15 apps to monitor your diet

After smartphones, dieting has become even easier. There are several apps that help you monitor your weight, your diet and even mealtimes! But amid so many apps, which ones are best for you to follow up on? We've curated it so you don't have a headache starting a new diet or even trying to lose weight on your own at home.

Prepare your phone memory, shopping list and check out the list below!

1 - Diet and Health

One of the best apps in the segment could not be without the first place in this list. The Diet & Health app is a complete suite for listing the foods of each meal and setting up the ideal diet according to your height and weight. The system used is that of points, where each food corresponds to a certain number and counts in the final sum of daily points. It's a smart system used by many nutritionists. You can download Diet and Health by clicking here.

2 - Fitness Point

Fitness Point is a virtual gym assistant. It gives you the best exercises and routines according to your physique and your ultimate goal, such as weight loss or muscle mass gain! As essential as that app for listening to music while working out.Click here to download Fitness Point.

3- Tecnonutri

Like Diet and Health, Tecnonutri builds a profile according to body mass and determines how many calories one should consume daily. It is also possible to track the nutrients and foods consumed throughout the day and have a full consolidated every week. Click here to download Tecnonutri.

4- Freeletics

If you don't have time to go to the gym, how about doing the training at home? Freeletics is an app that helps you train by giving you quick and easy routines. Ideally, you should do at least one of these activities a day, always moving around. Remember to keep a healthy diet too!

You can download Freeletics by clicking here.

5- Drink Water Reminder

What would a balanced diet be without drinking enough water? Drinking water is very important, especially when you are on a diet and always exercising. For this you can use the Drink Water Reminder app, which reminds you to consume water from time to time, taking your weight as the basis for it. Download the app by clicking here.

6- Nike Running

Nike Running is the ideal partner for those who are sprinters or even those who like to run in the morning or end of the day. It tracks your GPS routes, how many miles you have traveled, and even ranks your results against those of your friends. The app has workout routines and weekly challenges, which makes the experience even more complete. Just plug in the app and start running!

Download Nike Running by clicking here.

7- MyFitnessPal

Competitor in Diet and Health, MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter and diet assistant. Here you can set your goals for weight loss and diet monitoring. It even has a barcode reader that tells you how many calories that product has, not to mention the list of favorite restaurants based on your diet. Super smart!

You can download MyFitnessPal by clicking here.

8 - Runtastic

Does a real diet have to have a little run sometimes? Runtastic helps you monitor your workouts and your overall health. It even has an extra app called Runstatic Sleep Better that, along with Runtastic, monitors your sleep, giving you relevant data about each night you sleep. Amazing, isn't it?

You can download the Runtastic apps by clicking here:

9- Light Kitchen Guide

What would your diet be without your meals? Better than that, instead of just monitoring you, what if an app gave you all the light recipes without losing flavor and quality? This is what the Light Kitchen Guide does. The app is a database of healthy recipes of the most diverse, from vegetarian to salads and risottos. It also allows you to organize your favorite recipes.

Download the Light Kitchen Guide here.

10 - All-in fitness

All-in fitness is a complete app with over 1200 workouts, tutorial videos, calorie counter and user BMI and even complete eating guides. The app is paid and similar to the others presented here, so the ideal is to test them all and find out which one is best for you.

Download here All-in fitness

11- Noow Coach

Having a personal trainer is very expensive, but what if you had one in your pocket where you want it? This is the premise of Noow Coach, a workout app that makes your routine complete and offers training on top of your personal goals. You will have a simple diary and exercise schedule to follow. The app is in English, keep this in mind when downloading!

Download Noow Coach by clicking here

12-7 Day Food Journal Challenge YouFood

The 7 Day YouFood Journal Challenge is a different form of awareness of what you consume and don't consume: it's a social network to post photos of what you eat every day - publicly or not - and then compare what you've eaten day by day. . It helps a lot when a person wants to lose weight but doesn't know where to start. Perhaps the problem is exactly in your daily consumption, and having a photographic record organized by date and time is ideal. The app also has nutritious and different recipes.

Download the 7 Day Food Journal Challenge here.

13 - Pokémon Go

How can a game help me in my diet ?! Use your imagination and start playing Pokémon Go to aid your weight loss workouts and goals! The game encourages you to leave the house and walk more and more, both catching monsters and hatching their eggs. Here at Apptuts you have an even more complete guide with tips for being a master, so get your cell phone, your running shoes ready and start training both your Pokemon and yourself!

Click here to download Pokémon Go.

14 - Daily Yoga

Breathe. Breathe in. Now stretch… Why pay for expensive yoga teachers and classes if you can have an app to get started? Daily Yoga is a complete app with various exercises and video lessons. The most complex classes are paid for and cost between $ 1 and $ 5, but the app itself is free and contains several free videos. It is worth downloading and starting the concentration.

Click here to download the Daily Yoga.

15 - FatSecret Calorie Counter

Just want a calorie counter without so many fags and complex systems? Your request has been fulfilled! What you are looking for is the FatSecret Calorie Counter. With it you can enter all your food and automatically generate a report with your daily and monthly calorie consumption.A hand on the wheel when you want to control that sweetie or soda out of time.

Click here to download the FatSecret Calorie Counter.

Ready for training?

Did you like these diet app tips? Already preparing your routine? If we forgot any app or tip, please comment below, we will love to know new ways to lose weight with your phone!

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