10 Functional Training Apps for iPhone

In an increasingly fast-paced world where time is scarce to exercise, many users are looking for virtual solutions rather than the usual gym. So mobile apps can be a great alternative for those who don't have much time on a day to day basis. Many apps offer functional workouts that you can do on your own, whether at home or even at the gym if possible. For some of the best functional training apps for iPhone, just check out the list below!

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1. Gain Fitness

As soon as the user enters the application finds a series of drills to download. It is a good idea to always use the buttons above the training: “Duration”, “Body Focus” and “Level”.

This way you will be able to select and segment the type of exercise you want. For example, if you are a beginner you should put a workout between 5-20 minutes with the beginner level. The app is very complete and allows you to monitor all your workouts and manage your activity plan. You can download it from this link.

2. Ninja Fitness Free

If you are a fan of ninjas you will love this app. As soon as I opened the app, an old (and not very fit) master ninja appeared to me that guided me in the proper use of Ninja Ftiness Free. The master will ask you for your Ninja name, gender, weight and height. Then the user will be able to choose the face type, color and hair type of his ninja doll.

Then you will have to work to earn coins for the purpose of buying more exercises. The first one I bought was a strength training (the master offers you coins at the beginning). Then you get into training and you can see in video format what you have to do. The app is free and offers you integrated purchases. Download the app through this link.

3. Virtual Trainer BodyWeight

There are several Virtual Trainer applications. BodyWeight is more functional than others because it trains your whole body using little more than your body to train.

The user can choose to build a workout or use the pre-built offered by the app. In the pre-built, you can find unlocked training packages, to do so you will have to buy them. That is, the application is free, but you can buy more training packages. Download here.

4. Pocket WOD

Pocket WOD can be used for free, but if you want to upgrade the app you can use the free trial but then you will have to pay a monthly fee or annuity.

Without upgrading, users can watch multiple videos on various training topics (crossfit, functional, strength) and even nutrition. Pocket Wod gives you ideas of what to do and finds you many gyms. Download the app at this link.

5. Noom Weight

In terms of look, the app is one of the simplest. However it is also very practical and intuitive. In Noom Weight the user can record the calories of each day's meal and get a personal trainer (if upgraded).

In the personal trainer section you will need to fill out a survey so that the app gives you the trainer that suits you best. The app is very complete and will help you lose weight. It is also free and offers integrated purchases. Download the app at this link.

6. FitStar - Personal Trainer

As soon as you open the app, there is a brief introduction to what you can do in FitStar. Then you can connect with FitBit, Facebook or by creating a user within the app and provide the app with some information (full name, gender, age, weight, height, fit, etc).

You are then given a quiz to see which category you are going to be in and which workouts are best for you. FitStar - Personal Trainer is free until the test, then you have to opt for the premium plan to get access to workouts. Download the app at this link.

7. FitBit

FitBit is another great recommendation that can help you jot down your activities, run correctly and healthily, schedule your workouts (which allows you to analyze your results later), etc.

The cool thing is that you can still set specific goals and objectives to follow daily, whether for exercise or eating. You can check out the app at this link.

8. Nike Training Club

As its name implies, this is an official Nike app to help those looking for more advanced guidance to start exercising.

The app has over 160 exercises from various categories, depending only on the type of training you need. You can download it for free at this link.

9. Workout Trainer

Like other apps on our list, Workout Trainer serves as a kind of guide for many types of exercises you can do at home or at your gym.

Best of all, you can choose which type of workout you prefer to do, and it also has detailed photo or video explanations of how to do everything right. You can download the app at this link.

10. iMuscle 2

IMuscle 2 is a very different application from the ones we recommend on our list, especially because it focuses so much on showing 3D models of the human body and its muscles. This way you can learn which body parts are stimulating with each workout or exercise you choose.

There are hundreds of different workouts to choose from, and you can even search for exercises by the type of equipment you want to use at the gym. You can download it from this link.

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