14 Best Books on Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the must-have platform for anyone wishing to use social media to advertise their work or achieve more sales over the internet. Even though most of your audience is not there, it still has a huge reach, meaning any post you post on Facebook is more likely to be seen than on other social networks. The platform has several features and techniques to achieve the desired results, many of them revealed through books written by the most diverse experts. If you want to learn more about Facebook Marketing, we recommend you read these 14 books!

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1. Facebook for Business (Luciano Larrossa)

One of the few books on Facebook Marketing in Portuguese, Facebook for Business is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs understand how social networking works, as well as the first steps to using it to drive their business forward. Over seven chapters, author Luciano Larrossa talks about the current context of the digital age and fundamentals of data analysis on the web and social media. Click the link to learn more about the book and how it can help publicize your business.

2. Facebook Marketing: Social Media Leverage to Leverage Your Business (Steve Holzner)

A book for beginners who are planning to launch Fan Page for their business, this book by Steve Holzner motivates and tries to convince its reader to set up his page. In addition, he also gives tips and teaches the initial steps to attract followers and start seeing some engagement on your page. Because you can use Facebook Marketing for a variety of purposes, the book takes care to address these aspects, and its downside is the same for any physical digital marketing book: some concepts are already dated.

3. Facebook Marketing: Teach Me Everything I Need to Know in 30 Minutes (30 Minutes Read)

As its name implies, this book gives an overview of how to use Facebook marketing. In a reading of about 30 minutes, he teaches his reader the basics of the subject, allowing him to start spreading his business on Facebook and preparing it for more complex readings. Themes such as Fan Page creation, basic marketing lessons, and ways to use Facebook are covered in this 30 Minutes Read series book.

4. Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype (Jay Baer)

A book that deals more with social media marketing than just Facebook, it is still an option of choice for those looking to improve this area of ​​their business. The author seeks to convey his experience in order to make other entrepreneurs understand how to use information and helpfulness in building a marketing plan. Rather than just making brand followers anxious about the product, Youtility also seeks to build a relationship between a brand and its customer.

5. Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Andrea Vahl)

The well-known book series For Dummies ( For Dummies in Brazil) also features a dedicated edition of Facebook Marketing, although it is not available in our language. Constantly updated, the edition shows the step-by-step to start promoting your business on Facebook, creating Fan Page, writing content and creating paid ads for your page, among others. The book also teaches how to use all social networking tools, including promotions, events, and polls, for example.

6. Social Media Marketing Workbook: 2017 Edition (Jason MacDonald)

The author is known for bringing a unique approach to his books, being one of the few to create templates for worksheets within the pages of his digital books. The current edition of your social media guide includes videos, slideshows, and walkthroughs to use various techniques for a variety of social media, including Facebook. This year's Social Media Marketing Workbook also mentions free Facebook tools, being one of the most complete books on the list.

7. Facebook Marketing: 25 Best Strategies on Using Facebook for Advertising & Making Money Online (Kenneth Lewis)

A great list of strategies to apply in your Facebook marketing strategy. In it, the author Kenneth Lewis brings the ones he considers his best, teaching how to accomplish each one. Actions such as creating sales-generating content, using Facebook tools, and promoting your brand on the social network are some of the examples you can learn to use in your business as you read this book.

8. Facebook Marketing Like I'm 5 (Peg Samuel & Matthew Capala)

The purpose of the pair of authors in this book is to teach Facebook Marketing's beabá, as can be seen from the title itself, which in Portuguese means “Facebook Marketing as if it were five years old”. Through detailed case studies and tutorials, authors use and abuse graphics and screenshots to demonstrate how to create and deploy strategies for their Fan Page.

9. Social Media: Strategies To Mastering Your Brand (David Kelly)

If besides Facebook Marketing you are also planning to open profiles on other media such as Instagram and Youtube, this is one of the guides focused on monetizing on each of your platforms - which also includes Snapchat and Twitter. David Kelly teaches readers of his book tactics to get your follower base up to speed and improve your web presence.

10. Social Media: How to Skyrocket Your Business Through Social Media Marketing! (Andy Anderson)

Also focused on teaching readers how to boost their business on various social media. Author Andy Anderson covers almost every major social network in his book - even the forgotten Google+ - teaching ways to increase your reach, engagement, conversions and sales on these social media.

11. The New Rules of Marketing & PR (David Meerman Scott)

Focused on social success story studies, David Meerman Scott's book seeks to show readers how these companies used social networks to attract more customers. Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Facebook are some of the social media covered in the texts and infographics published in The New Rules of Marketing & PR .

12. 500 Social Media Marketing Tips (Andrew Macarthy)

We from AppTuts can post many tips for Facebook and social networks, but we would hardly put 500 tips at one time on our site. The 500 Social Media Marketing Tips is a great compilation of tricks published by author Andrew Macarthy. Here you can learn tricks that will serve both those who have never joined Facebook in their lives and who are already an established social media professional.

13. Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers (Jeffrey Rohrs)

Instead of focusing on social networking platforms, Jeffrey Rohrs's book talks about the audience and what marketing is like in the digital age. Its scope is so large that the purpose of the book is to allow it to use strategies that serve both these media, websites, blogs, ecommerce and email marketing, among many others. However, the book tries not to teach sales techniques, but to increase customer base and customer interaction with your brand.

14. The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users (Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzpatrick)

Another book with a great compilation of marketing tips for Facebook and social media in general. Co-written by one of Apple's top names, the book shows a cohesive and focused strategy for extending your presence on social networks, whether you are a novice or an experienced user.

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