17 apps for using Instagram on PC or Mac

With the exponential increase in the use of social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, some of these media are almost unique to mobile devices like the iPhone and Android phones. Instagram is one of them, with a limited browser version. Before moving on to text, please note that these apps for using Instagram on PC or Mac are not official Instagram.

That is, you may face some problems at certain times. We used some of these applications to use Instagram on PC or Mac and until today we had no major problems.

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1. Top Posts AppTuts

The first tool is not used to access your Instagram feed, but is essential for anyone who wants to have blog ideas to attract more followers. AppTuts Top Posts platform lets you analyze which content is the most popular from any profile on the social network!

When you sign up for the platform, simply link your Insta profile and search for the profile you want to search. In a few minutes, you'll find out which 15 posts have the most likes, comment, or a combination of both.

That way you'll be able to study what you made of the most popular publication? Was it the way the subtitle was written? The framing of the photo or video? The fact that the face of the content producer appears?

Identifying these patterns is the main purpose of Top Posts AppTuts. So start testing our tool now via the link!

2. Manage

Managegram is a service that doesn't necessarily allow you to use Instagram on your PC or Mac. It's a useful tool for leveraging your followers by automating the likes process and following popular profiles on the social network. This way, your profile gets more visibility and your posts can be seen by more people.

This is perfect for those who use Instagram for business. You can configure which types of profiles the manager will look for and after starting its activity the application will report the results of these actions.

Note: Click on the link and register to enjoy the FREE 5-day trial of Managegram!

3. Bume

Available for browsers and can be used on both PC and Mac, Bume allows you to configure the search for publications and profiles related to your business, automatically liking and following them. The app also features a growth report of your profile and allows you to send automatic directs on Instagram. It also allows you to schedule posts on the platform.

Note : Learn more about Bume through its FREE 5-day trial. Make your registration by accessing the link and start testing it right away!

4. Perforgram

Perforgram is one of the apps for using Instagram on the most powerful PC or Mac. In addition to the automatic interactions that are also present in Managegram and Bume, Perforgram allows you to schedule posts and stories on your profile.

Other PerforGram tools include the ability to automatically submit directs and track reports of your profile metrics. That is, all aspects of managing an Instagram profile are possible with Perforgram.

Tip : Perforgram guarantees that your Instagram will grow within the first 15 days of use. Click on the link to sign up for it.

5. Instaeasy

Easy to use and with a few years on the market, Instaeasy is one of the most reliable platforms for using Instagram on PC. While you may not be able to view your feed, you can use it to schedule posts and send automatic welcome messages to your new followers.

Also, it is worth remembering that it also brings tools for automatic interactions. Through it, you set up hashtags, profiles, and locations for the software to search and interact by following profiles and liking your posts.

Tip : Instaeasy offers a 30 day growth guarantee on your Instagram profile. Learn more by accessing the link and registering!

6. SocialGram

Also working as an Instagram manager on the PC, SocialGram is also ideal for those who need a solution that offers many features. This means that through it you can manage comments and messages sent through the social network, and schedule posts on Insta.

Like Instaeasy and the other tools shown above, you can also have SocialGram make automatic interactions. All accompanied by reports showing your profile metrics.

Tip : Click the link to enjoy the FREE 5 day trial offered by the platform!

7. SimpleGram

A complete tool for using Instagram on PC or Mac, SimpleGram also uses automatic interactions to gain Instagram followers. They can like, comment on, or follow profiles that post to posts based on hashtags, locations, and competing profiles on the social network.

In addition, it also allows you to schedule posts in the Instagram feed or Stories. This brings analytical tools to evaluate the outcome of your posts and interactions on the social network. SimpleGram also allows you to create automatic direct template templates for new followers of your profile, making it easy to contact.

Note: Check out SimpleGram's features on your own by registering for the link and enjoying the FREE 3 days the platform offers!

8. Social Rocket

Social Rocket is one of the few platforms that allows automatic directs to be sent to existing followers, not just newbies. This way you can orchestrate campaigns within your Instagram without having to send messages to each one. Or make a post and hope your followers can see it.

