10 Reasons To Use LoopWebinar Instead Of WebinarJam

LoopWebinar is a new webinar tool you need to know about, as we talked about in this list of 7 best webinar tools. In addition to LoopWebinar, we also highlight WebinarJam, another platform with similar purpose. However, we claim that using LoopWebinar is much more advantageous, and to prove our point, we give you 10 reasons to adopt LoopWebinar as your webinar tool. Check it out below!

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1. Simpler interface

It's undeniable: Setting up webinars in LoopWebinar is much simpler than in WebinarJam. With a simplified interface, you can bookmark your presentation in just four steps, just create the title, enter your URL, set the date and time of the show and how long it will be available for access. Alternatively, you can set the dates and times at which the webinar will be repeated.

2. 100% interface in Portuguese

You won't need to spend precious minutes and hours with Google Translate to figure out what a LoopWebinar button does. Its interface is entirely in Portuguese, not requiring mastery of a second language so you can create and schedule your webinars.

3. Support 100% in Portuguese

In addition to Portuguese being the platform's primary language, support is also 100% in Portuguese. You can contact the LoopWebinar support team through the site itself, through the Jivochat online chat system. This means that you can trigger the service while you create your webinar, accompanied by a professional who can guide you through the process.

4. Ability to insert scripts from Facebook, Analytics or Adwords

By entering Facebook, Analytics, or AdWords scripts, you can better track which of the digital marketing tools is driving the most visits and conversions for your webinars. Best of all, even without programming skills, it's quite easy to install them on the platform. Check out the video below - only 1:03 in length! - how to insert add-ons in LoopWebinar.

5. Price in reais, not dollars

In addition to the advantages described above, the platform charges your subscription in reais. That is, there is no need to worry about converting - especially on the credit card, as it is subject to variations on the card's closing day - and calculating taxes and bank fees, for example. Please note that you also do not need an international card to pay.

Another plus point is that you can opt for monthly payments, while WebinarJam plans are billed annually, requiring you to shell out a large amount at one go. Learn how to subscribe to LoopWebinar via the link.

6. Also has Evergreen Webinar

The term is used for webinars that can repeat without being live. WebinarJam also offers this type of functionality, but considering the price, interface and support in Portuguese, it is considerably more advantageous to adopt LoopWebinar.

7. Can also vary the number of people online

Another feature that is present in both tools is the online people counter, which can be configured as desired. This means that in addition to customizing the number being displayed on the display, you can program a variation on that number during the online lecture.

8. Ability to remove chat

Do you think chat is hampering the removal of content? Then remove it and make sure the presents are absorbing the content without distractions on the screen. In addition, you will soon be able to add or remove chat while viewing the webinar.

9. Possibility to insert and remove the sell button

You don't always want to sell a product while viewing your webinar, making the sale button useless. In other situations, it is not convenient to keep the sell button taking up space that may be helpful. Because of this, LoopWebinar will soon be able to add or remove the sell button at the most convenient time.

10. Ability to export email from users commenting on webinar

An effective way to add more subscribers interested in your content, LoopWebinar has a tool that exports emails from those who leave comments in the webinar to a spreadsheet. This way, besides passing on your knowledge, you build a contact base to build loyalty through email marketing strategies.

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Did you know LoopWebinar?

Have you heard of LoopWebinar in the past? How did you get to know the tool? If you haven't met her yet, we suggest you visit her official website, and to learn more about creating amazing webinars across the platform, check out this complete guide to creating your first webinar!

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