13 steps to transfer YouTube playlists to Spotify

With so many options for listening to music online and sites for discovering new music, it's normal that you end up testing more than one and even switching favorites. The big problem is when it's time to transfer your playlists, as you usually have to fetch each song or album from the new service before you can get your playlist back. However, there is an online service that allows you to download these lists simply and easily. So, here's how to use TuneMyMusic to transfer YouTube playlists to Spotify without any problem!

How to transfer YouTube playlists to Spotify

1 - Access TuneMyMusic through the link and click Let's Get Started ;

2 - Choose YouTube as source;

3 - Open a new YouTube tab, log in to your account and click the My Channel button;

4 - Access the playlist you want to transfer to Spotify;

5 - Copy the playlist link;

6 - Return to TuneMyMusic and paste the link in the bar at the center of the screen by clicking Upload playlist ;

7 - Confirm the selection of songs in the playlist and click Next: Select Destination ;

8 - In the next screen, choose Spotify as the transfer destination;

9 - A new browser window will open for you to login to Spotify. Click Log in to Spotify or, if already logged in, skip to step 11;

10 - Enter your login information and confirm again the Log in to Spotify button ;

11 - Return to TuneMyMusic and click Start Moving My Music ;

12 - Wait for the conversion to finish, when the message Conversion complete appears, according to the screenshot below;

13 - Go to Spotify and confirm the playlist transfer.

As you can see in the tutorial, TuneMyMusic lets you download playlists from services other than YouTube and Spotify. Click the link to see the full list!

Did you manage to transfer YouTube playlists to Spotify?

Now that we show you how to transfer YouTube playlists to Spotify, we leave the question: what did you think of TuneMyMusic? Were the songs successfully transferred? Did you have any questions during the process? Comment with us!

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