10 Reasons to Never Install MacKeeper

You may have heard of MacKeeper, a program that is not only an antivirus but a complete suite of tools to make your computer better. This is why when a program gets very famous and always comes up on websites, it never hurts to know its real importance on your machine and whether it is really useful or not.

See our list of 10 reasons why you should NEVER install MacKeeper on your machine and understand when you should not have MacKeeper on your machine:

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10 - Never install if you want a slow Mac

Astonished? It is true. MacKeeper goes out of its way to keep your computer always protected, faster and with less unnecessary files.

Keeping it on your machine makes your Mac always at top speed, from quick wiping of programs stopped in RAM to deep cleaning of useless heavy files on your machine.

9- If you want to be without your files

Do you know when you inadvertently delete that super important file? The factory Mac has no program or way to recover them, but luckily MacKeeper comes with this functionality.

If you have deleted a file - even from the trash - in most cases you can recover it in a few clicks. You don't want to be at the mercy of such a problem, do you?

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8- If you never want to have your Mac again

Imagine the following situation: One fine day, when you get home, you realize that it has been invaded. Among several stolen belongings, your dear Mac is one of them. And now?

If you have MacKeeper things get a little easier as it has a built-in tracker that shows you the exact location of your machine as soon as it connects to the internet. You can even activate the webcam and take a picture of the theft. The police and your pocket thank you.

7- If you want to spend more on technical support

Did you know that MacKeeper has Apple certified technical support right in the tool? If you have problems with your machine just activate this service and a technician will remotely scan your machine for possible problems and help you fix them. The program scans your Mac for problems and generates a report based on the result. In the end the technician himself analyzes the data and offers automatic corrections based on the analysis.

And you think it would be expensive to have such a service whenever and wherever you want, right?

Never install if you want your Mac slow

The older your Mac is, the longer it takes to boot. Sometimes the interval between pressing the power button until the machine is fully operational takes more than 10 minutes, and this is unacceptable. To speed up this access just install MacKeeper and control the startup speed and which programs start with the machine. It's a simple process that takes no more than 2 minutes to complete and will change your life when turning on your Mac.

Little acts make big differences!

5- If you want to have your files unorganized

Sometimes Mac Finder can't handle organizing so many files. Not to mention the fateful Downloads folder that always bins with trash. And the desktop then? That's why you can use MacKeeper to organize all your files - even deleted ones. If you haven't deleted a song or photo but still can't find it on your machine, you can do an advanced computer search using MacKeeper and you're done.

4- If you want to have your articles completely exposed and without security

Have you ever wondered how easy it is for a random person to access your Mac and steal all your important files with a USB stick? I'm sure you wouldn't want to see your photos and documents on other people's computers without permission.

To solve this annoying situation MacKeeper has a password file encryption tool. This means that security codes are enabled on your files and only one password can open them.

Keep in mind that if you enable encryption and forget your password, there is no escape. So always put your unique ones, but you would easily remember.

3- If you want to be attacked by hackers

It's not just Windows users who are exposed to cyber threats: Mac owners should also beware of the sites that sign in and sign up. To add an extra layer of security, MacKeeper has a Safe Browsing system that offers protection against identity theft, spyware, malware and other online threats. This feature runs 24 hours a day and protects you from common websites such as Facebook and Twitter to unfamiliar unreliable pages.

Of course it all depends on the sites you go to, but security never hurts in everyday life, right?

2- If you don't want to have a secure backup

Mac has a very effective cloud backup system using iCloud. But what about when you forgot to enable this or your cloud space is running out? Separate your external hard drive or flash drive and enable MacKeeper Secure Backup. It organizes your important files and makes periodic backups of the machine.

You can also set a password on this backup and restore it at any time.

1- If you want to have viruses on your Mac

Believe me, Mac has viruses, yes! In the past, viruses were not as frequent on Apple platforms, but as the devices became more popular (especially iPhones and Macbooks) the system became an easy target for hackers and malware. That's why it's always good to have an antivirus on your machine and MacKeeper also has a built-in one (which is even one of the flagships of the program).

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With it you can surf the web with ease and open flash and email files without worry. Of course, the same premise of item 3 is also true here: it all depends on the sites you go to, so be very careful about what you click and go to.

Always be suspicious of suspicious files in your email and hyped-up social networking site calls. They can be malicious hacking attempts. At these times MacKeeper is ideal for keeping you safe.

Still think MacKeeper isn't worth it?

Amazingly, having MacKeeper on your machine is one of the best decisions you can make. Be sure to download it and install it on your machine, you will not regret it.

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