16 Things iPhone Does and You Probably Don't Know!

The iPhone is one of the best smartphones on the market and it helps a lot to make your life easier. Although it is more expensive than most cell phones on the market, if used well, the iPhone can make your life much easier. But it does not work miracles on its own: you must know how to use it in the best way. To help you out, here are 16 tips that will help you make the most of your iPhone. Pick up the phone and put it by your side as all the tips will be extremely practical and you can execute them while reading the next lines. Check out the 16 things iPhone does now and you probably don't know!

1 . Close all Safari tabs at once

If you're like me and are always opening new tabs in Safari, you probably have a few dozen or even hundreds of tabs open right now. Instead of closing one by one, Safari gives you the option to close them all at once.

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To do this, go into Safari and click on the icon in the lower right corner and keep pressing it:

Now you will see several options including closing all tabs at once.

Just click there and you're done. All your tabs will be closed :)

2. Create text shortcuts

Is there a phrase or word that you write many times a day and would like to write it faster? On iPhone there are shortcut options that can make your life a lot easier at these times. I, for example, use the shortcuts to enter number of accounts, emails, etc. His goal is to save you time.

To create a shortcut go to Settings and click General:

Then click Keyboard

And then replacing text:

Now go to the “+”

You will now have to define a Phrase and a shortcut. In this case, I don't want to always be writing the Apptuts domain every time someone asks me. I just want to use a shortcut. So in the sentence I put www.apptuts.com.br and the shortcut; app.

This way every time I write app it will pull the whole Apptuts address.

3. Delete only one number in the calculator

One of the major difficulties for those using the iPhone calculator is to erase just one number. If you click on C, all numbers that are there will be deleted. However, you can erase only the last digit if you wish. To do this you need to drag your finger left or right on top of your numbers and the last digit will be deleted.

4. Edit the photo in the Photos app itself

There are extremely useful iPhone photo apps. However, it's important for you to know that if you want to edit your photo directly in the iPhone app you can too. Take a photo and then click Edit:

Below are all the editing options such as cropping, lighting, lighting, etc.

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5. Finding words within a Safari article

Often when you are browsing a site and want to find a specific word, you use the shortcut CTRL + F on Windows (here are some very useful ones) or Command + F on Mac. But: and how to do that on iPhone? The good news is that this is possible! When you enter an article, type in the browser bar the word you want to find.

For example, in our article on 30 Strategies for Gaining Instagram Followers, I wanted to look for how many times the word follower had been mentioned in the post.

For this, with the article open, I wrote in the bar the word “followers”. Then I scrolled down and note the last menu “On This Page (56 Matches)”

Clicking there generates a menu below:

Here just click the arrows to find where the words are in the article!

6. Guided Access

Do you sometimes want to give your iPhone to someone to see something in an app of yours, but you don't want them to have access to anything else? Well, guided access solves your problem. It is also ideal for those with children. If you want to give your child iPhone to play a game and you don't want him to have access to anything else, you can also use this option. That is: the person has access to a single application.

To do this go to Settings and then General. Then click on Accessibility:

Then in Guided Access.

Activate it:

Another important thing to do is to click on Code Adjustments. In this part, you will define if Guided Access will be interrupted via Touch ID or through a code you set:

To use Guided Access, you need to open the app you want to keep and tap the home button 3 times. And that's it, anyone who uses your iPhone will only be able to use this app.

7. Recently Closed Tabs in Safari

If you happen to close a tab in Safari and want to retrieve it, it's quite simple. Just leave the "+" pressed:

And that's it, now you will see all the tabs you recently closed.

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8. Pause the music using the Timer

If you want your Timer to automatically pause a song, you can do it easily too. You need to click on the Clock and select the Timer option:

After On Finish:

And scroll to the end. Now just click stop playing and you're done: when the time is up, your music will stop playing.

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9. Take photos while recording videos

Do you want to take a picture and record a video at the same time? With the iPhone this is possible. For this you need to start recording your video. See how a white circle will appear in the corner. By clicking this circle you take pictures while recording the video. Look:

10. Save time by typing website addresses

To save you time typing website addresses, you can use a trick of Safari itself. When entering an address, press the dot and several options to complete the link such as .com, .com.br, among others will appear. See below:

11. Drag right to return to previous page.

Returning to the previous page in Safari is extremely simple. Place your finger on the left side of your smartphone and then drag to the right. You'll see a picture like this:

12. Invert the colors

If you are one of those who are tired of the colors of your Adjustments always being the same, you can use the Invert colors option and then have a dark background. To do this enter the Settings and go to the General option and then click on Accessibility (as we have already shown in the previous lines).

Then click on screen adaptations:

Then in inverting colors:

And at the end select the Smart Inversion option:

And that's it, the background of your Adjustments will be black.

13. Record iPhone screen

One of the big news of iOS in recent times is the ability to record the screen of your iPhone. To do this, you need to enable this option first. So go to Settings and then click Control Center:

Then click Apps Access:

Then select the Screen Recording option. Selecting this will make it in your Control Center:

Okay, now it will appear there:

14. Write to Siri

If you do not want to talk to Siri, you can also write to her. To do this go to Settings> General> Accessibility and then select the Siri option.

Then select the Type for Siri option:

Okay, now just write to her:

15. Leave in do not disturb automatically

If you are driving, you may wish not to be interrupted. If you want to do this, your iPhone can do it automatically. Just go to Settings> Do Not Disturb. Then simply go to the Do Not Disturb While Driving option :

Then select the Automatically option:

Now when iPhone identifies that you are at a speed similar to that of a car, it will put you in no disturb mode.

16. Scan through Notes

If you're like me and use iPhone a lot to work, Notes can be your allies. And one feature I've been using a lot is scanning documents. To scan one from Notes just open one and click +.

Then select the Scan Documents option:

And that's it, take a photo of your document and it will automatically be scanned on your iPhone.

Did you like these tips for your iPhone?

The iPhone really has many secrets. Obviously, not everyone will work for your day to day life or be useful to you, but others are sure to. If you enjoyed this article, I invite you to share it on social networks or leave your comment. Have any more hidden tips on iPhone that you know? Tell her to us :)

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