11 Instagram metrics that will help you get more followers

Instagram metrics are extremely important in understanding whether your profile is succeeding or not. Only through them you get all your doubts. Over the last few years I have studied a lot about Instagram and analyzed what generally generates better results for my profile and my clients profiles.

Throughout this article, I will share with you which metrics are most important for attracting followers. After this text, you will understand which ones to focus on and which ones to ignore. Let's go to the list?

1. Make sure your stories are being viewed.

Posting stories on Instagram is a great way to engage with your audience, and you can view metrics for them. The stories are the format of the moment and with them you can have a good reach.

Now how do you understand if your stories are a success? One of Instagram's metrics is the number of views of your stories.

To see this, click on some of your stories and see in the eye how many people saw that story. In the image below, notice how 2005 saw mine:

If you have views, that's a good start, because it means people are liking your content. If they like it, they spread it to their friends and you get more followers.

Remember, too, that stories have their own algorithm. And it takes into account a number of factors such as the time the storie is posted or whether the user has interacted with you in the feed or direct. The better your relationship with the user, the more likely your storie will appear to them, and the more views you'll get.

If you want to know more about how story previews are organized, check out this article on my personal blog.

As a rule of thumb, try to get 2 to 5% of your followers watching your stories . If you have less than that, consider working your content there otherwise.

2. Beware of the Next Story

Continuing here in the Stories part, one metric that should also be careful is the Next Story. The next story means that after this story, the user automatically jumped to see stories from another account. That is, he did not continue to see its content. He just gave up on you already…

This is a sign that his story was not interesting and he did not want to see the following. If you have some people doing this, no problem. The problem is if this number is too high (more than 30% of those who view, for example).

To see how many people skipped to the next story, you need to go to the statistics and scroll down. On here:

If your numbers are high, one thing you can do is create suspense for the next story.

Say that you will continue the content in the next story, for example. This makes people feel the need to see the following content.

3. Engagement rate per follower

The number of followers, while important, is not as relevant as knowing if your followers are engaging with your content. This is one of the most important Instagram metrics, considering quality is better than quantity on the social network.

To calculate this, add the number of interactions in your post. Interactions may include likes, saved links, comments, and shares, for example. To do this, go to your post and click View Info:

Then you will see the number of likes, comments, or how many times it has been saved.

After that, just apply this formula:

( Number of interactions ÷ Total number of followers ) x 100.

The result will be the percentage of followers who are actually interacting and engaging with your content. Of course, some followers may have likes and comments, for example. But this account is only for you to get an idea of ​​your engagement. If you want to know more accurate numbers, check out this article with Instagram statistics tools.

4. Find out if people have visited your profile

When people are interested or curious about your content, they end up visiting your profile. And this is an excellent metric for whether people are looking to keep up with you. To see this is quite simple. Go to the information part:

Then see where it says Profile Visits:

Instagram compares your profile visits in the last 7 days with the previous 7 days. In my case, you can see that I've had 1488 fewer visits in the last 7 days compared to 27-2 September, a clear sign that I need to work on my content.

5. Average assisted percentage on IGTV

If you're producing video content for IGTV, be aware of the average watched percentage metric for your videos. It can be accessed for each video individually. Go to the video and click on the 3 dots.

Then click View Info:

Lastly, go to where it says Average Assisted Percentage:

That is, if the percentage is low, it indicates that many users closed the video too early. This can happen because your video doesn't start out clearly or has content that isn't relevant to your target audience, and especially isn't flashy.

6. Number of followers

You might be wondering: But what do you mean, Luciano, will the number of followers help us get more followers?

Yes go. Firstly, because if you have many followers, you will attract more followers. People like to follow who has a lot of people because this is a sign that that person is famous. Herd effect, have you heard? Yeah, this also happens on social networks.

Plus, if you have over 10, 000 Instagram followers, you can insert links into Instagram stories, which in some cases can be a great help.

Lastly, if you have many followers, more people will tag friends on your posts and more people will share your posts. This makes your posts reach more people and indirectly builds more followers.

7. Check the impact of your hashtags

You can track where user traffic came from for each of your stories. To do this, simply access the "Findings" panel by following the same walkthrough as Tip # 1. Right after you get to the Instagram metrics screen, drag up once more to see even more numbers split between the Interactions and Discoveries sections.

Here in the discovery area you can see how many people arrived at your post through the hashtag used in it, as shown in the image above. Use this metric to check the impact of your hashtags and whether they are bringing people to your content.

8. Number of Impressions

The number of impressions essentially indicates the number of views of your content. It's a metric similar to Reach, but it refers to the number of unique accounts they accessed. Already impressions is the number of times a content has been printed.

Typically, your number of impressions will be higher than your reach simply because the same user can view it again and again. This is an indication that people are coming back to your post for some reason, such as accessing the link available on it.

9. Link Click Rate

Basically, there are only 3 ways to place links on the social network. Of these, only links embedded in your stories can be evaluated by Instagram metrics. Your link click rate can be viewed for each story individually. To do this just open your story and see how many clicks you had on the link.

What did you think of these Instagram metrics?

Did you know that the platform had so much data available for business accounts? Tell us in the comments which of the Instagram metrics you think is most important!

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