10 iPhone 7 rumors that could come true

During the year, a flood of rumors about the iPhone 7 emerged, with a wide range of functions and even absences from its predecessor models. So far, the only thing officially said by the apple company is that the iPhone 7 will feature an irresistible function that no one imagined it could ever live without, according to CEO Tim Cook.

The moment for rumors to cease is near, with the official presentation of the device, which will take place on September 7, a Wednesday and Independence holiday. To help you get ready for the presentation, we have listed 10 iPhone 7 rumors that we report here on AppTuts so you can follow along with us and find out which ones will come true or not!

1. Wireless recharging

Wireless battery recharging is the fan's favorite feature, according to Apple's own research. That may be the big news reserved by the company among rumors about the iPhone 7. A company specializing in the mobile market pointed to the great possibility of this happening on the next phone. However, it does not fit the unimaginable big function cited by the company's CEO, as the feature is widely imagined and desired by the public.

2. Waterproof

Although recent iPhone models have great water resistance, there is not yet a fully waterproof smartphone. The same mobile market analysis firm that has upheld the possibility of wireless charging also assumes that iPhone 7 is immune to the effects of water. For this, all components of Apple's upcoming smartphone are covered by a special hydrophobic solution.

3. Dust resistant

One of the rumors about the iPhone 7 that came straight from the device's production chain is a kind of auto-clean function to wipe dust off the device. Apparently, a device attached to the Home button will allow dust to be cleaned from the screen.

4. New model option with 256GB of storage

This rumor is unique to the iPhone 7 Plus, the “turbocharged” version of iPhone 7. The rumor points to another model option for this version, with 256GB of storage, something that doesn't exist in current models. The rumor came from leaking storage disk images made by SanDisk, the supplier of the Apple parts, which indicated the storage capacity of 256GB. However, it is supposed to be used on the iPad Pro, rather than smartphones.

5. iPhone 7 Plus will have dual camera

One of the most repeated rumors in the news about the iPhone 7 Plus is its dual camera, a technology already used in competitors' smartphones. The presence of a second camera on the back of the device allows it to have better 3D images, for example. It would also be possible to take two separate photos at the same time, with the smartphone's Photo software allowing images to merge. One fan even created a video wondering what the dual camera would look like.

6. iPhone 7 Plus will come with 3GB of memory

It seems that Apple does not intend to save on the power of its iPhone 7 Plus. Most phones currently have 2GB of memory, but plans seem to point to 3GB of memory in the Plus version of the handset. This means even faster processing, as well as the ability to have more applications running simultaneously on the device. The smartphone is supposed to come with 3GB of memory just to support the dual camera, which would consume a lot of that memory.

7. Apple will eliminate 3.5mm input for standard headphones

Certainly the champion among the iPhone 7 rumors. The absence or presence of the 3.5mm jack - which holds the standard headphones - is the most discussed part of the device. Even traditional newspapers like the American The Wall Street Journal have given their opinion on the subject.

Nothing has been confirmed so far, but one of the solid rumors indicates that Apple will put in the iPhone 7 case a converter that will allow you to use regular headsets. Even an image of the new headphones leaked, although it has not been proven to be true.

8. 16GB storage model may not exist

While iPhone 7 Plus may have an option for 256GB of storage, another rumor points out that Apple will not market iPhone 7 models with only 16GB. Apparently, the storage options for the smartphone will go straight from 32GB. However, the 32GB option never existed inside Apple, which casts a shadow of doubt on the subject.

9. In addition to the Plus version, iPhone 7 will have another version called Pro

Another rumor points to an even more powerful version than the iPhone 7 Plus: the iPhone 7 Pro. Rumor has it that the Pro version will also feature dual camera in the rear and option for 256GB of storage. However, little has been said about this edition and a supposedly leaked image indicates that it will have an “S” below its name, which may actually indicate an iPhone 7S, not a Pro version.

10. iPhone 7 will have bigger battery than its predecessor

In another leaked image that cannot be proven to be real or not, it has been found that the iPhone 7 battery may be larger than its predecessor. Of the rumors about the iPhone 7, this seems to be the most inaccurate. Because the smartphone is intended to be thinner than the iPhone 6S - so that the 3.5mm input port should be removed - a larger battery would eventually make the device wider, ultimately for the purpose of offer a thinner phone.

Which of these iPhone 7 rumors would you most like to make true?

Among a flurry of rumors that surfaced throughout the year, which one would you like to see revealed in the official presentation of the device? Remember that the broadcast that will reveal the iPhone 7 to the world will take place this holiday on September 7, a Wednesday. Stay tuned on AppTuts and our Facebook page for more revelation news and when the broadcast will begin!

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