15 surefire tips to sell iPhone 6 fast

Like most devices created by Apple, the various iPhone models do not lose their value over time, which makes it easier when you want or need to sell your used device. This way, it is even better to get the money to buy the new model without having to spend so much or feeling guilty about the high price of the smartphone. Of course, there are still some basic steps you must take before (and even after) the sale is made. To see how you can sell iPhone 6 more simply and securely, just check out our tips below!

1. Know if it's worth it

First of all, make sure your iPhone 6 is really worth selling. To do that, a good search is enough. See if there is interest from the public, check out the pricing on new and used models and find out if there are any new Apple smartphones about to be announced.

Generally, people don't look for used gadgets when something new is about to be launched, so it might be worth waiting a little longer in these cases. All of this will give you a good overview of the overall situation.

2. Unlock

Another important and essential fact is the unlocking of iPhone if it is linked to a specific carrier, which still happens a lot in Brazil. This will only hinder your sale, as it will decrease the number of potential buyers to people who own a chip or number from the carrier in question.

To do so, you need to contact your service provider and ask to unlock your smartphone. Fortunately, this can be a very simple and quick process to do.

3. Back up

If you want to use the iPhone 6 money to buy another Apple smartphone, it's much easier to transfer all your data and files if you back it up. This can be done directly through iTunes, which will ensure that your new iPhone has exactly everything the other has.

Even if you are going to buy an Android, it is recommended that you back up, after all, there are many ways to transfer files in such cases as well.

4. Disable "Fetch My iPhone"

The “Search my iPhone” option is very useful in helping someone find their lost iPhone, but you must disable it before you can even sell your device. This will ensure that your data is safe and that the new owner can use it without any problems.

5. Restore to factory conditions

Once you've done everything we've mentioned, it's time to erase all iPhone 6 data to make it look like new. Remember that this can only be done if you have already turned off the "Search my iPhone", otherwise the iPhone itself will ask you to do so.

If you don't know how to do this formatting or want tips, just check out our detailed tutorial on this subject at this link.

6. See if it is in good condition

As much as iPhone continues to pay off over the years, you can't work miracles if the phone is in poor condition. Take a general look at the state of the display, housing and overall operation of the device to see if you can sell it or not.

If in doubt, it is a good idea to ask a friend who is knowledgeable about it or even go to a service center to learn more about the state of the iPhone.

7. Identify Possible Issues

Of course, it is no use checking only the external conditions of the iPhone, as it is the operation of it that will matter most to the buyer. Check and see if the buttons are working well, if the screen has no internal blurring, if the cameras are in agreement, if the audio is normal, etc.

Absolutely all the details should be mentioned to potential interested parties and the future owner of the device as this could cause very serious problems for you.

8. Clean the appliance thoroughly.

Also do not leave the hygiene of the device aside, after all, no one will want to buy an iPhone all dirty or with fingerprints across the screen. This is not such a daunting task and it will still ensure that more buyers are interested in the product.

9. Take photos from your smartphone

Now that the iPhone is clean and formatted, it's time to take some pictures to show to future interested parties and the device. It's a good idea for you both to show in online ads and to friends who might want to buy iPhone.

Don't forget to take pictures from various angles and the working device to be more effective. If your smartphone has any scratches or scratches, make sure to show it on the photos so that no one can buy it thinking the phone is in perfect condition.

10. Beware of the price

As we mentioned at the beginning of this list, it is very important to research and be aware of the public interest in this device. This applies especially to the price charged by other sellers of used iPhones, as this will be their main base.

Don't try to charge anything too absurd, even if the iPhone is in great condition or comes with accessories. This gives you more chances of attracting people interested in your used smartphone.

11. Sell to acquaintances

Before you try to sell iPhone 6 anywhere on the internet, it may be a good alternative to try selling it to someone or a family member. In addition to making the sale simpler and safer, you will be able to show and deliver the device yourself.

12. Selling on the internet

If you can't sell the iPhone 6 to someone you know, it's best to turn to the internet. In these cases, the most interesting thing is to make a simple ad in Mercado Livre or even in OLX, since it is possible to have a good visibility completely for free.

These sites offer a variety of advertising options, and you might even pay a small fee to offer buyers more forms of payment, for example.

13. Capriche in the ad

At the time of setting up the iPhone 6 ad, include all the information and photos you have of the device, along with a very detailed description of it. Tell us when it was purchased, the total usage time, if it has already fallen to the floor, is it risky, is it malfunctioning, etc.

All of this will make the ad much more complete and give potential buyers more confidence, so it's an extremely important step to follow.

14. Answer the questions

With the ad posted on the internet, it will not be long before interested parties start to appear. With this, it is also natural that they have some doubts, even to have more security and certainty of what they are trying to buy.

Our biggest recommendation is that you be considerate and respond with great patience and honesty. This will help the person make the decision and you will be able to sell much faster.

15. Accept alternative offers

Selling a used smartphone is not always an easy thing to do, especially with so many new models being released every month. So be open-minded and accept possible alternative offers from potential interested parties.

If you think about it, it's better to discount and sell iPhone 6 in a short time than wait for several months until someone accepts your original price.

Did you like the tips for selling iPhone 6?

Can you take advantage of our tips for making your iPhone 6 safe and fast to sell? Be sure to leave a comment telling us which tip was most helpful or if you had any questions about it!

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