The 13 Best VPN Apps for Your Android

Virtual P rivate Network - VPN, is a private virtual network that can connect two or more devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets) through a public network. Many companies use this technology for file sharing, which can be done even with these devices connected miles away.

Did you have any questions about 'Private Network within a Public Network' ?! but that's exactly what happens, technology professionals who have extensive knowledge of protocols, IPs, netmasks, gateways, etc. create a kind of tunnel through which only private files pass; that was created for a particular recipient and receiver.

Using VPN services or applications has become increasingly necessary, as programs that promise to be safe while you are surfing the Internet have become obsolete. That way, whatever device you use, it's always good to have a service, program, or application that offers you services that can give you peace of mind while you take advantage of the beloved internet.

The best VPN apps for Android

VPN applications not only offer full security, but also have the advantage of camouflaging the source of your IP; This will allow you to access content from other countries via your computer, smartphone or tablet.

1. Hola VPN Free

Available for desktop with programs and extensions the App has now also arrived for mobile devices. Application widely used and safe for those who like to access content from other countries, be Unlocking sites, applications and content.

In addition, the app also promises to make your browsing faster and reduce your mobile internet data costs, so your internet will get faster and save on your data packet consumption.

Hola VPN Download

2. Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield is an application well known to those who are interested in private browsing and security. The app scores 4.2 out of 977, 224 reviews on Google Play and has over 100 million installations.

Most trusted private and secure access platform with great speed, stability and security performance is the description of Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & WiFi Security.

Hotspot Shield VPN Download

3. Turbo VPN

This is the application for those who like ease, something simple but functional. Turbo VPN is an app that does not have many details, just activate the safe mode and ready, you are already safe.

Works with all types of networks; Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G and all mobile media. The application has an average grade of 4.7 with more than 831, 032 ratings and exceeds 10 million installations.

Turbo VPN Download

4. Master-Free VPN

A very complete and simple application, so simple that it just takes a tap to securely connect and access blocked websites. One of the top rated apps on Google Play with an average rating of 4.6 and 826, 198 total installs.

The application is complete, but to have all functions available you must purchase the items offered. In the paid version, users can choose the country of origin they want to connect to, so you can make the most of it, for example, you can see series only available in other countries through VPN applications.

VPN Master-Free Download

5. SuperVPN Free

Although it is an older application that offers this type of service, SuperVPN still works very well, it does as promised, it does its protection and security service well, if you seek solution to a connection problem SupeVPN will answer you. the way you want it.

But for those who care a lot about modern-looking design and apps, I guarantee you will be disappointed with SuperVPN's programming. At Google play the app has a rating of 4.2 and 538.186 total installs.

Download SuperVPN Free

6. Free Snap VPN

One of the first in the list of VPN applications on Google Play, the Free VPN tool, developed by Snap VPN, has a very simple, intuitive, beautiful and clear, functional interface, the application delivers the promised. 100% Free, Unlimited Usage, High Speed ​​VPN, protects your WiFi network traffic and allows you to surf anonymously and securely without being tracked, and unblocks sites with free proxy server. Free VPN scores 4.6 out of 256, 211 voters. Download Free Snap VPN

7. VPN Master

I believe it is the highest rated app in this category of VPN tools for Android, although it is a free app VPN Master has a rating of 4.7 with over 392, 774 ratings in total, it is an app that could not be missed. out of this list for the quality and commitment to deliver the service to its users.

The App is one of the best, in fact, if you are looking for the best VPN apps and meets your needs, start with the VPN Master, you will not be disappointed. Bandwidth for unlimited use, full list of countries to connect worldwide, just one click to connect, super fast and has torrent support; these are the characteristics of this full application

Download VPN Master

8. VPN Monster

This application is not far from the Monster VPN, in relation to the interface, the application has a modern and sophisticated programming, which makes the user feel more secure in using it.

The features of Monster VPN are the same as those of other applications, what changes are the features and functionality, network stability and other relevant factors. With a rating of 4.7 and 57.672 reviews on Google play, this app is featured.

Download VPN Monster

9. FlyVPN

Fly VPN is an application that has not yet received the prominence it should in applications that offer this type and service or tool. Very functional, FlyVPN presents good functionality and fulfills all its features that are presented in its description.

Despite being widely criticized, the application has an average rating of 4.3 and only 15, 225 reviews in total. If you look at it, the application sometimes has very complicated connection stability, but there are several factors to make it happen.

Download FlyVPN

10. VPN Robot

The latest app on this VPN tool list, VPN Robot meets all expectations, as many are only interested in apps that can change their source IP address to access restricted content only in other locations, this app will meet your expectations. .

Very simple, just like other apps, just press the button to securely connect and enjoy privacy and anonymity. With over 82, 820 ratings, the app has an average rating of 4.6.

Download VPN Robot

11. SurfEasy

We will not forget the application that already has years and years that offers services and tools for those who like to surf safely, this application also has a website where you can connect all your devices simultaneously, just won't abuse, since the version Free has a data limit.

One downside of the site is that it has a GB packet to use, if you exceed this limit you will not be able to use VPN, your connection will be slow, this packet is renewed every month, so be smart not to exceed The plus point is that it gives you several possibilities to increase this package.

Download SurfEasy

12. TunnelBear VPN

Another of the VPN applications for those who like the simple, but like the functional, this app gives you this, the simple; you just have to turn the knob to securely connect and unlock content from sites you don't allow access to in the region where you are located.

TunnelBear for Android keeps your physical location in absolute confidence and helps you access your favorite restricted and blocked websites. The app is rated very positively by users on Google Play; note 4.4 with more than 116, 235.

Download TunnelBear VPN

13. HTTP Injector

I leave this application last because it deserves a more detailed summary of its functionality. The application is complex for those who do not understand data packet configuration, internet, tunneling, etc., a mastery of these internet configuration issues is required.

To be able to safely browse this application, it's not just a push of a button to connect to a private network, you need to create your own files and constantly test to see if they are available.

It is also possible to connect to a VPN via HTTP Injector using files already created by other users, but this is at your own risk.

Download HTTP Inejector

If you want an interesting analysis, but you can check out this article from PC 4 You where it compares several other VPN's.

The VPN applications listed are all free, many of them similar, with very similar features, what really differentiates is the functionality, many of the applications already mentioned in this list have good grades, but some very negative comments regarding stability.

Some of these applications contain paid content or functionality, increase the available data package, stability and among other options that may enhance your experience.

I recommend before making a purchase, test all the applications that are positioned in this list, each application has a different programming, the connection with each type of phone, network and location is very relative, so think carefully before choosing which application best suits you. answer it.

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