17 free stock photos to use for your projects

Searching for images to use in your content or to improve the look of your site or social networks can be complex at times. Searching for Google Images usually serves this purpose, but in certain situations you cannot use a photo found there. This is because these images are protected by intellectual property laws and may create problems for you. In these cases, the ideal is to look for some free image banks with free photos to use. Check below 17 of these sites and evaluate which collection contains the best photos to use in your projects!

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1. Unsplash

This site is updated every 10 days, also bringing 10 new free photography works, only with the requirement of attribution to the photographer. Unsplash is made up mostly of amazing landscape photos, but it also has images in other photographs. Click the link to visit the site.

Photo: Maja Petric

2. Picography

One of the simplest free image banks, Picography has all sorts of photos in its collection, without having to assign authorship. It is not divided into categories, but has a search engine that allows you to search for images according to your needs, through tags assigned to them.

3. New Old Stock

If you are looking for a vintage photo for your site, the best free stock photos you can look for is New Old Stock. This bank is not about old versions of current photos, but rather a kind of library of old - and real - images! - in the public domain, taken from equally public archives. The page takes images from different places of the world at different times, as you can see in this photo of the city of Brasilia, below:

4. Pixabay

Highly rated by users around the globe, Pixabay is one of the best free image banks to use. Besides the good amount of photos and images available, its interface and search engine are very simple and complete, allowing you to find what you need easily. Most of the acquis does not require attribution of authorship.

5. FreePhotoBank

A site with many types of free images - even photos of mantis insects can be found! - FreePhotoBank has several common categories, such as animals themselves, landscapes and vehicles, for example. The site has been active since 2006 and the photos can be downloaded without any problems.

6. FreeImages

One of the web's most extensive free image banks along with FreePhotoBank and Pixabay, FreeImage blends niche-oriented photos into broad categories. Like Pixabay, some of the photos require attribution, although much of it can be freely downloaded. It has premium subscription options.

7. Gratisography

Set up by an artist and web designer named Ryan McGuire, the site has a more unusual collection, ideal for sites with a cooler approach. The photo below gives a good idea of ​​what kind of images you can find and use on your pages or social networks. Click on the link to check the collection.

8. Picjumbo

Suitable for restaurants or cafes, Picjumbo has an excellent collection related to this area. The site also has high resolution photos in other categories, including a good search engine and sorting by categories.

9. GetRefe

This image bank is ideal for those looking for landscape images or photos of buildings with different architectures, as it is focused on photographs taken by travelers passing through Europe. GetRefe can be accessed through the link, but does not have a search engine.

10. Public Domain Archive

One of the largest collections on the Internet, the Public Domain Archive has photos registered in the public domain. That is, everything that is registered on the site can be downloaded and used in your projects or posts on social networks, among others. It has paid option, used only for those who need to download large photo packages simultaneously.

11. Motion Elements

Instead of photos, Motion Elements leans more to the side of videos. Despite being a subscription service, every week it makes available part of its collection for free. That is, it is worth checking what types of content are available. In addition to the videos, the site has templates from After Effects.

12. Ignite Motion

Another free image bank specializing in videos and animations, the Ignite Motion collection is free and usually includes looping, repeatable videos. These videos can be used as backgrounds in projects, websites or in videos that focus on subtitles or just as a background for a presenter.

13. Free Footage

If you need high resolution videos to use in your projects, Free Footage can break your branch. Divided into categories of different qualities and types of videos, the content of the site is quite accessible and hassle free. Check out one of the videos available on the site, which can be downloaded in 4K:

14. Crate Footage

This site has a collection that mixes free videos and images. Footage Crate follows a slightly different premise than the free stock images shown in this text. Instead of background videos, it offers small effects samples that can be used in a variety of ways. It has impactful effects such as explosions or smaller fireballs, among many others.

15. Motion Backgrounds

While Footage Crate specializes in special effects for your videos, Motion Backgrounds is designed to provide free backgrounds. Just register on your site so you can download these videos. In addition, the page also allows you to download only the audio of the videos contained there.

16. Movie Tools

Merging videos that can be used as background or 2D animations, Movie Tools also provides some tutorials on the industry's leading video editors, such as Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere. Its only setback is the few free options available on the site compared to other pages cited in this list.

17. Clip Canvas

With a mix of paid content and free videos, Clip Canvas has a good deal of material to use for your videos. The content is not categorized, but the site has a search bar to search for the type of video you want to find for use in your productions.

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