17 PC Video Editors You Need to Know

Recording videos and knowing how to edit them are increasingly sought after skills for those who want to work over the internet. That's why there is no shortage of video editing apps on mobile phones. However, if you want to do a complete job, it is best to have PC video editors.

Because they are fuller and the screen is bigger - which improves viewing - you have more options and the ability to create more professional videos. Mobile publishers can help bring your post ideas to life or make small changes, but they won't always be enough.

That is, even if you already have a video editor for Instagram that dominates, getting to know some video editors for PC can make your production much better. So now check out our full list of options for PC video editors you need to know as soon as possible!

1. Movavi Editor

If you don't have much experience with PC video editors, Movavi is one of the best options to get started. You will learn how to use its features in about 20 minutes!

Available in Portuguese, all functions are only used by dragging and dropping elements, without having to know advanced editing techniques to make a good video. Movavi lets you remove fragments you don't want to use, add titles and various types of transitions, and upload your own material to the program.

The program also exports your video projects to any format and can download it for free by accessing the link!

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

There is no way to talk about PC video editors without mentioning Adobe Premiere Pro, one of the most widely used in the world. Used for both social and internet videos as well as TV and movies, the editor is perfect for anyone who wants to become a pro.

Among the tools, we highlight the ability to edit recorded video in any resolution without loss of quality, integration with other Adobe applications, simplified color correction and audio enhancement, among many others.

To learn more, click the link to learn all that Adobe Premiere Pro has to offer!

3. Wave.video

If you are not looking for a complex or full featured editor, Wave.video may be a better solution. It allows you to record short and ideal videos for social media, especially for platforms like Instagram and its Stories.

To use it, simply choose a template from the collection - or upload video and photos from your computer - select the ideal size for your chosen social network and use its tools to customize your creation. It also features a collection of effects, text fonts and stickers to use in your creation.

Learn all about Wave.video via the link!

4. Avid Media Composer First

One of the biggest contenders for Adobe's video editor, Avid Media Composer First is an imposing program. It has been used in major productions such as Captain Marvel and the Game of Thrones series.

Its collection of sound effects is also impressive as they are of high quality and can be integrated into the dialogue. By the way, the program can be used in audio recording studios that will be used in the videos.

If you are still learning how to edit videos, Media Composer First is the best choice as it serves as a gateway to other editions of the program. Click the link to learn more about the software.

5. Shotcut

You may not be as interested in advanced tools as previous software. Ideal for your YouTube videos or other video platforms, Shotcut is simple and easy to use.

The editor supports a wide range of video types, ranging from MP4, used on Instagram, to older formats like RMVB. It also has one of the cleanest interfaces, ideal for those familiar with PC video editors.

Shotcut also has a good collection of visual or audio filters, color correction tools and is completely free. Start using Shotcut by accessing the link!

6. Lightworks

One of the oldest among PC video editors. Lightworks brings 25 years of constant evolution to computer screens.

The software was also used in film productions such as The Wolf of Wall Street and the classic Pulp Fiction. Also earning points for having a simple interface, but without giving up advanced editing tools, he is one of the few not to reduce the quality of the videos he records for work.

Visit the link to learn all about Lightworks!

7. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019

If you are just learning how to edit videos, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 is one of the best options for you. A classic rival to Adobe software, this software from Corel makes it easy thanks to its more linear interface.

It supports videos recorded in 4K or for virtual reality. It also brings a large collection of music, sound or visual effects and various transitions to apply to your work. Learn more about Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 by clicking the link!

8. Pinnacle Studio 22

Another ideal tool for those learning how to edit videos. It is even recommended for anyone who has never edited a video before in their lives.

It features about 1, 500 elements and templates that you can use in your videos, and allows editing up to 6 tracks. The tools are simple to find and easy to use.

Like Media Composer First, Pinnacle Studio 22 is a great gateway, but it brings edits with more advanced tools for when you're ready to fly higher. See more about the program through the link.

