17 tips for the Google Pixel battery last longer

Google Pixel managed to impress a lot of people with its powerful settings last year, especially those who wanted a more premium version than Nexus models. Of course, like every modern smartphone, it can also have some problems with its battery life on days of intense use. To learn how to solve this situation, you can check out our top tips on how to make the Google Pixel battery last much longer!

1. Turn off Wi-Fi

Whether we like it or not, our constant and virtually uninterrupted use of Wi-Fi is one of the biggest factors in a smartphone battery running out of power.

Of course it is sometimes necessary to use the internet for important tasks, but we advise you to turn off Wi-Fi when you are not using it. In the long run, this will help the load last much longer than normal.

2. Turn off the GPS

Like Wi-Fi, GPS can consume a lot of battery power when it's on, even because it needs more features and often works with heavy applications.

Our tip to remedy this is very simple: just turn off the GPS and close the used app (like Google Maps, Waze, etc.) as soon as you finish using it. Many people forget these details and only realize when the battery is already below 15% charge.

3. Turn off Bluetooth

Another feature you should do the same is Bluetooth, as it is only useful if you already have an accessory that needs it nowadays. For file transfer, it has become obsolete, so it's not worth leaving it on just for that.

4. Decrease screen brightness

You may already know that the brightness of your smartphone screen is one of the most battery-draining features of your phone, so you should keep it low whenever possible.

Fortunately, it is only necessary to increase the brightness when you are in a place with very bright natural light, so it is easier to save the battery in this regard.

5. Use the Twelve

As Google Pixel comes with Android Nougat installed at the factory, the device has Twelve feature to save your battery naturally up to 50% of normal.

The feature is already enabled, but to make it work you have to turn the device face down, which makes Pixel believe that it is in a dark environment and will not be used for some time. This way it slows down your internet activities until you have the screen on again.

6. Avoid using widgets

Widgets can be very useful at times, but since they need to be up and running, they also end up consuming more battery than you can imagine.

Of course you don't have to stop using them completely, just find and install one or two widgets you really want to use. This will still drain your battery, but not at such a high level.

7. Avoid heavy apps

Another tip you can follow on days that need extra battery power is to avoid heavier applications altogether. As they require much more from your smartphone, it's no wonder the charge runs out fast

You can use them normally when you have a charger nearby, but if not, it is better to give preference to lighter apps, for example.

8. Avoid playing too long

Our tip about heavy apps is also true for mobile games, as everyone often generates intense activity on their smartphone, no matter how simple.

So avoid playing too long on your Google Pixel when you realize that the battery is already half full. If you have a charger nearby, there is so much trouble.

9. Avoid streaming videos

Watching Netflix movies or YouTube videos is pretty normal for most people to do every day, but it consumes more battery power than any other activity.

This is because beyond the screen, your smartphone needs to use the internet and audio without stopping for a long time. There is no way to prevent this, so it is best to avoid activity when you need more battery.

10. Avoid streaming music

Listening to streaming music is not as bad as watching videos online, but the battery is still quickly consumed. Our tip is to listen to your songs in moderation when you realize that the battery is half full.

11. Know how the battery is used

If you're always having trouble getting your Google Pixel battery to last throughout the day, you should worry about how the charge is being consumed.

Only in this way will you get a sense of how to solve the situation most effectively. To do this, go to the Pixel settings and click the "Battery" option, where you will see all the apps you have used since the last recharge and which ones have abused your battery the most.

12. Do not charge for short periods

We know you can't always wait for your smartphone to recharge, but it's important that you don't do it on purpose at any time.

If this turns out to be routine, the phone's battery will become worse over the long term and will be harder to last over a normal day of use.

13. Turn off automatic updates

Auto-updating Android apps is very useful for those who don't want to have to manually update their apps, but it's best to leave it off when you know you'll need extra battery power.

The good news is that this feature is extremely easy to enable or disable at any time, as you can see in detail with our tutorial at this link.

14. Use 3G when needed

The use of 3G does not differ so much from Wi-Fi, but it can use even more battery because it is slightly more complex than a simple wireless internet network.

Our tip is that you only enable 3G when you really need to see something on the internet, which will also save your data plan considerably.

15. Avoid live wallpapers

Live wallpapers may be more interesting or beautiful than usual, but they consume your smartphone's battery with incredible speed. This is because they are always consuming the features of Android, as you might already imagine. very beautiful and give your smartphone an interesting look.

Fortunately, there are a lot of cool wallpapers for Android, so it is best to prefer a common background if you want to save your Google Pixel battery.

16. Use a portable charger

As much as using a portable charger doesn't make the battery last longer by itself, it is a great alternative for those who have to use their smartphone more intensely throughout the day.

Just make sure the charger is fully charged every day before leaving home. This makes it almost impossible for you to run out of battery power.

17. Use apps to manage battery

There are no apps that simply work miracles by making the battery last longer, but there are some that really help save or manage its use.

Our top suggestions are GSam Battery Monitor, Snapdragon Battery Guru and Greenify. All have the function of keeping an eye on your load and giving you several options on how to save it efficiently.

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