15 apps to talk in english

Learning to speak another language is not such a simple task for most people, but it becomes necessary in studies and work. In these cases, English is one of the most requested languages ​​and is not so complicated to learn, especially with so many websites and apps that specialize in teaching it. If you're looking for the best apps to chat in English and improve your pronunciation, just check out our tips below!

1. Learn English

Learn English is a very interesting app, but it is best suited for those who already have a notion of English and want to improve the language.

It is very good for anyone who wants to improve their overall English pronunciation as it has several short classes full of dialogues and interactive exercises. You can download it through this link.

2. ESL Daily English

Another great app for learning to speak English is ESL Daily English. Like the previous app, it is also better for those who know the basics of the language.

One of the best aspects of this app is that it puts you in conversation and practice with other users, which speeds up your learning. Click here to check out more about the app.

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3. Busuu

Busuu is another application that makes users interact with each other to improve learning. It has twelve different languages, including English.

With the desired language already chosen, you will have the option to chat with native speakers and improve your pronunciation. You can check out more about Busuu at this link.

4. Voxy

Voxy is a great app for those who want to learn English quickly and easily. We say this because it adapts its teachings according to the user's level of knowledge.

To top it off, it also offers classes of native English speakers. You can check out more about Voxy at this link.

5. Babbel

Babbel is another popular platform that offers many different languages ​​that you can start studying easily, but English is one of its specialties.

The only downside is that this is a paid service, but it's worth it if you want a much more complete app to learn your desired language. You can learn more about him at this link.

6. Introduction to letters

Letters Intro is another English-focused app. Instead of offering various conventional exercises, it teaches various uses for each letter of the alphabet, but all in English, of course. but This app is intended to teach you different uses of each letter of the English alphabet.

The app also has several exercises that you can solve to test your new knowledge. Click here to download.

7. AnkiApp

AnkiApp offers a slightly different method of teaching your users a new language, which can be very beneficial.

It has a card system of different words and terms so you can associate and learn them efficiently. Click here to learn more about AnkiApp.

8. MindSnacks

MindSnacks is a highly recommended app as it also offers a more relaxed method of teaching other languages ​​including English.

You need to solve some puzzles after you learn new topics, so it becomes easier to remember each lesson. You can click this link to learn more about MindSnacks.

10. Duolingo

While offering an interesting range of languages, Duolingo has even more complete lessons for those learning English. It is one of the most popular on our list, especially among smartphone users.

The difference is that the app treats your workouts almost like a game in which you can earn or lose points depending on how well you do. You can check out more about the app through this link.

11. Supiki

Supiki, which is one of the best apps for those studying English. Like others on our list, it is most recommended for those who already have some knowledge of the language and want to improve it.

The app has many subjects that you can learn and use to start conversations in English, which will help you to practice the language in practice. Click here to download the app.

12. Brainscape

Brainscape has several cards for you to memorize various words, phrases and some English terms. This can be especially useful for those who have difficulty with more traditional methods, for example.

The app offers very detailed lessons for those who really want to delve into another language. Currently there is only a paid version, but it is worth checking. Click here to learn more!

13. SentenceBuilder

SentenceBuilder offers many lessons, videos and even animations to teach common English phrases and expressions. Then there are exercises for users to assemble their own sentences with the words learned.

Another very interesting aspect is that it allows you to see your learning progress, which is also very useful. Click here to download.

14. Hello Hello

Hello Hello has many lessons for those who want to study English efficiently. The lessons are very practical and help students with everyday themes.

Best of all, the lessons are written by native speakers, so there's still the advantage of learning the correct pronunciation. Click here to download.

15. Memrise

Unlike other apps, Memrise focuses on memorizing words rather than ordinary exercises. In addition, it offers several modules for different levels of knowledge.

The app has support for about 200 different languages, so just choose English and start your lessons. Click here to learn more.

15. SpeakingPal

SpeakingPal is one of the best English study apps you can find today. He focuses much more on his conversation rather than just showing written exercises.

Other than that, it has several videos of people talking, which helps the student get used to the language. You can download the app through this link.

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