16 steps to creating presentations with Movavi Video Editor

Although Microsoft PowerPoint is the most remembered application when it comes to creating slides, it is not necessarily your best option, especially because it requires some prior knowledge. There are several alternatives on the market and even video editors may be a better solution than presentation software. One of these alternatives is Movavi Video Editor, which brings tools to create presentations in minutes. Check out the walkthrough below to create a simple presentation through the video editor!

How to create presentations with Movavi Video Editor

1 - Go to the Movavi Video Editor website, download and install the software on your PC;

2 - Start Movavi and access the Slide Show Wizard ;

3 - Click + Files or + Folders to add the photos that will make up the slides;

4 - Select the images;

5 - Choose the duration of each slide of your presentation;

6 - After finishing the photo and slide duration, proceed to Step 2 by clicking on the icon located in the left menu;

7 - Choose the type of transition that best suits your presentation;

8 - Select the duration of each transition;

9 - After choosing transitions, proceed to the third step by clicking on the respective icon;

10 - Choose to add your own Movavi track or click + Audio to select one of the songs from your computer;

11 - Choose if you want the slides to last according to the rhythm of the song, but be aware of the warning given by the program: fast songs can make the slides pass in a matter of seconds;

11.1 - If the song in question is really fast, you have two options: select No from the option shown in the print above or decide a minimum length for the slide to pass.

12 - With all three steps completed, click Finish to have the video created and sent to the editor;

13 - Through the editor, you can add more options, effects and elements to your video slideshow. For example, to place a slide with text, just choose one of the templates from the menu, as you can see in the print we made below;

14 - Drag this model to the timeline of the video, placing it where you think it is best;

15 - After finishing your presentation, click Export to generate the video file;

16 - To finish creating your video, just decide the quality level and name the file that will be generated, clicking Start and Movavi will start creating your presentation to be displayed.

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Did you create your first presentation with Movavi Video Editor?

The walkthrough below will help you develop your first presentations using simple features that will allow you to include your own music and photos, making it ideal for birthday celebrations or to surprise a family member or friend. There are several other features you can use with Movavi to create and edit your presentations or videos to post on Youtube. Did you create your first presentation? What did you think of the software? Comment with us!

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