The 15 Best Tips For Selling Moto G 2

Although it was a great success in its release, the 2nd generation Moto G is already a bit old and is more than understandable if you want to exchange it for a newer model. Instead of simply abandoning your used smartphone, you can sell it for extra money. Of course it can be a little difficult to do so we have prepared some very useful tips for you to sell Moto G 2 quite easily. Check it out below!

1. Back up

First of all, it is more than necessary to back up everything possible on your smartphone. In addition to ensuring a better transition of your files to your new device, this will make it easier for you to access your data, settings and applications without having to do any manual processing.

There are several applications that back up automatically, but you also have the option of using Google's own service to store information in the cloud. If you're going to buy another Android smartphone, it's even simpler, just put the two devices side by side.

2. Restore

With the backup done, it's time to restore the smartphone to its factory condition. This means that you will have to delete all files and information from the device, which basically prevents others from accessing this data in the future.

In addition to ensuring your privacy, this is also necessary to maintain your security, especially since many of our passwords are usually stored on smartphones.

3. Research hard

Before you advertise the device it is also worth doing a good research to know how much it is worth and if it is really feasible to sell it for the price you are wanting. It's also good not to put it up for sale just before the launch of another popular smartphone, as fewer people will be looking for a used handset.

4. See other offers

As we mentioned in the previous topic, it is very important to do a very detailed research before putting your smartphone up for sale. We recommend that you research other offers of the same model to find out the prices charged and the general interest of the public.

This will give you a good idea of ​​how to make an interesting offer and will be able to sell the device more easily.

5. Make a fair price

Considering the research you do, you should think of a fair price that is compatible with what other sellers are asking for. No use wanting to charge something like the price of a new model, even if it's less than you originally paid.

Remember that there are constant releases every year and just the fact that you get it out of the box already brings a certain devaluation in price.

6. Include accessories

If you have a screen film or protective cover for your device, make sure to offer them with your smartphone. You may even charge a little extra for that, but don't overdo it. The intent is that these accessories will grab the attention of buyers and a much higher price would only nullify that.

7. Do a clean up

A good and simple cleaning of the screen and casing will make it look younger and more interesting, something that may attract more interested in buying it.

Also be sure to do the same with the charger cable and any other accessories you may include in the sale.

8. Identify Problems

Another necessary aspect is to test the features of the device to see if it has any kind of malfunction. See if the buttons are responding well, if the screen has no internal blurring, if the cameras are working properly, if the sound is normal, etc.

All of this needs to be mentioned to potential buyers as this could cause very serious problems if not informed.

9. Take photos

It is extremely important that you have the ability to show the status of the device to anyone who is interested in buying it. This ensures that the person can get a sense of how the smartphone is currently and if there is any scratch or scratch.

If you are going to sell it on the internet, it is even more important, as it is the only way for the buyer to know if everything is okay with the device. Our tip is that you take photos from various angles and show any defects or damage your smartphone may have suffered over the years.

10. Sell to acquaintances

Before making an ad on the internet, try to see if any friends or family members are interested in buying it directly.

In addition to being more effective and secure for both you and the future buyer, you will have more control over the payment method. You can show the product yourself or simply post to your favorite social networks.

11. Selling on the internet

If you don't find someone you are interested in buying your smartphone, you can start thinking about selling it on the internet. An interesting alternative is to make an ad in Mercado Livre or OLX, as it is possible to have a good visibility completely for free.

There you will have various advertising options, and may even pay a small fee to offer more forms of payment, for example.

12. Describe the appliance

One of the most important parts of a product ad is its description. This is where you can tell when you bought the device, how long it was used, if you had a problem, whether the offer includes accessories, etc.

All of this will make your ad more complete and generate potential buyer confidence, so it's an extremely important step to take.

13. Answer the questions

As stakeholders appear, you will find that a number of product questions will also arise. We recommend that you always answer everything patiently and very attentive.

This will make all potential buyers much safer and increase your chances of selling Moto G even more.

14. Consider the offers

We understand that you may have a specific price in mind, but try to consider any offers you receive for the device. It may be more profitable to give a small discount to someone interested in buying your Moto G 2 than to wait for months until someone thinks of accepting the original price.

15. Send Carefully

Finally, it is also extremely important that you be very careful when sending your smartphone to its new owner. Pack safely and hire more careful or quick service to get your device to its destination.

Delivering in person can also be a good option and still ensures that the buyer tests the product on site, but it is not always something to do.

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