12 Free Fire-like games for Android & iPhone

While Fortnite reigns in video games and computers - see our article with 20 tips to do well in the game - Free Fire is the favorite game for those who prefer to play battle royale games for Android and iPhone. But it's not the only one, and there's a good range of games like Free Fire.

Before we get started, you may have parachuted here and are still looking for the tools to understand this battle royale business . After all, what does this strange name mean?

What are battle royale games?

Battle royale games are characterized by placing a large number of players - usually around 100 people in the same match - into a competition to become the last survivor. It may look similar to conventional shooter games, but with some differences.

The first one is that, in most games, you don't get armed and ready for combat. All players parachute onto the map without any weapons, ammunition or equipment. As soon as they land, they must explore this map for these weapons and adapt to whatever they can.

Remember that the game starts right before you touch the ground and anyone can attack you. In addition, there is another surprise: part of the island is outside what is considered a "play area". Any player who stays out too long loses the match. This area is usually marked with a circle on the map, which decreases as time goes on.

The ultimate goal: to be the last survivor.

Now that you understand a bit of what a battle royale game is about - even if you've played Free Fire unknowingly - see below 12 Free Fire-like games to try and find your favorite!

12 Free Fire-like games

1. Fortnite

It was already cited at the beginning of the text as the preferred option for console and computer players. However, it is worth remembering that Fortnite is also available on Android and iPhone.

In addition to the features common to games of the genre we showed in the previous passage, Fortnite has two elements that set it apart from the rest. The first is construction mechanics, which allow you to create walls, floors and stairs, thereby building forts to protect you from opponents.

Second is the charisma of the characters and the lively violence, which softens the content of violence and ends up making it a friendlier title for children. Despite this, it is worth remembering that construction mechanics adds a layer of complexity to Fortnite, making it harder to learn than other games that follow the same line.

Fortnite can be downloaded for free from the iPhone App Store by clicking the link. It is not available on Google Play on Android, but can be downloaded by following the steps we have shown in this full tutorial!

2. PUBG Mobile

The computer version of this game is considered one of the first advances in the battle royale genre. Called PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the edition was so successful that its producer saw the chance to win over those who prefer to play on mobile.

That's why PUBG Mobile was created, a free version optimized for touch screen play. If you're a fan of the original computer game, be sure to give PUBG Mobile a try, available on Android or iPhone.

3. Rules of Survival

Very ambitious, the Rules of Survival app store page states that you can put up to 300 players in a single match. Like Fortnite, it also lets you build buildings to protect yourself.

In addition, you can also drive vehicles, something we see on PUBG Mobile. That is, it brings two of the best features of the main games of the genre. Among Free Fire-like games on this list, Rules of Survival is one of the most complete.

Download it on your Android via the link or click on its App Store page to download it on iPhone.

4. Bullet Strike: Sniper Games

If you have time to tackle a 300-player game, maybe Bullet Strike: Sniper Games is a title that catches your eye. Unlike most, the games hold a maximum of 20 players.

This may sound bad, but it actually makes the action even more tense and frantic, offering plenty of adrenaline. What's more, it is focused on the famous snipers, ie snipers. Therefore, most weapons are made to shoot down your opponents from afar.

Click the link for the Android version or go to the App Store to download the game.

5. Knives Out

With a footprint very similar to Japanese designs, Knives Out may be the ideal choice among Free Fire-like games for those who like aesthetics. What's more, the same mechanics are still present, like the 100-player dispute on a giant map that gets smaller the longer it goes.

Like other titles shown here, Knives Out also lets you play in doubles or squads and is not required to play alone. See more about the game on its page on Android or iPhone.

6. Survivor Royale

One of the most realistic looking Free Fire-like games. Survivor Royale also features 100-player disputes, with matches lasting up to 20 minutes.

In addition, the game features solo, duo or squad game modes. You can also find and drive vehicles by match and literally run over your competition. Survivor Royale can be played on both Android and iPhone.

7. Guns Royale

If you still find Fortnite's proposal too violent, maybe your little one can play Guns Royale without problems. Using graphics similar to Minecraft, the dispute will be the same, but with characters in the form of "little blocks".

In addition, the map size and number of simultaneous players are also smaller, allowing for faster and less tense disputes. Guns Royale is also available for iOS and Android.

8. Grand Battle Royale

Like Guns Royale, it also features Minecraft-style graphics, making it one of the Free Fire-like games that appeal to kids the most.

But unlike the example above, Grand Battle Royale has some extra game modes. In addition to "all against one", you can take advantage of a hide-and-seek style, in which some players need to find others who can disguise themselves as any object.

Grand Battle Royale also has a cooperative mode in which players must survive a zombie horde, ideal for those who enjoy this type of game. The game can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android.

9. Black Survival

With an aesthetic even more drawn by Japanese animations than Knives Out, this battle royale is not as child-friendly as the previous ones. Quite the opposite.

In Black Survival, you choose one of 35 characters available to also be launched towards the island in search of survival in the competition against 10 other players. The game also allows you to create your own weapons, collecting material during the competition.

Click the link to download Black Survival on Android or go to the App Store to download it to your iPhone or iPad.

10. Vast Survival

With more realistic graphics and without following the anime style, Vast Survival also bets on the open field survival formula. You play with 25 more players looking for first place.

Unlike the other Free Fire-like games mentioned here, you can build all sorts of structures, whether weapons or buildings to stay alive. Vast Survival lets you play both first person and third person.

The title is available on Android and iPhone.

11. Pixel Gun 3D

Coming back to games similar to Free Fire and Minecraft at the same time, we have Pixel Gun 3D. Unlike other similar examples, in this case disputes are made in the first person. That is, you adopt the perspective of your doll, as if seeing from your eyes.

In a way similar to Vast Survival, Pixel Gun 3D lets you build bases and create your own weapons using materials collected from the map. Another point is that their matches are short, as each one holds up to 10 simultaneous players.

Pixel Gun 3D can be played on iOS or Android.

12. Radiation Island

This title is also considered a survival game, as it features single-player modes - which puts you to survive in a hostile zombie world - and multiplayer, which is the battle royale we've come to know along this list.

To participate in multiplayer mode, you must first complete solitaire mode to better learn how to get around the world. By starting multiplayer matches, you'll already master the skills of building fortifications, forging your own weaponry, and dealing with enemies that stand in your way.

Radiation Island is available on both Android and iPhone.

What are the best games like Free Fire?

Now that we've shown you some of the best battle royale games that clash with the Free Fire phenomenon, how about you try them out and tell us which one is your favorite? Just use the comments section below!

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