15 WhatsApp Sales Tips

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in Brazil and it is only natural that many people use it to sell. Making sales through WhatsApp has become quite common and it is hard to see, for example, eateries and pizzerias that do not offer messenger service.

This is not the only use of the app. You can sell almost every kind of product or service through it. Have you started making sales through WhatsApp and want to know how to improve your results and live from working over the internet?

So stop using WhatsApp only for good week messaging and see our guide below for some tips that can make a difference in your online business!

1. Have a WhatsApp Sales Number

If you have been using your personal number to sell, consider hiring an exclusive line for your sales. This will make it easier to organize your service and make it easier to assemble your customer list. Plus, you can use it with WhatsApp Business, one of the best WhatsApp apps.

With it, you can create quick answers and have a backup of all your conversations through the app automatically. It also allows you to enter more information about your business on the profile screen, such as your business address and email address.

Click the link to download WhatsApp Business on your Android or visit its App Store page to download the iPhone version.

Another disadvantage of mixing your personal number with the professional is that you may end up getting work messages during your break time.

2. Link to your WhatsApp on social media

Your main source of income is sales through WhatsApp? So why haven't you put links to it in your Instagram biography or other social media yet?

Creating a WhatsApp link on social media is very easy. Copy and paste this link into your browser:


Then change the area denoted by your service number. Remember that you must put the country code (55) and your region before the number. If your online business is in Sao Paulo, the number should appear as follows:

“//Api.whatsapp.com/send?phone= 5511917306769

Finally, copy and paste this address into one of these link shorteners and put it on your website or social media profiles!

3. Create a broadcast list with offers

A transmission list allows you to send a message to multiple contacts. If you want to improve your sales through WhatsApp, mailing lists are an essential tool for publicizing launches and offers.

You can create them from the WhatsApp home menu by clicking on the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen.

Then just tap New broadcast ;

Choose the contacts that will be part of the list.

From there, you can advertise any news or discount to your customers at the same time.

4. Create a community using groups

Do you use social media content marketing to create a community of followers and customers? So creating a WhatsApp group might be a good idea.

In the broadcast list, you create a message that is sent to several people at once. With the group, you send a message that is read by everyone in the group.

The main difference between the group and the list is that members can interact with each other. In transmissions, communication is between you and the customer only.

So having a group may be better to make sales on WhatsApp if you already have some interaction with your Instagram followers and customers.

Creating a WhatsApp group is the same as making a broadcast list. From the menu at the top right of the screen, simply choose New Group and select Contacts.

5. Ask your customers for permission

Before placing a customer on a group or broadcast list, it is essential that they ask for their authorization. Unauthorized messages usually don't bear fruit, but this is far from a problem.

If the customer does not like the messages, they can take a screenshot on their mobile phone and forward it to consumer protection agencies.

That is, besides being unsuccessful, unauthorized messages can cause it to be prosecuted and fined.

Always seek permission from a follower or customer before including them in a group or broadcast list.

6. Don't send offers all the time

Having access to your customers' WhatsApp is not an authorization to keep sending offer links at all times.

If you overdo the number of messages sent per day, you will begin to be identified as a source of spam and the number of customers asking to leave your list is likely to increase. Select your offers of the day well and send a few messages, so as not to be a nuisance to those who buy from you.

7. Create a message calendar

To avoid spam and end up losing customers, it is best to get organized. Plan your sales and promotions and put them in a calendar app. This way you will have three benefits.

The first is to know in advance the messages you need to create. The second is that it will be easier to evaluate which offers yielded the highest return. The third is that you can work with subscribers-specific messages on your list at different stages of the sales funnel, which we'll talk about in the next item.

8. Learn the concept of sales funnel

One of the cornerstones of marketing, the sales funnel is able to identify which phase of purchase your customer is at. AIDA is the most traditional four-stage model.

The first is Attention, where the person does not yet know that your business exists and, in the midst of the sea of ​​information, you need to capture your focus.

Then comes the Interest phase, where someone already knows that your business exists, but you still don't have a reason to know more about your products. This is where you should create content or giveaways that convince you to be on your WhatsApp list, for example.

The third stage is Decision . Here, he is already on your list, but needs help buying your product or service. This is where you can create special offers or offer a discount so that it goes to the last stage of the sales funnel.

Called Action, it's the people who bought from you. That is, the goal is to bring your followers and prospects to this stage, where they become your customers.

Organize your contacts by funnel and increase your chances of making sales through WhatsApp!

9. Use social media for those on stage 1

As you can see in the previous item, those in the Attention phase have not yet reached your list or group. That is, it is not possible to make sales through WhatsApp because it is not even available in the messaging application.

To capture your attention, invest in a social media strategy. Identify which platform your users are most present on - Facebook, Twitter and Insta - and create content and ads so you can take them from the first to the second phase.

Not sure what to post to attract them? Then see this article with about 30 Instagram post ideas!

10. Use digital rewards to attract subscribers

As we talked about in item 8, one way to get your followers to advance from the Interest to Decision stage is digital rewards.

What are these rewards?

It depends a lot on your type of business. If you sell courses online, for example, a free ebook can be a digital reward for those who accept joining your WhatsApp list.

If you sell makeup or other cosmetics, you can create a unique video that teaches you how to use your products. To gain access, simply accept to be part of the WhatsApp list to receive.

11. Send more content than offers

It's not because you've convinced people to subscribe to your WhatsApp list by simply popping your mailbox with offers. Continue to provide useful and free content to these subscribers.

That way, he will recognize you as a business that cares to help you solve problems and interact. Leave the traditional sales approach to traditional salespeople.

To achieve this balance, try to start by sending one sales message for every three of content and gauge customer reaction.

12. Use WhatsApp Status

Just as Instagram has Stories, WhatsApp has Status. Available in a separate tab of the messaging app, you can also use it for sales.

By creating a Status post, anyone with your number can reply with a message. That is, you can create a unique offer within Status, telling your followers that only those who answer Status can enjoy it.

Note that the Status disappears after 24 hours. This means that it is excellent for those who use the mental urgency trigger to sell more.

13. Mental Triggers: What They Are

A term in psychology that defines some natural triggers that make us act on certain conditions. In the previous example, we cited the urgency trigger, which tries to convince the customer to buy right now, offering the risk of the product going out of promotion in the future.

This is not the only existing mental trigger. There are also the triggers of scarcity and novelty. The first incites the customer to buy for fear of the product or offer ceasing to exist. The new one works a little the other way around.

Instead of the fear of something ending, the person susceptible to the novelty mental trigger wants to be the first to buy a new product!

14. Search for groups of sellers

Want to learn more about making sales through WhatsApp? So do the good old networking and join social media seller groups!

Whether it's on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp itself, you can get valuable lessons from more experienced sellers than you in the app.

So be sure to meet other professionals and learn beyond theory, but also embrace the practice!

15. Decide which payment methods you will accept

Unfortunately, there is no way to receive direct payments from WhatsApp yet. That is, it only serves as an intermediary between the customer and you.

Therefore, before you can start making sales through WhatsApp, you must decide whether to generate invoices, direct them to a payment page, or submit your bank information to receive transfers.

Keep in mind that if your intention is to turn your app sales into your main source of income, it is best to have an online store with a payment page. That way, your clients will know that they are dealing with a professional, not someone who just wants to take extra money.

Tip : Know some of the best sites to make your online store!

Start your sales now with WhatsApp!

Now that you know some of the top tips, techniques, and concepts for leveraging your business through the messaging app, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get your online sales up and running.

Want to learn more about using social media to make money on the internet? Then see this full article teaching you how to use Instagram Stories to make sweepstakes on the social network!

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