15 tips to make your Galaxy S9 battery last longer

The Galaxy S9 is a great premium smartphone and has very powerful settings, but its battery remains the same as it was used in its predecessors. As much as there are improvements to the device and its operating system, this can be a problem for those who use the S9 more heavily. Fortunately, there are some basic steps you can take to ensure that your Galaxy S9 battery lasts longer. Check out our tips below!

1. Know how the battery is used

To better understand how you can save your Galaxy S9 battery, it's good to know exactly how it is used in everyday life. You can do this by going to your device settings and clicking on the "Battery" option.

Then you will be able to see all the apps and features that have used your load most in the last hours and days. With this information, it is easier to know what you improve in a personalized way.

2. Use the Twelve

Newer versions of Android come with the "Twelve" feature, which allows the device to recognize when not in use and decreases the use of its features.

This ensures a savings of at least 50% of your battery, so it's worth taking advantage of whenever possible. To do this, just let the Galaxy S9 face down. Also check out other battery-saving apps on Android.

3. Wi-Fi

We know most people need to use Wi-Fi quite often, but our tip is to turn it off whenever you don't use the internet.

This prevents Wi-Fi from draining your battery unnecessarily or from other apps accessing it to constantly update itself.

4. 3G

Of course the above tip also goes for 3G or 4G, as they can drain your battery so much when Wi-Fi is on all the time.

5. Bluetooth

Considering that Bluetooth is not such a popular feature these days, it's not worth leaving it on all the time. It can drain a lot of battery just because it is turned on, so pay attention to that.

Of course, it's okay to use Bluetooth if you have accessories that need it, but always remember to turn it off when you're done using it.

6. GPS

GPS can be even worse than Wi-Fi on occasion and one of the worst enemies of your device's battery. Also, there is no good reason to leave it active if you are not using it to get somewhere, for example.

Simply leave the feature off whenever possible, which will ensure an extra hour or two of charge on your smartphone.

7. Screen Brightness

The brightness of the smartphone screen is purely for you to see better in various types of environments. In places with artificial light or dimly lit, it is possible to use a low level of brightness, while in places with very bright natural light it is necessary to increase the level.

So pay attention to the places you use your smartphone and always remember to adjust the brightness of the device consistently. The screen of your device is the most battery-consuming factor, so there's no reason to make the situation worse with a very high brightness.

8. Avoid using apps for a long time

Using the same app without stopping for long periods of time is one of the biggest factors that can drain your Galaxy S9 battery quickly.

Our tip is to avoid heavy use of heavier apps on days when you can't recharge the device. The best option is to use the most needed apps for short periods and leave them in the background for when you need them again.

9. Avoid games for a long time.

The previous tip is also true for mobile games, as they are often even heavier and more demanding than most applications today.

We recommend that you stop playing when you are sure you can charge your smartphone next, or choose simpler games that can be enjoyed in short periods.

10. Avoid using widgets

Widgets can be very useful, beautiful and make your Galaxy S9 more interesting, but they consume battery all the time. If you have difficulty maintaining your load throughout the day, simply removing Widgets can help you a lot.

Of course, if you have one or two widgets that you really think are necessary, it's okay to use them if you follow some of our other tips from this list.

11. Avoid streaming videos

Streaming videos are always a good way to pass the time, but they are also true drumming villains. In addition to using your smartphone's screen and audio around the clock, these types of services need to be constantly connected to the internet.

These three factors combined drain your battery in a very short time, something you may have already noticed while watching your videos. Therefore, leave this activity for when you can recharge your charge when needed.

12. Avoid Streaming Music

The same goes for streaming music, which while not as heavy as video, still consumes a lot of battery power. It's okay to listen to your favorite music on the way to work or school, but avoid doing it for hours if you want to save the load.

13. Do not charge for short periods

It is common for people to charge their smartphone for short periods of time just to ensure a little battery when they are in a hurry, but this is not a very healthy habit for your device.

In the long run this can be detrimental to the battery life of the handset, which can make it harder to get the battery to last during a normal day of use.

14. Turn off automatic updates

Automatic Android app updates are turned on by default on smartphones, something that makes your life easier but uses up a lot of battery power. Fortunately, the feature is easy to disable and reactivate at any time, as you can see in this tutorial.

15. Avoid live wallpapers

Like widgets, live wallpapers are beautiful and give your smartphone an interesting look. Another thing in common with widgets is that they use up a lot of battery power because they are constantly in use.

We therefore recommend that you give preference to static wallpapers that come with your Galaxy S9 or whatever you find for yourself.

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