12 apps for watching movies and shows on iPhone and iPad

No matter how comprehensive the services Netflix offers, it's been a long time since it has been the only one that has movie and series apps on the iPhone and iPad. A large number of streaming display services are now available, some with proposals similar to Netflix and others with more specific focus. That's why we've filtered through a list of 12 apps for watching movies and shows on iPhone and iPad powered by the iOS system!

1. iTunes

ITunes itself can be used to watch movies and series on iPhone and iPad. By syncing your device with an Apple service account, you can enjoy the shows you rent or buy on Apple service directly from your iOS-powered device.

2. Netflix

Even if the beginning of our text implied that we would talk about alternatives, it is impossible to ignore the largest service in the industry. Netflix has emerged as one of the pioneers in allowing pirate-free online shows and is today an industry giant, producing original series and films on its service. Click the download link for Netflix, which has a free 30-day trial, and see these tips for better using the service and how to lower your data usage on your smartphone.

3. Crunchyroll

Aimed at fans of Japanese cartoons and series, Crunchyroll features a series of iconic animations from Japan. Some of them even broadcast simultaneously around the world, allowing you to be as up-to-date as the Japanese audience. Lesser-known anime is also shown through the service, which features popular cartoons like One Piece and Dragon Ball Super, a direct continuation of the worldwide hit Dragon Ball Z. Learn more about Crunchyroll, which has a $ 5 monthly subscription and 14 free days. as a test.

4. L0oke

Created in Brazil, Looke is a service for watching movies and series on iPhone and iPad that has two business modes: monthly subscription of R $ 16.90 - cheaper than Netflix, which today costs R $ 22.90 - or digital rental of shows in its collection, ranging from classic movies to recent releases. It is also possible to buy movies permanently and its only setback is not to have original productions, as happens in the American rival. Learn more about Looke on its iTunes page.

5. YouTube

While not a service for watching movies and shows on iPhone and iPad, YouTube is still the place where many productions are posted to fans, often in free web format. Series like Video Game High School - also available on Netflix - have emerged and can be viewed at no cost on the platform.

Even big companies like The Pokémon Company have released shorts on YouTube, such as the animated short Pokémon Origins and Pokémon Generations, currently on display. Download the YouTube app from iTunes.

6. Crackle

Owned by Sony Pictures, Crackle is one of the oldest streaming show services. Unlike rival Netflix, it offers its collection for free, featuring commercials. As expected, the collection made available by Crackle is limited to shows developed by the filmmaker's arm. Crackle can be watched on iPhone through its iTunes app.


Another exclusive service of a production company. Unlike Crackle, HBO GO does not provide your collection for free, and you must subscribe to the HBO Max package through a pay-TV carrier. On the other hand, the client can now watch episodes and series on the iPhone and iPad that could normally only be seen on TV and at a scheduled time. If you subscribe to the service, click the link and download the HBO GO app for your iOS device.

8. Globe Play

Seeking to expand the reach of its programs beyond TV programming, Globo channel made Globo Play available. The subscription service allows fans of your soap operas, miniseries and reality shows to watch your episodes on mobile devices, including those with iOS. In an effort to popularize the service, some episodes of the channel's series - such as the recent Supermax - are being made available even before its TV debut. Learn more about Globo Play on its iTunes page.

9. Viki

Like Crunchyroll, Viki delivers more niche-focused content, this time from fans of Asian soap operas, movies and series, such as Korean doramas or Japanese movies, among others. The service resembles the Netflix model, with monthly ($ 5) or annual ($ 50) subscriptions. Viki offers one week of free trial access and is available on iTunes.

10. Telecine Play

Like HBO GO, Telecine Play is an online service available to subscribers to the pay-TV channel package. That is, those who are already subscribers of the six Telecine channels now have access to releases also on their mobile devices, among others. To download it, simply access its page in iTunes.

11. Vimeo

The main competitor of YouTube also has its own collection to watch movies and series on iPhone and iPad, similar to that practiced by rival. The platform even invests in these exclusive productions. Series such as RED - Brazilian production that shows the lives of two short-acting actresses who fall in love during the shoot - and God Particles, which shows the lives of four young people from Los Angeles who discover that the world will soon end are some of the series promoted by Vimeo. Click the link to download Vimeo.

12. GPlayer

Unlike most apps for watching movies and shows on iPhone and iPad, GPlayer works only for playing local video files. It lets you view these productions in a variety of formats, as well as embed subtitles, something not always possible in iTunes.

Other features include locking the screen automatically to avoid disrupting your experience and quick shortcuts to change movies or episodes of the series, ideal for those who like to marathon. Learn more about GPlayer in our full review!

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What apps to watch movies and shows on iPhone and iPad do you use every day?

We are sure to use at least one of these services, given its popularity. But did one in particular catch your eye or find you had access even though you never used it? Comment with us and make your recommendations!

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