15 steps to upload Spotify playlists to YouTube

There are currently a number of services for listening to music online and watching movies. Most of them offer free trial period, which allows you to try out your collection and key features before closing a subscription. But you can't always keep up with the pay, especially in lean times. However, it's hard enough having to say goodbye to your playlists when switching from Spotify to YouTube, for example. But TuneMyMusic web software lets you transfer Spotify playlists to YouTube simply and quickly. Access the program through the link and check out the step by step to make the transfer!

Did you manage to transfer playlists from Spotify to YouTube?

Now that we've shown you the 15 steps of uploading Spotify playlists to YouTube, it's your turn to go to TuneMyMusic and try out the service provided by the software. Did you find it simple to use or did you have any difficulty? Have you tried transferring playlists from one site to another before? Comment with us!

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