11 news about the next version of Windows 10

Windows 10 is approaching its second year of existence, and just as on its first anniversary, a major upgrade is coming to Microsoft's operating system. Several sites are already testing Windows 10 Creators Update, as the upcoming version of Windows 10 is being called. Some updates are already being shown for the update, which will give more focus to creative professionals and seeks to make it even easier for users with little knowledge to be able to perform operations such as restore point creation and other configurations. Check out the 11 news about the next version of Windows 10!

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1. Cortana Virtual Assistant will help you configure the system

For those who feel lost every time they need to set up a new computer or upgrade their system, the booster will come in the form of the Cortana virtual assistant. You will be able to issue commands and hear assistant tips through your computer's microphone and speakers. Details on how to set up the WiFi network and layout keyboard are some of the settings that the virtual assistant will help you configure.

2. Game Mode

Microsoft wants to make Windows even more compatible with video games. The update will bring a Game mode to the Xbox app, which will prioritize the machine's CPU and GPU usage when running these games. The mode will reduce memory consumption on background tasks by dedicating them to games. Another addition to the Xbox app is Beam, which allows players to stream their gaming sessions live, as it is on Xbox One today.

3. Picture-in-Picture Mode

A feature already established in browsers like Opera and on iOS and Android phones. Microsoft is enabling Picture-in-Picture mode for some of its applications. The function allows you to watch a video even if it is not in the main tab, occupying only one corner of the screen.

It has been confirmed at this time that the native Movies & TV app and Skype will allow the mode. However, it has been reported that other apps will also feature the feature and external developers will be able to implement it in the future.

4. Night Mode

A feature recently implemented in iPhones, iPad and already present in Mac computers, the next version of Windows 10 will now also have a night mode. This means that by detecting a decrease in daylight - or at a user-scheduled time - the computer will automatically reduce the emission of blue light, which disrupts sleep and causes damage to the eyes when exposed to it.

5. Dynamic Lock

The new function can be translated as a Windows 10 automatic shutdown. The purpose of the function is to put your Windows 10 into hibernation when you move away from your computer. This can be done through a device - such as a mobile phone or tablet - connected via Bluetooth. When you move away from your computer with a device and the computer no longer detects it on the Bluetooth network, it automatically goes into hibernation, prompting you for credentials again when you return to your PC.

6. Paint 3D

The infamous Paint will evolve into the 3D world. The first image editor for many users will now allow you to create polygonal objects and has undergone a general overhaul of its interface, making it more modern. The program will allow you to import 3D models from the Remix 3D community. Models can be viewed in augmented reality through HoloLens and the application will have greater compatibility with touch screens and stylus pens.

7. Photo app annotations

The Photos app will now allow the user to leave notes, such as reminders, dates or places the photos were taken, among others. Annotated photos can be shared on social networks. For now, only the Photos app has been confirmed to receive the role.

8. Windows Hello will be more responsive

The new version of Windows 10 will improve the speed of Windows Hello, a feature that enables facial recognition as a login to your machine. In the upgrade, Windows Hello has been enhanced to perform recognition more quickly, including a revamped functionality configuration interface that will become leaner.

9. Save tabs in Microsoft Edge

With the upcoming release of Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser, extensions like TabCloud will lose their function. The browser that replaced Internet Explorer will allow you to save a set of tabs for later activation. For example, if you are comparing travel prices but need to stop searching to respond to an emergency, you can now save all these tabs to continue the task at a later time without bookmarking each one.

10. 360 Videos on Microsoft Edge

Another enhancement to the browser will be the ability to watch 360 videos. When you access such a video, Windows 10 will open the Movies & TV app to view them. Another new feature coming to Edge is ebook support, which can be purchased and opened directly from the Windows Store.

11. Better Control Over Updates

One of the biggest drawbacks of Windows is the automatic, internet-consuming updates that can be a major drag on the automatic restarts that occur with each update that risk losing an unsaved job. In the new version of Windows 10, users will have the option of pausing updates for up to a week or setting these restarts to happen outside of business hours, which can last up to 18 hours straight.

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Source: The Verge

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