15 Best Customer Support Tools

Providing good customer support is not always so simple to do. Overall, the biggest difficulty is establishing effective communication between your customers and your company's representatives. Fortunately, there are many ways to optimize this directly on your company's website, for example. Nowadays, there is no shortage of good online customer support tools, as you can see in our list of recommendations below!

1. JivoChat

To start our list, we have JivoChat. This is one of the best customer support tools to easily communicate with consumers or visitors to your site.

It allows you to monitor and chat in real time, so you can know the exact moment someone entered the site. The cool thing is that you can communicate with customers via email, Facebook, Telegram, the phone and more.

Click the link to try JivoChat for FREE for 14 days!

2. LiveChat

LiveChat is another great option to support your customers. The software also gives the opportunity to check these customers for an assessment of service.

The applications that LiveChat makes available are also very simple to use and are available for desktop and mobile devices. Click the link to check out more about LiveChat.

3. Intercom

Intercom is the next suggestion on our list. The tool helps you serve customers online in real time, whether they are supportive of questions or sales.

Best of all, the software can still be tested completely for free for two weeks. After that, you can subscribe to the service on a monthly basis. Click the link to check out more about Intercom.

4. Zendesk

Zendesk is another service that can connect you with your customers quickly and easily. These interactions can occur via email, phone, social networks or custom chats.

It is possible to establish a line just to receive customer calls, create a live chat or make a ticketing system so that everyone can be answered as soon as possible. You can check out more about the tool at the link.

5. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a very complete tool and worth considering. It allows you to see all your customer messages in one place, give priority tickets to those who need assistance, and track how your employees are handling these situations.

It is also possible to automate certain tasks if multiple customers come up with a simple question to solve, for example. You can check out more about Freshdesk via the link.

6. Drift

Drift is very similar to the other software we present in this list. Its big advantage is that there are bots analyzing customer needs all day long, which helps a representative actually talk to them.

This can be used to help customers with questions and to ensure sales of their products online. Just click the link to learn more about the tool.

7. Help Scout

Help Scout is a program that focuses on bringing more personalized service to its customers. You can have multiple inboxes, which helps you check your previous messages quickly.

Other than that, the tool even lets you know who is online, who is texting, and which rep is responding. All of this in real time, of course. Click the link to check out the Help Scout.

8. Front

Front acts as a collaborative space between you and your coworkers. With the tool, you can share used emails, messages and apps in one place.

This way, it is also simpler to stay up to date on your customers' contact with your site. It is also easy to view past messages with customers even if you were not the one who answered them the first time, for example. You can check out more about Front through the link.

9. Pure Chat

Pure Chat is a very simple tool that focuses on improving communication between companies and their customers. It integrates live chat on your site and allows customers to ask their questions quickly and intuitively.

The cool thing is that it is super easy to install on your site and can be used as a simple plugin, for example. Click on the link to learn more about Pure Chat.

10. Kayako

Kayako is very good software for those who want to improve their relationship with customers. Among its many functions, it offers a live chat for your site, which already facilitates communication with visitors.

The tool is very simple to integrate into the site and even easier to use for both your company and customers. You can check out more about the program through the link.

11. Teamwork Desk

Teamwork Desk is an excellent tool for any company that wants to have a better organization in their online presence. Of course this includes direct communication with customers.

Best of all, you can try the program completely for free for a month before deciding whether to use the full version. You can check out more about it through the link.

12. Desk

Desk is a good alternative, although it offers tools very similar to the other software we mentioned in the list. Interestingly, they offer a lot of articles, advice and support for those just starting out with such services. You can check this out and more through the link.

13. Olark

Olark is other software that can be tested for free for a period of time before deciding on long term use. It helps both to support your customers, and can also assist with sales on your site. You can check out more about it through the link.

14. Groove

Groove is a very simple to use tool that focuses heavily on personalized service. Like other software, it works with priority tickets for customers with questions, problems or suggestions.

This can be done with emails, social networks, live chat and more. You can check out more about Groove through the link.

15. Uservoice

Uservoice has the priority of providing customer feedback to the company in a simple and easy to understand way. Of course, it also facilitates communication between these customers and your company's representatives through their tools. You can check out more about Uservoice through the link.

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