13 apps to order food on Android, iPhone and iPad

One of the biggest smartphone upheavals was the ability to order food on your Android, iPhone and iPad without having to call the establishment. It may seem small, but the widespread adoption and popularization of this type of application speaks for itself: most people prefer to navigate menus to place an order than to place a call. If you're looking to start changing the way you order food or want new options beyond the ones you already have, check out our list of 13 food ordering apps on your Android, iPhone or iPad!

1. RequestsAlready

Requests already serves about 200 cities in the country, with a collection of more than 6, 000 registered restaurants. Establishments can be filtered by price and specialty restaurant, making it easy to search. The app uses your location to show nearby options, letting you know which options are in the region where it is located.

Requests can now be downloaded on iPhone and iPad, plus Android smartphones and tablets.

2. Hellofood

One of the best known food ordering applications, Hellofood has some options that make life even easier for the user. In addition to locating restaurants in your area - allowing you to filter them as well as OrderNow - Hellofood also releases occasional promotions and discount coupons for its users.

Another possibility of the app is the online payment as it is made in transport apps like Uber, without having to pay the courier, avoiding confusion. Hellofood can be downloaded from Google Play on Android or the App Store on iPhone and iPad.

3. iFood

The most famous delivery app in Brazil, iFood could not be off the list, given its pioneering in the industry. It has one of the most organized search systems and is available to over 100 Brazilian cities. IFood uses the location of your mobile phone to show surrounding establishments, allowing you to filter your searches by distance, types of meals served by location or prices charged.

In addition to these functions, you can access the menu of each restaurant and consult their values ​​and delivery time. Click the link to download it on your iPhone or iPad, and then link to the Android version.

4. Plus One Pizza

Especially dedicated to pizza lovers. The app works similar to those already described here in this list, but keeps the focus only on the pizzerias in your region. Can be used in capitals such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Salvador - among others -, it also uses GPS to show the establishments.

In emergencies, you can use the app to call the pizza parlor where you ordered. Its only disadvantage so far is still not having translation into Portuguese, even if it can already be used here. Download Plus One Pizza on iPhone or Android.

5. OnePizza

While Plus One Pizza is a foreign app that works here, OnePizza already has translation into our language. The application has about 3, 000 restaurants registered by several Brazilian cities, using GPS to find the nearest. You can search by store name and address. OnePizza is only available for Android.

6. 99Pizza

The most famous masses in the world still have several representatives among the apps to order food. Despite its name, the app is not owned by 99, a taxi and private transportation app. In addition to showing nearby pizzerias, the app also has an area dedicated to promotions, showing occasional discounts or combos that you can buy at some of the registered restaurants. Click the link to download it on your Android and check out the list of cities served by 99Pizzas.

7. TouchPizza

With a smaller radius than other specialty pizza apps, TouchPizza can be a good alternative for residents of Sao Paulo. Despite the limitation regarding the location, the app has over 5, 000 registered restaurants. One of its peculiarities is its search formula.

Instead of searching by name or locations, you select the flavors and what the pizza dough will look like. Then the app will search for nearby pizzerias that best meet your specifications. However, it is worth remembering that it is also possible to search in a traditional way. TouchPizza can be used on iPhone or Android phones.

8. China In Box

One of the best known and traditional Chinese food brands has its own delivery app. The China in Box app brings the menu, prices and the nearest stores, allowing you to request delivery if some of these stores serve your region. The app has basic ordering functions, and one of its advantages is to display images of all items on your menu. It can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone.

9. UberEATS

After a period of experience in the United States, Uber launched a special food delivery service, entering the competition with giants such as iFood, HelloFood and Order Now. Currently available only in Sao Paulo, the application has functions similar to what we see in the examples cited.

One of its advantages is the ability to pay for the delivery of your restaurant with your Uber account, and track your delivery. UberEATS can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store and can be used on iPhone and iPad.

10. Foodspotting

With a more visual approximation than most of the food-ordering apps listed here, Foodspotting uses its GPS to showcase a showcase of the main dishes in the surrounding restaurants. The app has social tools, allowing you to leave ratings and check opinions of other users about a specific establishment. Foodspotting can be used on both Android and iPhone phones.

11. Mobo

Available in the cities of Porto Alegre, Curitiba and Sao Paulo, Mobo features features like iFood mixed with service coupons like Groupon or Peixe Urbano. While not finding nearby restaurants and working differently than the apps described in this article, Mobo offers free discount coupons to use with its partner network.

In addition to coupons to be used in person, Mobo also offers discounts for delivery. If you live in the cities mentioned above, you can install Mobo on your Android device or for iPhone.

12. Habib's Delivery

Following a similar line to China in Box, Habib's fast food chain also has its own delivery app. The Arab food chain offers its entire menu in the app, with photos of each item and the possibility of choosing various forms of payment, although there is no payment within the app, as Hellofood and UberEATS do. If you are a fan of the network's cymbals and dishes, download the app on your iPhone or Android.

13. Domino's Pizza Brasil

One of the largest pizza chains in the world, Domino's makes available to most of the cities where the app delivery service is present, allowing you to order food on your mobile devices. The app provides the network menu, as well as allowing direct payments by the app and tracking delivery in real time. Domino's Pizza Brasil can be downloaded from Google Play on Android or the iPhone and iPad App Store.

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What's your favorite app for ordering food at home?

With broad options, whether through apps from networks such as Domino's and Habib's or apps that showcase a variety of options in your area, you can pick a few as favorites, whether you're a regular customer from one location or someone who likes to vary and experiment. . Have you tested any of them? Which one works best? Comment with us and leave your own recommendations!

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