In addition to directs, Social Rocket brings automatic interactions to help you gain more followers, allows you to respond to comments on your posts, and also lets you schedule your posts. An extra is that it demonstrates the best times to post according to your hits.

Tip : Social Rocket brings FREE time-limited testing to new users. Visit the link to register and start the test!

9. PumpInsta

Like the apps above, BombaInsta is not meant to be watching the feed, but it is a powerful tool for leveraging your business through Instagram. Through automatic interactions, you can gain new followers with good potential to engage with your posts.

What's more, with BombaInsta you can schedule Instagram posts and Stories, as well as send automatic messages to new followers. All this accompanied by reports about its growth in the social network.

Tip : BombaInsta gives you 3 FREE days to test and prove platform efficiency. Click the link to register and start testing!

10. iPost.Me

Perfect for improving your followers and likes on Insta, iPost.Me uses automatic interactions to help you with this task when using Instagram on your PC. The app is one of the few that also automatically distributes Story views, increasing your chances of getting noticed on the social network.

Other than interactions, you can use iPost.Me to schedule posts on the platform, as well as send automatic messages to new followers.

Tip : iPost.Me offers FREE trial of your platform for a limited time. Sign up through the link to start testing it!

11. StimSocial

Can be used on any operating system, StimSocial aims to help profiles get more followers for their profile. It automates tasks like liking, commenting and even following profiles. The user can configure which type of follower to attract. That way, interactions don't happen broadly, but are limited to the focus of your business.

Note: StimSocial offers 5 days for FREE trials. Click the link to learn more!

12. Instagram Sweepstakes Tool

Looking for a way to sweep and engage your followers on the social network, potentially reaching more people? This requires an external application, as Instagram does not offer a practical way to do so.

So we recommend our own Instagram sweepstakes tool. It is practical, easy to use and of course entirely free. Just select the profile and post, set up filters and raffle the winner from the comments. Like the idea?

13. Flume

For Mac only, Flume has a number of options available only in smartphone apps. It allows direct messaging, analytical tools and a better search engine. The Pro option, available for purchase, makes it possible to send photos and videos to the social network via your Mac, and allows you to manage more than one account.

14. BlueStacks App Player (Windows and Mac)

BlueStack is an emulator that lets you use Android on your computer. You can use BlueStack to simulate using any Android application on your computer, and obviously Instagram is no exception. To start using this app you just need to click here and download it to your computer.

Once downloaded, there are two ways to use Instagram. The first is by performing a search and downloading the app. The other - a bit more complex - is by downloading an APK (you can do it on apktrain.com, for example). Then just open this APK file with BlueStack.

Once installed, you have access to virtually all Instagram functionality. Sign in, share photos, make comments, etc. I leave a warning now: it is not always easy to use. Remember that Instagram is designed to be used on mobile rather than computer.

If you are having problems installing, try deleting it and downloading it again. It usually works.

Click here to download BlueStack

15. Gramblr (Windows and Mac)

Slightly less complete than the previous ones, Gramblr should only be used if neither of the two options discussed in this article are to your liking. With Gramblr, you can upload some photos and a little more. It will have to be you doing all the image editing. This also includes leaving your prepared images at a size of 650 × 650 pixels and with filters applied. Gramblr also usually has some hashtag problems.

Click here to download Gramblr

16. Ramme (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Like App for Instagram, Ramme is an application created by independent developers to allow you to access your Instagram account directly from your computer. The advantage is that Ramme also lets you use Instagram on your PC and even Linux, making it available to just about anyone with a home computer.

On the other hand, it is not possible to send your photos and videos through it, only serving to interact with the profiles you follow.

17. Go for Instagram (Mac)

An ideal option for those who want to have a window open on Instagram, rather than browsing tabs. Go for Instagram allows the user to access the web version of the social network in an exclusive window, taking up less memory than opening a new browser window. However, it is worth noting that the functions are similar to what can be seen in browser editing.

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Which apps to use Instagram on PC or Mac do you recommend?

What apps for using Instagram on PC or Mac do you have installed on your computer? Do you recommend any of them or do you have another option that we don't cover on our list? If you don't like the apps we show you, be sure to check out our tutorial on posting photos on Instagram for PC!

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