15 best popup tools for your site

If you have a website or blog, you surely know that pop ups are the best way to capture emails. You may find them intrusive or even annoying, but the truth is that they generate results.

Here at Apptuts we get hundreds of emails every day because of this kind of tool. Ever wonder how much it would cost me if I had to invest in Facebook or Google ads?

Obviously, pops have to be well inserted: nowadays pops can appear after x's seconds of visiting your site or even x's 50% of page is read by the visitor.

This makes pops less intrusive and gives a better experience to those who visit the site.

In this list, we have separated the 15 best options for you. I hope you enjoy :)

1. OptinMonster

Despite being a paid popup tool, OptinMonster is one of the lowest cost options on the market. At the same time, it offers a range of features for your website popups. These include popups on mobile devices, A / B testing and integration with Google Analytics, MailChimp and many other applications.

Tip: Click on the link and learn about the available plans to start creating OptinMonster popups!

2. GetSiteControl

If you're a fan of beautiful pop ups, GetSiteControl will be one of the best options on this list. With them you can create minimalist pops to capture emails or have product specific links. It is not one of the cheapest on this list, but it should be borne in mind that it also has a better conversion rate due to its very optimized design. Also, it is very simple to work with.

Click here to use it right now

3. Wise Pops

It works similarly to OptinMonster, but is a more expensive option than the previous example. However, it also has a wide range of features, including creating popups targeted by the type of user or page they are visiting. Its editor is simple, running on the drag-and-drop scheme, with no programming or web design skills required. Visit the link to know Wise Pops.

4. PopUp Domination

With different plans according to the traffic received on your site, PopUp Domination is one that has more functionality among popup tools. These include customizable designs, the ability to create popups and popouts, ie windows that open when a visitor is leaving your page, and responsive design for mobile devices. Learn more about PopUp Domination by visiting their website.

5. SumoMe List Builder

This tool aims to help website managers capture leads for their business. One of its best advantages is free, although it has only one focus, needing to pay to receive more features. Click on the link and see what SumoMe List Builder can offer.

6. PopUp Ally

Another of the free popup tools. PopUp Ally is a WordPress plugin that brings a broader scope of functionality, even in the free version. It allows you to customize every detail of the popups you want to use, as well as create popouts for visitors leaving your site. However, application team support is available to paid subscribers only. See more of PopUp Ally on his WordPress page.

7. IceGram

Although the name seems to indicate that IceGram is some kind of Instagram followers app, it is actually a tool for creating popups. A WordPress plugin just like PopUp Ally, IceGram loses because it's not as simple to use as the examples in this list.

On the other hand, it is really free, allowing you to use all its functions at no cost. It's worth using if you have time to learn how to create your popups. Visit the link and learn more about IceGram.

8. LeadPages

Despite being a tool for building landing pages, LeadPages also has the ability to create popups for your site. What it does is simply turn the landing page it would use into a popup that appears to your visitor, requiring the same information and presenting the same calls to action, for example. Click the link to learn how LeadPages works.

9. Convert Plug

It is considered one of the easiest WordPress plugins for creating and publishing popups. It has a wide variety of models, focused on different types of goals. Another advantage is that the plugin can be purchased for about $ 20, giving you unrestricted access to its functions after payment.

Convert Plug allows the user to choose from about 80 animations for their popups or popouts, various popup formats - such as those that fill the entire screen or others that slide when the user hovers over the side, for example. See more of the Convert Plug on your page.

10. Popup Builder

This WordPress popup builder has seen success recently. One of its most interesting features is the ability to create and edit your popups directly from the panel of your site. On the other hand, it needs some knowledge in web development as it uses shortcodes in its creation. Click on the link and learn how Popup Builder works.

11. Boost Sales

One of the single purpose popup tools. While SumoMe focuses on capturing leads, Boost Sales is a sales popup editor. In addition to just selling, the publisher also lets you create popups using cross-sell techniques - when a buyer receives an offer to buy complementary items like a combo - and upsell, a technique used to sell a better version of a product. that a visitor has acquired in the past. For example, a software company upsells when it offers a new version to someone who owns an old one, usually offering a discount for being a customer.

You can configure the popup to automatically make offers using the above techniques based on the user's browsing history of the site or items in their shopping cart. Visit the site to know BoostSales.

12. Better Coupon Box

Another of the sales-oriented popup applications. Better Coupon Box doesn't require web programming skills, allowing you to create your popups without further requirements. Its focus is on offering the famous discount coupons. It also allows you to create custom popups according to the origin of the visit.

A visitor to your site from Facebook, for example, may receive a popup with a dedicated coupon for anyone who logs in with their social network account. You can also create lead capture popups, like most popup tools. See more of the Better Coupon Box by accessing the link.

13. Sales Pop

One of the most curious popup tools on this list. Instead of having similar functions to what we see so far, it uses a tracking system, which notifies visitors when an item is purchased from your store. That is, when someone is browsing your fashion ecommerce, a notification will appear when someone buys pants, for example. If your online store is just starting up, you can also set up fake notifications so that it helps drive sales of something you're looking to promote. Click the link and see more about Sales Pop.

14. Checkout Boost

This popup editor aims to increase the percentage of sales on your ecommerce. The service also offers unique functionality, allowing you to send a popup to the visitor when he puts a product in the cart or shares the purchase on some social network, for example. Learn more about Checkout Boost functions at their site.

15. Yeloni Exit Popup

A WordPress plugin made for creating popouts, ie displaying a window when someone is leaving your site. Unlike platforms that also offer these functions, Yeloni allows you to configure models for different situations. It is possible, for example, to display a popup type when a visitor clicks the "X" at the top of the screen, and a different one when he tries to leave the site through the browser's back button, among others. See more about Yeloni Exit Popup by visiting its page.

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Which of the popup tools brings the most results?

With different proposals, these tools can offer you the ability to create better popups for your business, facilitating your conversions, lead captures and sales. Had you tried using them before? Do you know any other tools besides the ones we mentioned in the text? Comment with us!

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