12 Best Tools for Programming Instagram Posts

To this day Instagram doesn't allow you to natively schedule your post ideas. This means that to avoid waiting for the best time to post to Insta, you need to use tools to schedule Instagram posts.

Scheduling publications on Insta has several benefits. As we said before, the first one is to post at times when your followers are online. The second is not having to keep saving your posts and setting alarms in your calendar applications to post.

That is, you could end up gaining exposure, productivity, and increased interactions like comments and likes on posts. Think that instead of waiting for a time to create a post during the week, you can simply create all the posts for the entire week, scheduling one for each day.

Understand how tools for programming Instagram posts can help you? Then check out the top 12 in the next paragraphs!

1. Manage

One of the most complete options for managing your Instagram. Managegram is an automatic interaction platform that also serves to program your posts, either in the feed or in Stories.

That means you can schedule almost every post except IGTV videos. Besides managing posts, the tool also allows you to manage the comments made on your posts.

Other features include automatic welcome messages, training videos to learn how to use the tool, and reports on growing your profile.

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2. Bume

Bume is also one of the best tools for programming Instagram posts. It also makes it possible to schedule posts in the feed or stories. Like the previous app, it just doesn't allow you to schedule IGTV videos and live streams - for obvious reasons.

In addition, Bume also allows automatic messaging to followers. These directs can be sent to new followers as a presentation or to promote promotions, competitions or discounts to users who already follow you.

Other tools include automatic interactions, which can be configured by hashtag, location, or profile. Bume is one of the few tools that lets you manage best friends, new feature in Stories.

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3. Social Rocket

With a proposal to make its growth on Instagram equal to a rocket launch, Social Rocket also offers a manager for its posts on Insta.

The tool allows you to schedule posts in the feed, but does not yet allow the submission of Stories. Like Bume and Managegram, it also enables you to configure automatic interactions by location, concurrent profiles, and hashtags.

Other features include setting up and automatically sending messages to new followers, reporting on profile growth, and being able to manage the comments you receive.

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4. Instaeasy

If you are new to using these platforms, Instaeasy is one of the best options among the tools for programming Instagram posts. This is because your subscribers have access to a series of ebooks and video lessons to learn how to configure each feature.

Instaeasy's automation service also features automatic searches and interactions by profile, hashtag and geolocation. In scheduling posts, it has the ability to schedule only posts in the feed.

As with other platforms, Instaeasy also provides growth reports and allows you to set up automatic directs for new followers.

Instaeasy offers its new subscribers 30 days guarantee of the growth of their profile. If it does not meet your expectations, you will get the full value of the subscription back. Learn more through the link.

5. Grow Social

One of the first automation tools for Instagram, Grow Social also released features that made it a kind of manager for your profile.

This includes the ability to schedule publications. The platform allows you to program posts in the feed, but does not yet enable the publication of Stories. In addition, it also allows you to track the progress of your profile growth through reporting.

Join Grow Social and try it for FREE for 3 days when you register!

6. Perforgram

With a focus on being a manager for your Insta, Perforgram is also one of the most complete platforms. For those who need tools to program Instagram posts, Perforgram lets you schedule photos, videos in the feed - but not IGTV - and Stories.

In addition, it also lets you manage comments and send automatic messages to your new followers. Other features include automatic interactions by genre, hashtag, location, and competing profiles.

Perforgram guarantees your subscribers growth in just 15 days or their money back. Click on the link to know the platform and its benefits!

7. SocialGram

Built to help agencies and professionals gain followers, SocialGram can go further. In addition to automated interactions, the platform allows you to schedule posts in the Instagram feed.

Other functions include the ability to reply to messages and comments directly from your control panel. Sending automatic directs is also present here, as well as offering an ebook to help you understand more about Insta.

SocialGram offers its new users 5 days of FREE testing. Just click the link and register to get started!

8. SimpleGram

Despite having "simple" in its name, Simplegram is a complete tool for managing your posts and automating interactions of the profiles you manage.

The platform is one of the few that not only allows you to schedule posts in the feed or stories, but also lets you create posts through your online image editor. On the other hand, the editor is simple, not serving to create very complex images.

Simplegram also has automatic directs for new followers or users already at its base. You can also reply to messages directly from him.

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9. PumpInsta

This tool is one of the most complete for scheduling Insta posts and stories. It allows you to schedule posts with single images, videos or media carousel, blending photos and videos.

BombaInsta also features automation tools, allowing you to configure searches and interactions by genre, location, hashtags, and location. The platform offers 3 FREE days for testing.

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10. iPost

IPost is also in the market to become your only profile manager. With the ability to schedule photos and videos to be published in the feed and stories, you can post almost any content from it.

In addition, it also features automatic interactions in the same way as other sites shown here. Other functions include the ability to set up automatic messages and reply to them directly from the app. IPost also has an Android app.

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11. Insta Robot

This is one of the few automatic search and interaction platforms that makes it possible to like and comment on posts based on location, hashtags or competitor profiles. Like other platforms, it also allows you to send messages to new followers automatically.

On the scheduling side, Insta Robot lets you schedule posts that can be published to the feed. That is, unique images, reels or videos up to 60 seconds.

Insta Robot allows up to 3 days of FREE testing of your platform. Just access the link and complete your registration now!

12. Etus

Finishing off the list of tools for programming Instagram posts is Etus. Unlike the other platforms shown so far, it also allows you to schedule posts on other social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

With Instagram, it lets you schedule almost any content, such as feed videos, Stories, and the notorious GIFs. The only one that does not enter is IGTV, which has scheduling from the app itself.

It lets you include other users, ideal for agencies that work as a team in content production. Additionally, you can generate reports and reply to comments and direct messages without leaving the site.

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Tools for programming posts: which one is better?

Now that you know some of the best tools for programming Instagram posts, take advantage of the free trial periods to choose which one is best for you!

Which one is your favorite and where did she most help you? Comment with us!

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