15 Best Professional Photography Apps

There are many camera apps on Android and iPhone, but only a few really offer manual options or make your photos look more professional. Fortunately, you can still find great options for those who want professional photo apps, either free or paid. If you're interested, you can check out some of our top tips from the list below!

1. Camera +

Camera + is an older application, but it remains one of the best for taking photos on your smartphone. The app is very fast, has a simple interface to understand and still has many features.

You can even choose from different shooting modes. This is great if you want to take close-ups, portraits or in poorly lit environments, for example. You can download the app from the link.

2. ZOOM FX Camera

Camera ZOOM FX is another professional photography application that deserves your attention. Its developers make sure that it is the fastest app on Android, something you can tell during its use.

Even so, this turns out to be the perfect app for those who need to take photos of busier or faster moments. Other than that, there are several manual controls for you to configure your photos as you prefer. Click the link to download the app.

3. Manual

If you are looking for an application where you can configure just about everything, our suggestion is the Manual. As the name implies, the app lets you customize almost all features manually.

This makes it easier to take advantage of your camera in different situations. Of course you need to have more advanced knowledge, but it's worth checking out. Click the link to download it.

4. Camera FV-5

The Camera FV-5 is another alternative worth considering. It has several manual controls that we often see on DSLR cameras, which is perfect for those looking for something professional.

You can adjust exposure, ISO, light level, shutter speed and more. The good thing is that you can download the free version if you want to try out its simplest features. Click the link to download it.

5. Halide

Halide is a very powerful photography app for iPhones. Still, its general use and interface is very intuitive and simple to learn.

You can control and configure everything through touch screen gestures, which turns out to be quite easy. Besides having manual controls, it comes with some options for certain occasions, so it's great for those who don't want to be messing around at all times. Click the link to download it.

6. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is a popular application and can function as a camera and image editing app. You can take pictures in RAW format and adjust their settings manually.

Then you can still change images as you like and add filters to make them more interesting. You can download the app via the link.

7. ProCam 5

ProCam 5 is not only a great photo-taking app, but also for recording high quality videos. It has several different modes, including for images in poorly lit places, portraits or 3D photos.

In a way, it is one of the most complete for those who want the photo and video function, so worth checking out. Click the link to download it to your smartphone.

8. Camera MX

Camera MX is perfect if you're looking for an app that has the features of the other apps above but is free. It has many interesting settings and some specific modes for different types of photos.

Other than that, it can even mimic the effect of iOS device “Live Photos” directly on your Android. You can download the app via the link.

9. ProShot

The intention of ProShot is to really make your smartphone camera something more professional. Its interface is easy to use, but mimics the options we see in DSLR cameras, for example.

You have automatic and manual settings, and you can switch between them at any time. Either way, you can always customize exposure, ISO, focus, shutter speed, and more. Click the link to download the app.

10. Open Camera

Open Camera is another great free app for taking your photos. Unlike Camera MX, it doesn't offer any in-app purchases.

In fact, the app is open source and always gets new updates with very useful tools and options. The app still has several manual controls and is a great alternative to consider. Click the link to download it.

11. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is not necessarily a professional photo app. Still, it is great for those still learning about it.

It has a huge focus on selfies and offers many options to make this type of photo more interesting. The good thing is that Candy Camera is completely free and can be downloaded through the link.

12. Cymera

Cymera is definitely a choice among professional photography apps for those just starting to be interested in the subject. It doesn't have the same manual controls as other apps, but it's a good place to start taking photos with advanced features.

Other than that, it also has filters, stickers, special effects and even an included image editor. You can download it and try it through the link.

13. DSLR Camera

DSLR Camera really lives up to its name and is one of the best handheld camera apps you'll find on Android. It has many options not available in other apps, but also features more common features.

You also have multiple shooting modes, which is great for faster use of the app. To download the app, just click on the link.

14. Footej Camera

Footej Camera is a newer app compared to others on our list. Still, it has already stood out for its plethora of options for casual users and those with more advanced photography skills.

It has several options for manual controls, supports video recording, can create GIFs and more. The app can still be tested for free and you can download it via the link.

15. Snap Camera HDR

Snap Camera HDR is a very interesting app for those who already have photography skills and just learning. It has its automatic settings, but also allows customization in manual options.

There are many modes ready for different situations, color effects, filters, borders and more. You can download the latest among the professional photography apps shown in the list by clicking the link.

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