The 14 Biggest News of the Galaxy S9

After months of speculation, the Galaxy S9 was finally unveiled by Samsung this February. Although not unlike its predecessor, the device has certainly received several major improvements. With that, it turns out to be perfect for those who had not changed phones last year. If this is your case, nothing better than checking out the key features of Samsung's new smartphone, isn't it ?! Then check out our list below and know the main news of the Galaxy S9.

1. Announcement

As previously announced by Samsung, the Galaxy S9 was unveiled last weekend in February. This occurred during the Mobile World Congress event, which took place in Spain. The main features of the device ended up leaking a few days earlier, but it was at the event that many of them were officially confirmed.

2. Templates

This may not come as a surprise to anyone who already comes with Samsung-released handsets, but the Galaxy S9 has two different models, just like its predecessors.

They are the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 +, and the main differences will be in the size of the device, the screen size, the battery and the amount of available RAM.

3. Release

As expected, the new Galaxy does not take long to launch after its official announcement. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + arrive at major US stores on March 16 this year.

4. Availability

As usual, the Galaxy S9 will start selling in some countries in North America, Asia and Europe early on and should arrive in the rest of the world over the next few weeks. The launch in Brazil should not take too long, as the Galaxy S8 only took 3 weeks to reach our country.

5. Price

The price of the Galaxy S9 also didn't go far from what was expected and is very similar to what we saw in its predecessor last year. The normal Galaxy S9 will cost $ 720 and the Galaxy S9 + will have a suggested price of $ 839. It is not yet known how much the devices will cost here in Brazil, but the price can easily exceed 4 thousand reais because of taxes.

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6. Design

Despite some improvements, the Galaxy S9 will be virtually identical to the design of the Galaxy S8. This includes the screen occupying almost the entire front.

At the rear, we will have the camera on top of the device and the fingerprint sensor just below. This is already a good improvement over the S8, which had the fingerprint sensor next to the camera, which was a bit uncomfortable.

7. Display

The infinite display of the Galaxy S9 will have 5.8 inches and a resolution of 1440 × 2960 pixels. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S9 + should have a 6.2 inch screen and the same resolution of 1440 × 2960 pixels. This means that there will be no major changes from the S8 and S8 +, which have exactly these characteristics.

8. Specifications

The specifications of the Galaxy S9 have not changed much either. The normal S9 will be 147.7 mm high, 68.7 mm wide, 8.5 mm thick and weight 163 grams. Already Galaxy S9 + will have 158.1 mm in height, 73.8 mm in width, 8.5 mm in thickness and weight of 189 grams.

9. Camera

The Galaxy S9 has a dual 12 megapixel camera at the rear (with f / 1.5 and f / 2.4 apertures) and an 8 megapixel camera at the front (with f / 1.7 aperture)

Improvements over the Galaxy S8 are mainly in Dual Pixel technology, which can focus images more easily and still allow more light input. As expected, the rear camera will record 4K video and the front camera in Full HD.

10. Colors

For now, the Galaxy S9 has been announced in black, purple and blue, but it is always possible that Samsung will eventually release new limited editions throughout the year.

11. Processor

Samsung always uses the latest versions of Snapdragon processor on their premium devices, which will be no different on the Galaxy S9. Both models of the smartphone will feature the Snapdragon 845 chip, with the standard S9 having 4 GB of RAM and the S9 + having 6 GB of RAM.

12. Battery

Like its predecessor, the Galaxy S9 will have a 3, 000 mAh capacity battery and the Galaxy S9 + will have a 3, 500 mAh battery. Since the handsets are not so different from the S8, these batteries should last all day without problems.

Still, Samsung could be more careful with the capacity of the average S9, as most premium handsets launched in recent months already have a minimum of 3, 500 mAh.

13. Operating System

The Galaxy S9 will be one of the first (non-Google) Android devices to launch with Android Oreo installed. This not only guarantees the unique features of this version of Android, but also helps to save the battery of the device, as the operating system is much more optimized than Android Nougat.

Of course, Samsung will make its own system modifications, but Samsung has been doing it much lighter than before to ensure a more fluid experience.

14. Storage

The Galaxy S9 will only be sold in the 64 GB version, while the Galaxy S9 + will have 128 GB of internal storage. The good news is that both devices will have micro SD card slot for those who still want to expand the memory up to an additional 400 GB.

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