18 best bluetooth headphones not to worry about wires

With the ever-increasing number of cordless handsets and accessories, fewer excuses exist for maintaining a tangle of wires. Whether you're at home or on the road, you can take advantage of Bluetooth-enabled technologies to pair your devices and use them without the risk of accidentally tripping or bumping into the cord, potentially causing disaster - such as pushing your device to the floor with your phone. wire strength. To listen to your worry-free and risky music, we've put together 18 of the best Bluetooth headsets you can use on your Android, iPhone, or iPad. Check out the full list below!

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1. LG Tone Infinim HBS-910

One of the best headphones from LG, the Tone Infinim HBS-910 has not yet arrived in Brazil, but it is worth keeping an eye. It has a necklace-like design, around the neck with a small wire that carries the headphones to the ear. The microphones are built into the end of the collar and both have excellent sound quality, even for calls.

2. Pulse PH153

While the Bluetooth headphones in the previous item come in a necklace shape, the Pulse PH153 resembles a spectacle frame. This accessory also has good sound quality and its model is semi-open, ie does not cover the ear completely, ideal in situations that need to be alert to the outside environment. It has built-in microphone and volume control.

The Pulse PH153 is available in the market in the range of $ 163.00.

3. Skullcandy Smokin 'Buds 2

With a good mix of effectiveness and price, Skullcandy's Smokin 'Buds 2 is similar in design to LG's handset, but in a smaller price range. The Bluetooth headset line has three color options, good battery life and is suitable for listening to music while exercising. The model is also unavailable in Brazil.

4. Sony SBH60

Headset-shaped, the Sony SBH60 still retains some discretion compared to traditional headphones, though it is not as understated as the other models mentioned above. Features include call and volume control as well as a connector for use on any handset, even those without Bluetooth.

The Sony SBH60 can be purchased in the range of $ 249.90.

5. Samsung Level U

One of the main highlights of Samsung Level U is the quality of the external noise drowning and the ability to detect and send mobile phone notifications to the user. Also worth mentioning is the excellent battery of the accessory, supporting up to 10 hours of uninterrupted music.

The Samsung LevelU is commercially available and can be purchased in the range of $ 325.00.

6. LG Hardline HB-730

An earlier - and nationally available - version of the HB910. The LG Hardline HB 730 has similar features to its successor, although it obviously does not have the same sound quality. However, this headset also supports up to 10 hours of playback or 15 hours of conversion, with buttons for call control, volume and media, meaning it has buttons to pause, fast forward or rewind songs from your playlist. The handset costs about $ 100.00.

7. Apple AirPods

Despite the exorbitant price in Brazil (about $ 1, 300), there is no denying that Apple AirPods are excellent. Designed to be compatible with iPhone 7 and Apple's new products, using them together will simply bring your phone closer to your phone and automatically pair them. AirPods continue to follow Apple's high quality headset standards.

8. NuForce BE6i

Made of metal, the NuForce BE6i is one of the ideal Bluetooth headsets for those with the bad habit of losing their headsets. This is because the handset tips are magnetized, sticking together when close to each other, making it easy to store securely. In addition, the BE6i also has good playback quality and long battery life. However, it is not available in Brazil.

9. Bose Quietcomfort 35

One of the most expensive Bluetooth headsets on the list, surpassing even Apple's AirPods. The value is compensated for in quality, as the Bose Quietcomfort 35 has one of the best sound absorbers, erasing any sign of external noise. In addition, the battery is the largest on the list and can play songs for 20 hours straight. It has a free app ready to connect to your mobile devices.

The Bose Quietcomfort 35 sells in the range of $ 2, 700.00.

10. LG HBS-600

More a headphone than a headset itself, LG's HBS line marks its third presence on this list. Also one of the Bluetooth headsets, the HBS-600 features a padded finish and greater ability to muffle outside noise compared to other products in its line. It also has volume and media control, and comes with a cable, allowing you to select whether to use it in Bluetooth or wired mode.

The LG HBS-600 is available in the market with prices around R $ 470, 00.

11. Yurbuds Leap 100

Focused on physical exercise, the Yurbuds Leap 100 is one of the few Bluetooth headsets that are sweatproof and waterproof, preventing your songs from playing in the heat. It also has greater fall resistance, being one of the safest on the list. Has button to answer calls, as well as media and volume control.

The Yurbuds Leap 100 can be purchased for about $ 399.

12. Beats Powerbeats 2

Competing directly with the Yurbuds headset as the ultimate exercise-oriented headset, the Beats Powerbeats 2 also features sweat and water resistance. For greater resistance against accidents, its front is metallic, protecting the components of the handset. It also has adjustable rims to not cause discomfort.

Beats Powerbeats 2 is available in Brazil in the range of $ 880.00 and its successor - Powerbeats 3 - has already been released in the USA.

13. JBL Reflect Mini BT

JBL's traditional line of Bluetooth headsets - Yurbuds is from the same company and belongs to a fitness line - also guarantees a place on this list. However, headphones carry some common features, such as sweat protection. Its main advantage is its size, which allows you to easily keep your headphones in your pocket and carry them anywhere. Also has built-in microphone, answer button and volume control.

The JBL Reflect Mini can be purchased at stores and retailers with an approximate price of $ 490.00.

14. JBL Reflect Response

While Reflect Mini values ​​portability, Reflect Response is the flagship line of JBL Bluetooth headsets. Its main highlight is the comfort provided, and can be used in all kinds of situations, including playing sports. It has 10 hours of uninterrupted music, is sweat resistant, and has music control, volume and a call answer button.

Reflect Response can be purchased at stores in the range of $ 730.00.

15. Motorola Verveloop +

Recently launched in the US and unavailable in the country, the Motorola Verveloop + is a solid headset with the potential to come to Brazil at reasonable prices. Among the peculiarities, we highlight only that it is waterproof. Its battery lasts about nine and a half hours and has good overall sound quality.

16. Klipsch X12

Although cheaper than the Bose Quietcomfort 35, the Klipsch X12 is expensive even by US standards, costing $ 400. Its differential is in the leather details, 18 hours of battery and resistance to water and sweat.

17. Favix B01

With one of the cheapest prices on the list, the Favix B01 impresses by the amount of unique features compared to the others. It is the only one that has memory card slot and allows you to access FM radio, for example. Its only setback is for battery life, which only supports up to 4 hours playing music.

The Favix B01 is available for around $ 75.00.

18. Favix B560

A more advanced model of Favix Bluetooth headsets, the B560 has all the features of the previous one. Its few differences are in the improved finish and battery life, which in this model is 8 uninterrupted hours.

The Favix B560 can be purchased for approximately $ 110.00.

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