15 best bodybuilding apps

Among the many types of apps available today, there are plenty of apps to help you work out and stay fit. This is as true for those who want to lose weight or for those who want something for bodybuilding, for example. Of course, it can be a little difficult to choose the apps that best fit you and your needs. That's why we've separated some of the best bodybuilding and fitness apps below!

1. 7-Minute Workout

7-Minute Workout is a highly recommended app for those looking for a faster way to work out on a daily basis. It is not meant to replace your heavier physical activities, but it is a good complement.

He has a greater focus on intensive activities for a short time, for example. If you are interested and want to enjoy it on your smartphone, just download it through the link.

2. Fitness Point

Fitness Point is a very useful app for those who go to the gym often. The app gives you several custom training options depending on what your goals are.

He also has some activities ready in case he doesn't want to be setting it up all by himself. Fitness Point can be downloaded from Android via the link.

3. My Fitness Pal

Then we suggest My Fitness Pal, which is for both exercise and food aids. You can also customize your main goals as in other apps.

It even has a barcode reader that tells you how many calories a food has. This can be used in home made products or in restaurants. You can download the app by clicking on the link.

4. Nike Training Club

This is an official Nike app that can help those looking for more advanced guidance to start exercising. The app has over 160 exercises from various categories, depending only on the type of training you need. The app can be downloaded on Android at the link.

5. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer works very well as a guide for different types of workouts, as well as being one of the best bodybuilding apps, whether they are done in a gym or at home.

Best of all, you can choose which type of workout you prefer to do, and it also has detailed photo or video explanations of how to do everything right. You can download the app from the link.

6. FitBit

FitBit is an app that can help you keep track of all your daily activities and get them done right and without overdoing it. In addition, you can even create your own goals to follow on a daily basis, whether for your diet or exercise. You can check out the app at the link.

7. FitStar

FiStar works as a kind of personal trainer. You provide some of your body, diet and health information and it suggests the ideal activities for your profile.

This turns out to be much better than going around doing any kind of exercise, as it can be very detrimental to your health. Download the app from the link.

8. iMuscle 2

IMuscle 2 is a bit different as it shows 3D models of the human body and its muscles. This way you can learn more about the body parts you stimulate with each exercise you do.

There are hundreds of different workouts to choose from, and you can even search for exercises by the type of equipment you want to use at the gym. You can download it from the link.

9. Freeletics

Freeletics is the ideal application for those who do not have much time to go to the gym and prefer to do their exercises at home, for example. The app helps you by giving good exercises and easy and safe activities to do on your own. Plus, it also reminds you to eat healthy and is one of the best bodybuilding apps you can use. You can download Freeletics by clicking on the link.

10. All-in fitness

All-in fitness is an interesting thing for those who want something very complete. Not only does it have hundreds of physical exercises, but it also offers several video tutorials.

He even has some eating guides for those who also want to revamp their diet. Despite being paid, you can try the app for free. Download All-in fitness through the link.

11. Gain Fitness

Gain Fitness is another app that brings you many types of physical activities that you can do every day. It is only up to the user to select the one that best fits their overall goals.

The cool thing is that there are special exercises for beginners, something not so common to see in these types of bodybuilding applications. You can download it from the link.

12. Virtual Trainer BodyWeight

One app that could not miss on our list is Virtual Trainer Body Weight. The cool thing is that this app has many different activities for every body part, which is great for those with a more specific focus.

You can use the training offered for free or buy special packages with even more options. Click the link to download the app.

13. Endomondo

Endomondo is a very interesting app, as it works in two ways. It can be used to measure your progress in physical activity and also acts as a social network.

It has several types of exercises that you can schedule, including bodybuilding, of course. Other than that, there's a heart rate monitor and a way to measure how many calories you burned in the day. Click the link to download it.

14. FitNotes

FitNotes is a very simple app that helps you make notes about your workouts. It does not have many options like other apps, but is well recommended for those who prefer something easy to use in the gym, for example.

You can mark which exercises you have done on the day and get a clearer picture of your medium and long term progress. To download the app you just need to click on the link.

15. Google Fit

We can also suggest Google Fit for anyone who wants to do their bodybuilding exercises. The app tracks your progress during physical activity by simply carrying your smartphone with you during these times.

The app can track your weight, daily activities and even gives you the goal of exercising for at least 1 hour a day. Click the link to download it.

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