18 Best Mac Accessories and Improve Your Experience

Despite the great possibility of plugging in all kinds of accessories on the PC, the Mac is also not behind in the portability for peripherals. In addition to the standard equipment that can be used via USB ports, Apple's current computer lines have Thunderbolt inputs, which considerably increase transfer speed for external hard drives, for example. Check out the 18 best Mac accessories below that will enhance your experience and productivity!

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1. Folding table for MacBook

If you're not at home or in the office and need to improvise a desk to work with your MacBook, the folding desk is an option to take with you, such as at airports. The desk has a ventilation system to keep the computer from overheating and a three-port USB hub. Click the link to check out all the folding table for MacBook can offer.

2. Powerplay Cable Organizer

The function of this device is quite simple: keep your Mac cables organized, avoiding accidental stumbles and stumbles. In roll format, simply wrap them around the peripheral, which also protects the transformer from minor damage such as scratches.

3. Lightning to USB cable

This cable lets you connect your iPhone or iPad by connecting your mobile device to your Mac via the USB port. Whether transferring files, backing up or charging your phone, the Lightning to USB cable is one of the most needed Mac accessories if you also use iPhone and iPad. Click on the link to check out one of the templates.

4. USB-C Superlead Hub

Compatible with current MacBook models - including the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar - this USB hub already works with the latest USB-C version, ensuring optimal speed, though not as fast as Mac's exclusive Thunderbolt 2o inputs. On the other hand, the USB standard is more flexible as it can be used to connect accessories that are not made just for the Apple computer. Check out the Superlead USB-C hub at the link.

5. GlocalMe

Although not available in Brazil, GlocalMe has such an innovative proposition that it couldn't be left out of our list of best Mac accessories. Known as the “first mobile router in the world”, it takes your mobile data connection and expands it broader than the internal router of the phones. Ideal also to save the battery of the phone.

6. USB control

Can also be used on Mac, a USB control is absolutely necessary for those who like to play on the computer. Although keyboard and mouse are also used as controls in these games, some types of games - such as GTA-style open world action games - are much easier to play through one of these controls. Check out one of the options available on the market, but be aware that there are different models in different price ranges.

7. Trackpad and wood numeric keypad

The proposal is as simple as the name: it is a wooden trackpad that can connect to your MacBook. In addition to it, a numeric keypad is also available. However, this accessory is not sold in Brazil.

8. M35 Wireless Mouse

Although trackpads break the branch when using the MacBook - and avoid carrying more gear - not everyone likes to use them in their daily lives, preferring the good old mouse. The statement becomes more true for those who also enjoy playing on the Mac, as the mouse offers greater movement accuracy, giving greater control. Check out a Mac-compatible wireless mouse option at the link.

9. Mos Magnetic Organizer

One of the most unusual Mac accessories on this list. Like Powerplay, this device also lets you organize your cables in one place. However, instead of a roll, it is a magnetic base, holding the connectors in one place only. You can also fix it to a wall to make your cables and connectors more accessible.

10. Seagate Seven External HD

The most portable external hard drive for Mac. Taking up little space in any case you use on your Mac, this hard drive can even be put in your pocket. It is thinner than other devices with the same purpose, but has only one model that offers an additional 500GB. Click the link to learn more about Seagate Seven.

11. LaCie Rugged External HD

Offering greater protection and storage than Seagate Seven, the LaCie Rugged comes equipped with rubberized edges, preventing water damage and impact, and preventing dust buildup. The external hard drive also provides much more storage, adding 4TB to its capacity, although not as portable. Meet Lacie Rugged through the link.

12. Protective Screen anti light blue

Despite the night mode present in today's iPhones and iPads, something like that doesn't exist on the Mac, requiring external applications. Another alternative is the protective anti light blue screen. Instead of protecting the screen from things like dust, the screen lessens the effects of blue light on your eyes. Models compatible with 11 ″ to 15 ″ screens are sold in international ecommerces.

13. Thunderbolt Ethernet Adapter

This adapter allows you to connect Ethernet network cables through the Thunderbolt ports found in current MacBook editions. That is, through it is possible to establish a local cable connection, usually more stable and faster than using a WiFi signal. Click on the link to learn more about the adapter.

14. MacBook Cover

Another one of our list of best Mac accessories that is essential. The case gives greater protection to the notebook, as well as facilitates its transport, depending on the model. The covers have different modes and functions, just need to check which one offers the best options and if the model is compatible with the size of your computer. Check out this 13 ″ MacBook hard cover option.

15. Portiko

Not available in Brazil, Portiko is a type of USB hub best used for teamwork. The device has an extension cable measuring about 1.80m with two USB ports on each side, allowing you to connect two computers and other accessories for Mac.

16. Apogee Groove Amplifier

Another option not available in the country, the Apogee Groove amplifier is a USB device that amplifies and improves the sound quality of headphones used on the Mac. Ideal for those who work listening to music or even work in the music field.

17. Cusby USB-C Modular Adapter

One of the most inventive Mac accessories on this list. Cusby's USB-C modular adapter lets you mount your own hub and change it any way you want. As if it were a hub, it connects to the computer to allow greater use of equipment.

However, each entry in it is a block with a connection type (Ethernet, USB, HDMI, etc.) that can be added or removed. The adapter is still in the pre-sale phase and should be launched soon in the market.

18. Nimbus portable lamp

An innovative way to brighten up your desktop. Connecting to your Mac, the Nimbus portable light emits a light that illuminates your Mac's keyboard and provides a light source between your eyes and the screen, minimizing the detrimental effects of using your computer in the dark.

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Which Mac accessories do you consider the most primordial?

Which of these devices do you think are essential when you own a Mac? The cover, the adapters or even more creative solutions like the magnetic organizer? Comment with us what your preferences are!

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