9. DaVinci Resolve

Suitable for those who want to work with 4K resolution video, DaVinci Resolve is perfect for extracting the full quality of what you recorded. Its tools include the ability to edit videos in stunning 8K, with a collection of elements that won't ruin the quality of your work.

In addition, the program has amazing visual effects that can include editing, color correction and the ability to also work and improve audio quality. It is one of the few PC video editors that allow group editing, giving access to more than one user.

Click on the link to know DaVinci Resolve.

10. VSDC

Unlike most PC video editors on the list, VSDC's focus is on helping you create amazing presentations, rather than recorded videos or movies. Free, the program brings elements such as filters, special effects and tools for color adjustment and correction, for example.

In addition, VSDC lets you create masks to add effects to specific parts of the video, as is the case with photo editors.

Learn more about VSDC by visiting the link!

11. Hitfilm Express

Among the free programs, Hitfilm Express is one of the most advanced PC video editors. It brings tools available only in paid programs, for example.

The tutorials are one of the best on the market, using blockbusters like Star Wars to exemplify and help you learn. Plus, it features about 180 special effects that you can apply to your own videos.

In addition, Hitfilm Express lets you upload the videos it produces directly to your YouTube channel. Visit the link to learn all it has to offer.

12. Blender

Blender is also considered one of the best free PC video editors. Playing directly with Hitfilm Express, Blender offers its users everything they need from an editing tool. You can crop snippets, resize video, rotate the screen, and more.

In addition, it is also useful for making 3D animations if you think about creating cartoons in computer graphics. Blender is perfect for those who are already familiar with video editing and animation creation, but can seem confusing to beginners.

Learn more about Blender through the link.

13. Machete Video Editor Lite

If you need a fast and simple to use editor, Machete is an easy and free option. It comes with basic tools for video editing, which can be useful for speeding up posting of a video that needs to be released in a short time.

However, Machete Video Editor Lite does not allow sound editing in the free version, only allowing you to remove sound tracks. That is, it's only for very fast editing, which doesn't take long to make the edits you need and render the video for publication.

Click on the page to know Machete.

14. Avidemux

Another free editor option for beginners. Despite its rather unusual name, Avidemux is ideal for a start. Its tools include the ability to cut and remove video tracks and apply filters, among others.

The app is also great for when you need just a few basic tools. Learn more about Avidemux by visiting their website.

15. Openshot

Similar to iMovie for Mac computers, Openshot can be considered a free alternative for Windows users.

It even brings more features than its rival. You can do anything you want just by dragging and dropping elements with the mouse. That is, Openshot is an interesting alternative for those who want to learn how to edit videos.

Possibilities include basic editing tools such as cropping, rotating, and resizing. It also allows you to include unlimited watermarks and ranges. Click the link and download Openshot to your computer for free.

16. VideoPad

Another interesting platform for anyone who wants to maintain a YouTube channel but doesn't have much experience editing videos. VideoPad lets you export your work directly to the video platform.

This program is also easy to learn and has all the tools you need to get started. Featuring your own collection of effects and transitions, you can also add special effects and correct imperfections, such as slight camera shake while shooting.

Visit the site for full functionality and download the Windows app.

17. CyberLink Power Director 17 Ultra

Closing the list of the best PC video editors, CyberLink software is made for those who are already advanced users in editing and creating videos. The platform is robust, bringing advanced and professional tools, but at a cheaper price than other publishers in the same line.

CyberLink Power Director 17 Ultra lets you edit up to 100 tracks at the same time, and lets you tinker with 360 ° recorded video. In addition, it features tools for automatic video correction and professional-grade visual effects.

Learn more about the Cyberlink app through the link.

Which PC video editors do you have installed?

Now that we've shown you different PC video editing solutions, what you need to do now is download and test the ones you find most interesting.

To continue learning more about computers and getting directions for applications or software, keep reading AppTuts and see our article on how to install addons on Kodi!

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