15 helpful tips for mastering the game Magikarp Jump

Nintendo has released a number of casual mobile games in recent months and has been very successful in each of them. With Magikarp Jump, the latest of them, the story is no different and the game has already won millions of fans worldwide. Despite being extremely simple, the game is a lot of fun and can be enjoyed by anyone and virtually any type of smartphone. To check out some of the most helpful tips for becoming a true master with your Magikarp, just check out our list below!

1. Improve your food and training

Once you start the game, you will find that food and training are the two most important things to level up your Magikarp. But the experience gained from this will not be very early on, which makes our first tip is to invest in improving these two aspects.

Just click on the little shop and spend your coins on "Food" and "Training". You can get new foods and training there too, as you level up. This way you will earn a lot more points and your Magikarp will be able to jump higher and higher.

2. Use all training points

Another important tip is that you always use all your training points as they become available. It takes about 30 minutes for each one to come back, so you need to enjoy them whenever possible.

It is these trainings that give your Magikarp the most experience to level up quickly. You will still get extra training points from events, other Pokémon and special items.

3. Watch out for events

Speaking of events, it is important that you know that they can happen at any time to bring positive or negative effects to your Magikarp. There are innocent events that will always give coins, diamonds, training points or experience to your Pokémon, but others may have unpredictable results.

Basically, they can reward you with something good or end up killing your Magikarp. Of course, not everything is so drastic, some of the bad events only take a little experience out of the little monster, but it's good to be careful anyway.

4. Use friends skills

When you start winning many battles against your opponents, you will unlock some other little monsters that will be friends with your Magikarp. They will be near or inside your pond and you can click on them to receive gifts such as training points, coins and experience.

These gifts can only be claimed every hour or two, depending on the Pokémon. So keep an eye on how you can always enjoy them.

5. Place decoration items

When you start your game, you will notice that your pond will be very empty, but soon you will be able to place various decoration items there. This is not simply to make the scenery look better, as these items give some special bonuses to your Magikarp.

Some will give more experience in events, in winning coins or in food experience, for example. There are a limited number of decoration items, so it is important that you choose them wisely.

6. Save the diamonds

To buy such decoration items, you will need many diamonds. They are much rarer than coins, so keep them handy for use with what's really useful.

There are some Pokémon that can also be 'bought' with these diamonds and will stay in the pond to give you hourly rewards.

7. Watch out for Pokémon that appear

From time to time some monsters will appear in the pond next to Magikarp. Pay attention and click on these Pokémon as fast as possible as they give you some special bonus.

One will fill the pond with food, while others will give your Magikarp an experience bonus. They are much rarer, so keep an eye out.

8. Know the Individual Value of Your Magikarp

When you fish a new Magikarp, there will be a screen with its individual status and bonuses. This includes the possibility of this specific Pokémon getting more experience in events, food or training. If you are not satisfied with the bonus, you can spend 10 diamonds trying to catch another Pokémon.

9. Always train Magikarp to maximum level

Training several Magikarp at the maximum level may seem a little boring, but it's the best step if you want to rank up your own character. Only then can you catch more powerful monsters and earn more coins to improve your food and training methods.

This way you can also retire your Magikarp only when it really can't level up anymore. This way you don't risk losing fights and having to wait more than an hour to face your opponent again.

10. Evolve Magikarp to Gyarados

Since the franchise's first games, Magikarp has always been seen as a joke for not being able to do anything, but its evolution was one of the most desired. Of course turning your goldfish into Gyarados is one of the worst possible things that could happen as he is unable to participate in the championships.

Still, it releases you a very funny achievement and event. To do this, simply click on Magikarp several times in a row until your Everstone (item that does not allow it to evolve) breaks. Then just have it level up to see its evolution happening.

11. Keep an eye on achievements

There are several achievements you can achieve during your Magikarp Jump sessions. From silly things like logging in to the game, like harder ones, having to capture all existing Magikarp patterns.

Each time you advance your achievements, you will earn some diamonds, so try to fulfill them whenever possible.

12. Know the different patterns

At the very beginning of Magikarp Jump, you will notice that there are many different Magikarp patterns you can fish with. Some are quite rare and hard to get, but there is always at least a 1% chance of catching them.

More patterns are available as you win battles and championships. By getting fish of different standards, you will also release new achievements and earn diamonds.

13. Always look for store news

As your character rises in rank, new items, food types, and training methods become available. Therefore, we suggest that you always keep an eye on the game store.

Whenever something new can be purchased, there will be an exclamation mark to warn you. Overall, new items are always more powerful than you already have, so it's worth investing.

14. Observe the power of opponents

It is not possible to win the championships with just one Magikarp, so you will need to train several little monsters to win them. This will inevitably cause you to lose some battle midway, but it lets you always know the power of every Magikarp you've ever faced.

Use it to your advantage and never try to battle these opponents again with a Magikarp of less power than them. This will ensure that you do not lose unless it is inevitable.

15. Level up

Although your Magikarp training seems very important, you should pay even more attention to your character's rankings. You will gain experience points each time you win a battle and when you retire a Magikarp at its maximum level.

As you level up, you can catch stronger and stronger monsters and buy better training items. In the end, this is one of the big goals that will lead you to win the final championship of the game.

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