is very similar to these classics, but with some differences. To begin with, let's talk about the main characters.

Mike and Sully are the two main characters. The user remembers them from the Disney Pixar movie, released in 2001, Monsters, Inc. This game is all about the storyline of the movie. Even without showing Boo (the missing child) or other characters, the purpose of the app will be to save her as well as in the movie.

4. Where's My Mickey?

The main character of Disney since its earliest times! If you think about it, it makes perfect sense, because that's where Disney was born from a simple sketch of a mouse! The Mickey Mouse. And if there had to be any Disney-like game, in essence, it had to be Where's My Mickey ?.

Explaining now how the game works: with your finger, you carve a path through the sand (in this case) so that the water finds its way in Mickey. Along the way, the user will have to try to collect three symbols (in this case stars).

5. Where's my Perry?

Continuing in the same collection, I present you Where's my Perry ?. In this app, the user will have to pass each phase in a scenario where Perry, or Agent P, is trapped in a compartment and you need to release it. The exit hatch can only be opened with water or steam, you must be able to make one of these elements reach this compartment enough to trigger the opening of this hatch so that agent P can exit. In each phase you will find water or steam in one or more locations.

But, as in Where's My Mickey ?, getting water or steam to the compartment to open the trapdoor is not as simple as it sounds. In addition to having to decipher the correct sequence, you will have to make your way through the earth for water or steam to pass, you will also need to strategically use lasers that turn water into steam, or ice into water, or use other elements that are incorporated into the scenario.

6. Where's my water?

As you have noticed so far, Disney takes entertainment seriously. Where's My Water? It's a fun puzzle game geared toward young and old audiences alike (like the other two before). The main character of Where's My Water? it's the swampy alligator.

However, Swampy does one thing in the game: he sits in a bathtub waiting for the water to come so he can take a shower. And it's you who needs to get the water there. In the other apps the characters don't help in the game either, but they already move a little more in the app, especially Mickey who has to serve the lemonade. On second thought, Where's my water? was the first, Where's my Perry? the second is Where's My Mickey? the third.

7. Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood

Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood is an app for Facebok, much like Caféland and CheffVille. The goal is to find your dear Aunt Virginia who has been kidnapped at Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood and needs your help now. The user soon incorporates a character, only has a chance to choose whether to be a girl or a boy. Whatever you choose, you'll have control over different actions.

The other characters appear and are a help to the user and he can have control over them too, but indirectly. To tell you a little more about the story: a black spirit took his aunt and hid her somewhere on her haunted property. Now there's only one chance to find and save her: travel to New Orleans and start investigating like a detective! As it does in Criminal Case and Pearl's Peril.

8. Monsters University: Catch Archie

We already talked about an application with the same theme of the movie Monsters and Company. Well this game uses the theme, characters and setting of this new Disney movie and features a new game called Monsters University: Catch Archie, where you will have to control Mike Wazowski's character to run and catch Archie the mascot. from the rival university, and don't let it get away.

The game begins with a video showing a snippet of the movie, with Mike and Sulley in the university dormitory. Then comes Archie, a six-legged pig, who runs out of the room and jumps out the window. Mike rushes after him, and that's where the game begins.

9. Words of Wonder

In Words of Wonder, a gray curse stole all the colors from the words in the Wonder book, and left the landscape of colorless fairy tales. It all depends on the user to restore the colors of the world, traveling the enchanted land and spelling every word that crosses his mind.

However, if you do not understand English, I do not advise you to play this Facebook application, when spelling the words, the game will only recognize English words, so it is not worth it if you do not speak English at least at intermediate level. As for gameplay, in Words of Wonder, it's simple and fun, with a good deal of variety being introduced in regular steps.

10. Nemo's Reef

Finally, we ended up with the little clown fish Nemo. Nemo's Reef. The app is not set around the movie. Here, the user does not have to search for Nemo. Instead, the player must help Nemo and his father Marlin build the best reef in the school.

To do this, just follow a set of instructions. If you follow all the steps, you will quickly pass the level. Like the Mini Pets app, every piece on the reef will take some time to grow. Of course the user can speed up the process, but this involves microtransactions.

Did you like the Disney games?

We have reached the end of our compilation of the 10 Disney games! And the user, have you tried any of these? Which one do you like best? Tell us everything in the comments below and see also the best free minimalist games for iPhone and iPad!

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