17 best Android accessories

One of the great advantages of Android phones is its great versatility. Regardless of the brand of your phone - Moto, Samsung, LG or the vast majority of brands - have the same input standards, often serving each other. For example, I myself have used Samsung chargers to charge my Moto G 3rd generation in emergencies. So we have decided to list 17 of the best Android accessories!

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1. Vehicle charger

If you have a routine that requires driving most of the time or are in a hurry for an appointment and haven't had time to charge your phone at home, using a car charger may be the solution. In this case, a vehicle carrier with charger can do the trick. The accessory is not very expensive and is commonly used by Uber taxi drivers and drivers, for example. The accessory costs around $ 60 in retail chains.

2. USB / Lightning Knife Kit

One of the most curious Android accessories on the list. With it is impossible that you or anyone you know can not carry a phone, even if it is not Android. This pocketknife kit has a USB port - which can be plugged into a standard charger or a computer - another standard MicroUSB jack on Android phones and tablets, and even the lightning port used on the iPhone. We already consider it the "21st century knife". Click the link to learn more about the kit.

3. Portable Battery

Essential item for Pokemon GO masters. The portable battery lets your smartphone survive if it is without a charger or somewhere without a power outlet to charge it. Some of these batteries come with additional utilities, such as a built-in flashlight.

4. Bluetooth Gaming Control

Most smartphone games have controls made for the touch screen. However, several companies in the industry that have been releasing video games for decades have adapted their old games to Android, as you can see from our list of top 25 classic Android games. Even though you can play them with the onscreen virtual control, the feeling is different. Therefore we strongly recommend a bluetooth control to play them.

This gamepad, for example, has its own support to put your phone, as you can see in the photo below. There are several similar control brands in the range of $ 100 - $ 150 in stores.

5. Bluetooth Pistol for Cell Phone

Have you ever imagined playing your favorite shooter games on Android with a “gun” in your hands? Like the controller we described above, Bluetooth-style weapon controls can be connected to your mobile phone, allowing the weapon in the game to keep up with the movements you make with the weapon. These controls also usually come with a stand to keep the phone supported while playing and are in the range of $ 150 to $ 200 in stores.

6. Virtual Reality Glasses

Still in its early stages, virtual reality technology promises to take over and become the new trend, especially in the gaming arena. Virtual reality glasses are not yet commercialized at very affordable prices, but there is no denying that the experience of feeling immersed in a game is amazing. There are several models, but for those who have Samsung phones, the most recommended is the Gear VR, the Korean manufacturer itself. The accessory sells for $ 600 on ecommerce.

7. Selfie stick

Popularly known as the “selfie stick”, this type of accessory is sold in all possible shapes, configurations and prices. The Dicapac selfie stick, for example, is 3m long, is made of steel, is Bluetooth controlled and is waterproof, being in the $ 90 price range. Other sticks are in much smaller ranges, but they can count on reduced length or less protection, while the reverse can also happen, with more expensive but more functional sticks.

8. Bluetooth Headset

Could not miss the list of best accessories for Android. Although smartphones come with a headset, they are usually wired basic. With a Bluetooth headset, it becomes unnecessary to worry about getting tangled in the wires.

Bluetooth headsets can also be purchased in different price ranges. For those who just want to listen to their music without spending much, there are models in the range of $ 40 and options with higher sound quality or ability to muffle ambient noise, but with prices around $ 350, for example. See also some advantages of using Bluetooth headsets.

9. Pocket Spotlight

Unavailable in Brazil, we still couldn't keep Pocket Spotlight out of this list of best Android accessories. This is because the item has a very simple function: brighten up your photos. Just plug it into the standard headphone port - the one you don't have on iPhone 7 - and turn it on, and several mini LED lamps will light up, brightening the mood and allowing for better pictures than using the phone's standard flash.

10. Selfie Ring

One more for selfie lovers. The selfie ring is positioned around the camera of a mobile phone and is also used to provide lighting for photos more efficiently than traditional flash. These rings can be attached to both the front and rear camera, and work for ordinary photos.

11. Lume Cube

A different type of photo illuminator from the default as it can be controlled by an app and is suitable for both photos and videos. The recommended use of the Lume Cube is for adventurous photos such as climbing and hiking, for example. Just position the cube on a tripod and, through the smartphone itself, control details such as brightness.

12. Bluetooth Speaker

Perfect for emergencies, especially at parties or meetings. The Bluetooth speaker can be connected to an Android smartphone and used to play music you have on your phone or in subscription services like Spotify. Depending on the model, she may even play music stored on a memory card, such as this model.

13. Camera Lenses

It's not just professional cameras that have special lenses for taking pictures. Although they are not able to reproduce the quality of professional cameras, they still give a nice help in making your photos even better. As with traditional cameras, lenses for Android smartphones also have several functions, such as increasing the scope of capture, among others.

14. Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

Almost indispensable item for those who use tablets and can not use very well the virtual keyboard on the touch screen. Some options also have a cover that serves as the base for the tablet to be positioned vertically on a flat surface, as seen with this keyboard cover option. The main advantage is that it does not need wires to be used, being used through Bluetooth.

15. Protective Covers

Talking about covers for protection requires practically another text just talking about them, but we couldn't leave the covers off the list of best Android accessories. They are easily the most versatile smartphone equipment, coming in different sizes, shapes, patterns and prices.

On Android devices, we have already listed the top 5 clear covers for Google Pixel and 10 cover options for Moto G4 and G4 Plus, for example. However, the options are endless and can be customized, even allowing you to waterproof your Google Pixel.

16. Wireless Charger

An accessory that is becoming increasingly popular, wireless chargers help to avoid a mess of wires getting mixed up while charging your phone, especially when other smartphones are charging nearby. While Bluetooth-based solutions are being planned for future handset editions, there are currently several base options on which you can keep your smartphone charging, preventing you from leaving it anywhere.

17. Smartphone Tripod

Considering the coming of the year and family parties, a smartphone tripod is a good option to have available. With the same function as camera tripods, they are specially designed to support cell phones, avoiding blurry photos. The most affordable options are in the range of $ 50 in major stores.

What are your favorite Android accessories?

There are so many equipment available that not even phones can handle all. However, the main advantage of Android devices over iPhone and iPad is obvious here, as they have great versatility, offering compatibility with almost every type of equipment, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Which of these Android accessories do you use most in your routine? Recommend any specific brand? Comment with us!

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