10 reasons to install Opera on your computer without hesitation

Despite the vast popularity of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, one of the least used browsers can be the solution to any problems you are having. One of the oldest web browsers, Opera still stands firm and strong, with a small but loyal user base. The years have done good to the browser, which can be considered one of the best today. Understand the reason in this list with 10 reasons to install Opera on your computer without hesitation!

1. It requires less from your computer

Chrome's main shortcoming is how it takes up space in your computer's memory. Not in storage, but in PC performance. Firefox also suffers from the same problem, but Opera was designed with another goal in mind: to demand less - not more - from your computer or internet. That is, you are very likely to experience fewer crashes or occasional slowdowns when you install Opera and use it in your routine.

2. Has a native Adblock

There is no need to look for an extension (or plugin) to block advertisements. Opera already has the feature natively, meaning it comes bundled with the installation. According to the team behind the browser, native adblock blocks all advertising and slows website load times by 90%.

To enable Opera adblock, go to the menu in the upper left corner, choose Settings :

In browser settings, just check the first box that appears. This will enable Opera's native adblock .

3. Has a battery saver mode

Opera has one of the best battery saving modes. When it is unplugged or activated in the settings menu (see screenshot below), it can extend battery life by up to 50%. The browser does this by pausing unused extensions and animated themes in the background, and reducing background tab activity.

4. Can access country restricted content without external extensions

One of the extensions that we recommend uninstalling immediately in Google Chrome is Hola, which allowed you to mask your IP address in a way that would appear to be accessing a page from another country. Although functional, the app took information from you and sold it to third parties. This risk does not occur when installing Opera, as it has a native VPN function, as does adblock .

You can enable VPN from the settings menu in the same way as previous options. In it, go to the Privacy and Security tab, as screenshot above. Then go to the VPN option and check the Enable VPN box to enable it.

A button with the acronym will appear to the left of the address bar. Just click on it and you have the option to leave it on or off. Below you can choose from five different locations where you want Opera to show you are for the sites you visit.

5. You can install Chrome extensions on Opera

If, even with the functions described above, you were still in doubt about making the change because of the wide range of extensions that Google's browser offers, you can start importing and exporting data between browsers. Both Chrome and Opera were built on the same platform, so Opera can run most of its competitor's extensions.

To start downloading Chrome extensions, simply install the Download Chrome Extension plugin on Opera. After installation, extensions you find in the Chrome store will rename the download button from Use in Chrome to Use in Opera .

6. Data Saving

Opera also has a data saving mode called Opera Turbo . When enabled, the browser compresses certain files received from web pages, causing it to download fewer files while browsing. Remember that the mode works only on sites without encryption, which start with // and not //.

Opera Turbo can be accessed by clicking on the top left menu, which is used to access browser settings. Check out the screenshot below:

7. Quick Access

As you can see from several screenshots during this list - including the one above - Opera's default homepage is Quick Access, following the pattern of other browsers. Access lets you get to your favorite sites quickly and also shows the ones you have visited most recently. Additionally, it allows you to perform web searches with a bar of your favorite search engine at the top.

8. Native News Feed

In addition to adblock and VPN, Opera also has a native news feed. You can set up the feed directly from home by clicking on the newspaper icon in the column on the left of the home page.

In it you will find the 50 latest news. At first he will pull the news from the biggest portals in his country. However, you can set the language and location of this news, and add your own sources, as shown in the image below:

9. Watch videos outside the window

One of the coolest features of Opera. You can access a video from YouTube or any other platform and create a popup of the same video, allowing you to watch it while handling another window. To do this, go to a video of your choice and note that at the top of the video a button will appear.

This will keep the video playing even if you switch tabs or windows in your browser. Just let it open - even in the background - the tab from which the video originated to continue watching or listening to the content. Essential for listening to debates where you don't have to look at participants, just listen to their ideas.

10. Customizable Shortcuts

The last reason to install Opera right now is perfect for those who use and abuse keyboard shortcuts. If you don't like any settings, you can customize them in your browser settings . Just find the browser section and scroll to the shortcut button.

By clicking configure shortcuts, a menu will appear, where you can check all shortcuts available in the browser. By clicking on any of them, you can reset which set of keys you will use to activate a particular function.

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Need some more reason to install Opera right away?

Not only does it feature native functions that are only present through browser extensions, Opera has better, faster performance and consumes less computer memory. It also allows you to save battery and internet data, especially when accessed through a limited plan. Being able to use much of Chrome's gigantic list of extensions, installing Opera is almost a must.

You can download Opera via the link, but don't forget to leave a comment if you have any questions. Do you already use Opera on a daily basis? Then share this text and prove to your friends that they are wasting time in other browsers!

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