10 ways to program Instagram posts

After many years, we can finally program Instagram posts officially!

There are still some advances, of course. For now, only Facebook Business Manager account users can do this kind of native scheduling. But that doesn't mean you won't be able to program Instagram posts.

After all, it is very uncomfortable to set up alarms just to post a post idea that is already made. Especially for the most forgetful, who may fail to publish by accident and fall behind their competitors in the Instagram algorithm.

So be sure to enjoy this new feature from Instagram and see below how to program Instagram posts natively. Also, check out other apps you can also use to make appointments!

1. Facebook Creative Studio

It is not yet possible to use the Instagram app to schedule publications, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Alternatively, you can schedule posts through the Facebook Creative Studio, accessed via the link.

It's worth mentioning that you need a Facebook Fan Page - ideal also for those who want to make money with Facebook - linked to their Insta profile to use Creative Studio. If you already have one, just click the Instagram icon and go to the Connect your account button:

Then click the Create Post button and choose whether to schedule Instagram posts in the feed or IGTV;

Write the caption, mark the location of the post and upload your content from files on your computer or from Facebook;

Then click the arrow next to the Publish button, choose Schedule, set the publish date and time. Then click the Schedule button that will appear in the same place as the post;

Tip : See more details about Facebook Creative Studio in this article!

2. Bume

Just because you can program Instagram posts natively doesn't mean you should put any Instagram apps aside. Especially if you're already familiar with some of them and need to schedule Stories, something Creative Studio doesn't do yet.

Bume is one of these tools and offers 5 days free trial when you sign up. Once you've registered, simply sign in to your Instagram account and click Schedules in the left menu and click the New Post button.

Choose whether you want to schedule a post in the feed or in Stories (cannot program for IGTV). For the example, we chose to program a stories.

Upload the image of the post, remembering that it is not possible to upload videos through Bume. Then enter the date and time of the post and click Schedule Stories to be successfully scheduled.

Did you find it interesting? So sign up for the link now and enjoy the FREE trial period!

3. Manage

Like Bume, Gestãogram also allows you to program Instagram posts through the feed or Stories. This means that both serve to manage the content of your profile in Insta.

In addition, Gestãogram also lets you send automatic messages to your new followers. It has automation tools to follow users and enjoy their posts, increasing their chances of getting new followers. All this accompanied by reports on the growth of your profile.

Managegram also offers 5 days FREE for new users who sign up via the link!

4. Social Rocket

Another profile manager for Insta ideal for those who produce a lot of content and need to schedule it. Social Rocket allows you to program Instagram posts, but is limited to the feed.

On the other hand, it is one of the few alternatives that also allows you to manage your followers' interactions, allowing you to respond to comments given on your posts without leaving the platform. It can flag negative comments or spam, making it easy to delete this type of interaction.

Other tools include automated messaging and interaction automation to help you gain new followers.

Click the link to sign up for Social Rocket and participate in the FREE trial for a limited time!

5. Instaeasy

One of the best tools for those new to social media management. Instaeasy is one of the few platforms to offer many types of content for those who want to learn how to use the platform.

Like Social Rocket, it currently only allows you to schedule posts in the Instagram feed. Still, Instaeasy brings other tools that may be worthwhile. One is the automation of interactions to gain new followers. They can be configured according to a set of hashtags, locations, or other profiles.

Instaeasy also offers reports on the profile growth it manages and allows automatic messaging through direct. The platform ensures your profile will grow up to 30 days, allowing you to request a refund if you do not meet expectations.

Click on the link to start using Instaeasy!

6. Grow Social

Ideal for those who also need to send automatic directs and make automated interactions to leverage the number of followers, Grow Social also helps you when programming your content.

For now, you can only schedule posts in the feed, as well as the cited interactions, which can be filtered by hashtags, competing profiles, genre, and location. All this accompanied by reports with statistics about its growth.

Like most other tools, Grow Social also allows FREE testing.

So click on the link and sign up now to use Grow Social for 3 days for FREE.

7. Perforgram

Similar to Managegram and Bume, Perforgram also makes it possible to schedule posts in the Instagram feed or Stories. The platform is one of the most complete for those who need to program Instagram posts and manage their profile completely.

It has several filters focused on automation. That is, you can set up automatic interactions by competing profiles, hashtags, and location. These options can be filtered to prevent foreign users, limiting searches to business profiles, and the ability to answer directs from the computer.

Perforgram offers a 15-day warranty, allowing you to claim your money back if your profile does not grow during this time.

Click the link to sign up now!

8. SocialGram

Also making it possible to program posts on Instagram and Stories, SocialGram is a multipurpose alternative to improve your use of the social network.

In addition to schedules, you can use SocialGram to follow and like profiles according to hashtags, locations, and competing users. These searches can also be segmented by gender. The platform also makes it possible to send automatic messages to new followers.

Click the link to try FREE Social for 3 days!

9. SimpleGram

In addition to programming Instagram posts, SimpleGram is one of the only tools to bring its own image editor. That is, you can create your Insta content straight from the platform. It's worth mentioning that you can post to both the feed and Stories.

It also facilitates the creation of posts and direct message replies, which can do everything from the computer. Simplegram also offers automation and reporting tools with metrics about your profile.

Visit the SocialGram page and sign up to enjoy the 3 days FREE trial for new users!

10. PumpInsta

Closing the list with the 10 ways to program Instagram posts, we have BombaInsta. This manager lets you schedule content for your feed or stories, as in the previous example. In addition, it provides detailed reports about your posts.

Among other features, we highlight automatic interactions, with filters for hashtags, genres, locations, and competitors. You can also send automatic messages to new followers. One of the advantages of BombaInsta is its trial period, which gives you 7 days FREE!

So, click on the link to register now on BombaInsta!

What's the best way to program posts on Insta?

What did you think about the different ways to program Instagram posts? Which one do you think is best for you? Enjoy the free trial of tools to find out!

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