The 14 Best Galaxy Note 8 Accessories

The Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best Android smartphones released this year and it really did a great job of succeeding the controversial (and explosive) Note 7. Of course with such a powerful handset in hand, nothing better than making use of some great accessories. to get even more out of your resources or even to protect it effectively. As it is still a very recent device, many Galaxy Note 8 accessories are still coming out, but you can check out the best ones already available in our list of suggestions below!

1. ClearView Standing Cover

To start our list of the best accessories of the Galaxy Note 8, we have a very interesting protective cover made by Samsung itself. The ClearView Standing Cover serves to protect the entire Galaxy Note 8 as well as to provide horizontal support for the device.

Best of all, the front of the cover is made of translucent material, allowing you to see the Note 8 screen perfectly without opening it. You can purchase this cover through this link.

2. Alcantara Case

Another great protection case from Samsung itself is the Alcantara Case, which is made of a very soft material that mimics the texture of suede. This not only makes the smartphone more comfortable but also gives more firmness to its grip, which of course is slippery because of the glass back.

It is worth mentioning that Alcantara Case can be found in many different colors and protects the entire back of the Galaxy Note 8. Click here to buy it.

3. Micro SD Card

Galaxy Note 8 has three different storage options: 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. Obviously, each of these versions is enough for most people who just need space to install apps and have a regular amount of photos and videos stored.

Of course, if you are using your Note 8 to store a huge amount of files, you may need to use a micro SD card. There are several models available today, from 2GB up to 256GB, so it depends more on what you need. You can check out a good Sandisk model through this link.

4. Anker PowerCore + 21000

The Galaxy Note 8 has a capacity of 3300 mAh, which should be enough to last throughout the day with normal use of not so heavy apps and games. If you find that your daily use is more demanding than this and the Note 8 battery is not holding up, you may need to use a portable charger.

In this case, the portable charger we can recommend from our Galaxy Note 8 accessory list is the Anker Powercore + 21000. As the name implies, it has 21000 mAh capacity to recharge your Note 8 several times during the week. Click here to buy it.

5. Samsung Gear VR

A smartphone like the Galaxy Note 8 turns out to be perfect for enjoying apps, games and videos with a virtual reality device. So, nothing better than using the very accessory that Samsung manufactures to have this experience.

In some cases, Samsung even offers Gear VR along with the Galaxy Note 8 or the Galaxy S8, but if not, it is worth considering purchasing the accessory. You can check out more about him through this link.

6. Wireless Convertible Charging Stand

Considering that the Galaxy Note 8 has wireless charging capability, it is worth investing in such a charger at some point. For this, our best suggestion is the Wireless Convertible Charging Stand, which is manufactured by Samsung itself.

It's lightweight, easy to use and even has a convertible base so you can change the position of your Note 8 as and when you want. Check out more about the product at this link.

7. DeX Station

Although it was introduced along with the Galaxy S8, it was with Note 8 that DeX Station gained even more prominence. This is one of the accessories of the Galaxy Note 8 that allows you to access your smartphone like a regular computer.

Simply plug it into DeX and use a monitor, mouse and keyboard to enjoy your Note 8 in a totally different way. Considering it has a powerful processor and 6 GB of RAM, using DeX Station turns out to be even more useful than with the S8 itself. Click here to purchase DeX Station.

8. Samsung Gear S3

Gear S3 is a great economical smartwatch for Android devices and you can use it very interactively with your Galaxy Note 8. You can use multiple apps and games together, and view your notifications without having to take your smartphone off pocket.

Considering that the Note 8 is a bigger and heavier device, this turns out to be a very useful option. You can buy Samsung Gear S3 through this link.

9. Samsung Gear 360

If you love taking photos with your Galaxy Note 8, the Geat 360 may be one of the most interesting accessories to use on your smartphone. Basically, it allows you to take photos and make videos in 360 ° with 4K resolution, which is a technology increasingly used in social networks. You can buy the accessory through this link.

10. Protective Clear Case

If you're looking for a more conventional protective case that doesn't add anything different to your Galaxy Note 8, you can simply use the Protective Clear Case.

This cover is fully transparent, inexpensive and made of a very durable material that can absorb the shock of lighter falls. You can buy it through this link.

11. Samsung Portable Charger

The Anker 21000 mAh portable charger presented above is great for those who want to secure multiple loads throughout the week without having to worry too much. The problem is that besides being more expensive, this model is very large and heavy.

If you want something more affordable and lightweight, you can consider the portable charger produced by Samsung. It has 5100 mAh, is cheaper and can be carried easily in any bag and backpack without adding much weight. You can buy it through this link.

12. Protective Standing Cover

In addition to ClearView, there is another case that can offer even more protection and even horizontal support for your Galaxy Note 8. The Protective Standing Cover is much more robust and made of extremely tough material and can withstand much more serious drops without causing damage to the phone. smartphone

It is also made by Samsung and has a small stand that can be easily detached to use Note 8 horizontally on any surface. You can buy it through this link.

13. U Flex Headphones

The Galaxy Note 8 even has a headphone jack, but you may prefer to use a Bluetooth model so you don't get wired bothering you all the time.

If so, the U Flex Headphones model is one of the best options you can find today for the device. It can be worn around your neck comfortably and has great sound quality. You can buy it through this link.

14. Fast Car Charger

A lot of people still use car chargers to charge their smartphone, but with the Galaxy Note 8, you have the option to buy a faster charger than usual. As it has a fast charging option, Samsung offers a special model to use in the car that guarantees a full charge in minutes, becoming one of the best accessories of the Galaxy Note 8. You can purchase it through this link.

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