The 14 Essential Accessories for iPhone X

The iPhone X has been released for some time and has been quite successful despite being the most expensive smartphone that Apple has launched to date. Of course, with such a premium smartphone in hand, it's always good to have some extra accessories to take full advantage of it or simply to keep it safe. Of course, being a brand new smartphone and different from other iPhone models, it does not have many accessories yet, but it is possible to find great options. You can check our main suggestions below!

1. AirPods

Since iPhone X doesn't come with a headphone jack, you have to use the special headphone jack, adapter, or wireless headphones.

If you prefer the latter, Apple's own AirPods are still a great alternative, although they are quite expensive right now. They are small, come with a charging cradle and offer great sound quality. Click here to buy them.

2. Mophie Charging Cradle

It's great that we can finally charge the latest iPhones without having to rely on wires, but you need to purchase a wireless charger first.

One of the best options you'll find today is the Mophie Wireless Charging Cradle, a great brand of smartphone accessories. It can charge your iPhone X quickly and still has a secure base so it doesn't scratch or fall unintentionally. Buy it through this link.

3. Moment Camera Lenses

The iPhone X camera is already amazing by itself, but you can make it even better by using Moment brand external lenses. The company makes wide-angle (18mm), fisheye (15mm) and macro (25mm) lenses, so you have good options for all types of situations.

To use them, you need to buy Moment's own special protective cap, so you already have two good accessories at once. Click here to buy the lenses.

4. Merge Virtual Reality Headset

One of the things Apple focused on the iPhone X was virtual reality and augmented reality technology, but of course you need a special headset to get the most out of these features.

One of the best alternatives today is the Merge headset, which can be used both ways and still allows the screen distance and your eyes to be adjusted properly. Click here to purchase it.

5. Zagg InvisibleShield

Considering that almost the entire front of iPhone X consists of its screen, it is good to take even more care with it. For this, it is always good to put a screensaver from your earliest days of smartphone use.

A good option is the Zagg InvisibleShield, which covers the entire display of the new iPhone, absorbs the shock of possible falls and still has resistance to fingerprints and wear marks. Click here to buy it.

6. Beats Studio3 Headphones

Of course, not everyone likes AirPod-style headphones, especially because they're small or a little uncomfortable to fit in the ear.

In these cases, the best alternative is to use a large headset like the Beats Studio3 model. It is also wireless and offers good sound quality and can be used externally. Click here to purchase it.

7. Aukey PA-Y10 Charger

The charger that comes with iPhone X is great, but it's always nice to have an option that brings more convenience to its user. This is exactly the case with the Aukey PA-Y10 charger, which comes with a USB-A port and a USB-C port.

This means that you can charge two different devices at the same time and quite efficiently as it has 46 watts of power. You can buy this model through this link.

8. Lighting Cable with USB-C

One of the best ways to take advantage of iPhone X's fast charging capability is by using a lighting cable with a USB-C output.

Fortunately, Apple itself has an official cable that can be used with any USB-C charger, such as the model we present above. Click here to buy it.

9. ElevationDock 3

Whenever a new iPhone is launched, new dock models also hit the market quickly. These accessories are great for charging your iPhone X, plugging them into speakers, or simply securing them to the base.

The ElavationDock 3 model is one of the best options available today, especially since it is used even when iPhone X has a protective cover. You can buy it through this link.

10. ZeroLemon Battery Cover

Since we mentioned a few different ways to recharge your iPhone X, it's also worth mentioning the ZeroLemon extra battery cover.

You can put it on your iPhone X to start charging, which helps keep the battery going all day long smoothly. This model comes with 4000 mAh capacity, so you can use it a few times before you have to recharge it. Buy it through this link.

11. Leather Case

If you want a more conventional case for your iPhone X, you can use Apple's official leather case. It is of good quality and should last a long time before you need another one.

It's a little more expensive than other types of cases, but it may be a good option for those looking for a premium iPhone X product. You can buy yours in your favorite color through this link.

12. Mophie Powerstation USB-C

Another good alternative to maintaining your iPhone X battery is to use a portable charger like Mophie's Powerstation USB-C. It is slightly larger than some other chargers of this type, but has nearly 20, 000 mAh of capacity, which is impressive and can easily be used for over a week without recharging.

It can even be used to charge notebooks and MacBooks, as well as other devices. Another advantage is that it is not very expensive and you can buy it through this link.

13. Belkin Audio + Charge Rockstar

This accessory is very interesting as it offers a simpler way to charge and listen to music on your iPhone X, after all, you can't do both at the same time now that there's no separate headphone jack on your smartphone. .

You just need to plug the accessory into the lighting input of the iPhone and you will have a charger output and a conventional 3.5mm output for your headset. You can buy it at this link.

14. Belkin InvisiGlass

Another great product developed by Belkin is the InvisiGlass screensaver, which has five times greater scratch, scratch and drop resistance than its competitors.

It's a little more expensive than other protectors you find out there, but it's one of the best options to keep your iPhone X's display safe. Buy it at this link.

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