10 Ways To Use Facebook Groups To Promote Your Business

Reaching the 2 billion account mark, Facebook groups are the largest center of interaction among its users as they encompass people around common subjects. Seeing this potential, Facebook allowed the creation of groups linked to Fan Page, as revealed in this text. This gives you new chances to better boost your social media business, so we've brought you 10 ways to use Facebook groups to start seeing results!

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1. Create a community

One of the main functions of social media is to create communities and Facebook groups are the best example of this. For this reason, your primary goal should be to create a community around your business. Remember to create an environment where your customers are comfortable sharing experiences, questions, compliments and criticisms about your products and releases.

2. Set group privacy

The Facebook group's privacy settings linked to the Fan Page are the same as the default groups. That is, your group can be opened, allowing anyone to find and sign in automatically. It can also be closed, which can be found in the search but an administrator must authorize the entry of every possible new member.

The third setting is secret, which cannot be found in the search and only invited users can participate. Choose the one that best suits the purpose of group creation.

3. Use as customer service channel

One of the main ways to create value for your business with Facebook groups is to provide service through them. The great advantage of answering groups is that one participant's question can be the same as many others, preventing them from having to answer the same question over and over again.

If you want Facebook groups to serve exclusively for service, our recommendation is to create a secret group as it cannot be found and can prevent malicious visitors from using them to damage your image. Depending on the size of your business, you can arrange to send an invitation to the group each time a new customer makes a purchase, for example. If you do not want to have this work, you can also create a closed group, as your control over who will continue will be maintained.

4. Do research

Instead of investing in agency market research, how about shifting your focus and asking your consumers directly what they expect from your business? Through groups, it becomes much easier - and free! - Communicate with people who matter to your business for feedback and new business ideas.

5. Sell your products

Not because you already have an online store that should limit your sales to your site. Selling through Facebook groups is just as easy to answer questions, hear complaints, and do market research with your customers. However, keep in mind that you need to create a buying and selling group so that you can market your products directly from the group. Since you can create more than one for your Fan Page, you can create one specifically to talk to your customers and another to make your sales, for example.

6. Search the main topics

An especially useful tip on how to use Facebook groups to acquire new buyers. When launching a new product - say, an Android troubleshooting course - you might look for terms like “Android” or “how to troubleshoot Android in your community. By finding these topics, you can answer the question by offering your new course as a solution if the proposal has to do with the need specified by the member.

7. Create a reward group

Do you know the miles or rewards programs usually offered by airlines or credit card companies? You can take advantage of these ideas and use them in a secret Facebook group. Here you can create promotions, gifts or discounts for people who have already done business with your company.

8. Moderate the group and avoid spam

A very quick way to lose members in your Facebook groups is to stop taking care of them, allowing spam and inappropriate content to be posted. Regardless of the branch of your business, it is essential that you have someone available to moderate, ensuring that the group's rules are being adhered to and that they are not overwhelmed with spam or discussions outside the subject of your business.

9. Share relevant content

While the ultimate goal is to sell a product, the main reason users join Facebook groups is to share content about a subject. So be sure to search - or create it yourself! - Relevant content to share with members. This way you can maintain or improve engagement levels, making the group grow and stay active.

10. Bring current issues into the discussion.

In addition to relevant and interesting content, try to keep your audience updated on the events in your area. Will a big shot from your industry visit the country? Do your best to be the first to bring this information to your group members. If not for you, they will know for your competitor and lose the chance to receive this engagement.

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How do you intend to use Facebook groups in your business?

With the news, it has become easier to reach your customers, while making it easier to get feedback and preventing a problem from becoming controversial and viralizing social media, damaging your brand image. Want to use Facebook groups to promote your business? How do you plan to do so? Comment with us!

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