12 tips for taking moving pictures

It is getting simpler to get quality photos with smartphones, but there are still some kinds of photos that are tricky to take. This includes moving photos, which require greater photographer control, something not always possible with mobile device cameras. Fortunately, there are still some tips you can follow to take quality moving pictures without relying solely on your camera's manual controls. You can check our suggestions below!

1. Prepare before

Considering how complex moving pictures can be, our first tip is pretty simple. You should prepare yourself thoroughly before taking this kind of picture.

If you already know you want to shoot something in motion, prepare the environment, lighting, objects, people, background, etc. Of course it is not always possible to take care of all this, but it is one of the best ways to ensure a quality photo shoot.

2. Have good lighting

As we mentioned above, good lighting is very important for your photos. In fact, this is one of the biggest factors for those who want to take a moving photo on a smartphone.

In many cases, it is the amount of light that will determine the shutter speed of your device at the time of shooting. If you're trying to capture a specific moving object, that's what will help you.

3. Take multiple photos in sequence

One way to ensure a good moving photo is to take several photos in sequence. This is possible with the mode known as "Burst", which is found on many Android smartphones and also on the iPhone.

Of course you can resort to apps that do this specifically if you prefer. The advantage is that you end up with dozens or hundreds of photos at the same time to choose the best one.

4. Move the camera

A lot of people keep the camera still waiting for the object to move, but you can also move. This can be done to get different angles or to focus specifically on something, for example.

Our tip is to combine this with the Burst mode we mentioned above. This way, you don't have to press the camera button to shoot all the time.

5. Do not use Auto Focus

Many smartphones have the Auto Focus feature to assist their users, but never use it to take moving pictures. This will only slow you down, as the focus will likely change without your control.

If you can't turn off auto focus on your camera's native camera app, it's best to install another app. Manual focus is extremely important when the main subject moves unpredictably in front of the camera.

6. Use the HDR

HDR mode is also already present on most current smartphones, so our tip is to always leave it on. This will help you capture more colorful, sharper, sharper pictures.

Since taking moving pictures turns out to be tricky, these other qualities can help you get a better result. It is worth mentioning that there are camera apps that also have support for HDR.

7. Blurred Object

There are two interesting ways to take moving pictures. One is by leaving the moving object blurred and the background scenery fully in focus.

An example of this would be blurring the movement of cars at high speeds while nearby trees remain completely still. This gives a great sense of movement relative to the background and is not difficult to achieve.

8. Blurred Background

The other interesting way to take your pictures involves the opposite of what was proposed above. Therefore, you should focus on an object / person while the background is moving and blurred.

This can be done by focusing on a person standing in the subway while a wagon rides past him, for example. The result is very cool and gives a different effect on your photo.

9. Use slow motion

If you prefer, you can use the slow motion feature to get the photos you want. Many smartphones already count this option natively, but there are also apps to recreate the effect.

With slow motion, you create videos with slow motion and can separate the exact frame you want to make into photography. This turns out to be a simpler way to handle the subject.

10. Use specific apps

Of course you can use some specific apps to take moving pictures. There are apps to do most of what we mention in this list automatically, although the result is not always so good. Our biggest recommendations are iMotion for iPhones and YI Action for Android smartphones.

11. Use accessories

There are many accessories for taking better smartphone photos today. This includes tripods, different lenses and even devices that take the picture without having to hold the camera.

This can help you both capture the moving subject from a greater distance and also prevent photos from being blurred. It is best to test different accessories depending on the situation, of course.

12. Use distance to your advantage

Depending on what you want to capture, it may be better to get closer or further away from the moving object. The further you are, the slower the movement will seem and vice versa.

Use this knowledge to your advantage depending on the effect you want on your photo. Our suggestion is to try a few different distances before leaving for the photo shoot.

Did you like the tips for taking moving pictures?

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