18 Best WordPress Chat Plugins

For those who are establishing an ecommerce or simply want to open a customer service channel on their website or blog, it is essential to use an online chat system. This type of platform has a great advantage and is one of the most agile troubleshooting channels and can even serve as a sales channel. If your page is built on a WordPress system, deploying an online chat won't be a problem either. Check out this list of 18 WordPress chat plugin options and choose the one that best suits your business!

1. Jivochat

One of the largest chat platforms on the market also has a version in the form of WordPress chat plugins. In addition to working on the platform, Jivochat offers the ability to send proactive invitations, ie send chat requests to visitors. In addition, the service also features apps for Android or iOS systems, allowing you to make calls even when you're away from a computer.

Note: Jivochat offers 14 days of FREE testing of your platform. Click the link to register and start testing its features!

2. LiveChat

One of the WordPress paid chat plugins, LiveChat lets you use its service on an unlimited number of websites - built on the WordPress platform, of course - without restrictions. Through it you can serve multiple visitors at the same time, as well as provide transcripts of past conversations between your staff and customers. Other features include being able to serve people who visit your Facebook fanpage and mobile apps to continue serving your customers even out of the office.

Tip: LiveChat lets you use all its functions for FREE for 30 days to perform tests. Access the link to register and start yours!

3. Formilla

This free online chat solution is also one of the best known solutions for WordPress. After installation, a button is added to the chat. Among some of the advantages, Formilla has a responsive design, ie adapts to the screen of the device on which it is being accessed. It can also send notifications to the user's desktop.

4. ClickDesk Live Support

With a greater focus on voice calling, ClickDesk allows your ecommerce visitors and customers to place an internet call with your internet team. This does not mean that the plugin is just for that purpose, it also allows you to make written calls, as in the other online chat services specified in this list. It also has an integrated help desk, allowing viewing and response of messages and emails.

5. OggFlow

Unlike the previous one, this plugin has free option. It has a free first user and provides integration between online chat, help desk by ticket system and link to social chat rooms. OggFlow is one of the most comprehensive options on this list, allowing you to handle multiple channels on just one platform.

6. Zopim

Zopim is an award-winning simple yet effective online chat service. Through a widget located at the bottom of your WordPress website, your visitors and customers can contact your team directly with no effort, at the click of a button.

7. nChat

A free system that allows you to add operators unlimitedly. One of nChat's strengths is its extensive customization capabilities. Themes, buttons, sound notifications and constant updates are also elements that make this WordPress plugin one of the best options to consider.

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8. Live Chat by HelpOnClick

HelpOnClick's Live Chat system installs a widget on your page that visitors can contact. In addition to enabling fulfillment through online chat, this plugin also lets you monitor your store visitors. This feature allows you to measure which pages are visited within your site, among others.

9. Quick Chat

Just as the name implies, Quick Chat also provides an agile tool to smoothly install an online chat on your ecommerce. In addition to direct messaging, the plugin also allows users and operators to create chat rooms and use avatars. Conversations are stored in your WordPress database, helping to preserve the identity of visitors using the system.

10. Simple Simon

The name itself says that the focus of this WordPress online chat system is simplicity. Simple Simon does not have advanced features as mentioned on other platforms in this list, but it allows you to configure the site widget to appear in any of the four corners of your site.

11. iFly

Focused on community engagement in social networks, blogs and internet forums, iFly is one of the best options in this regard, and is not as recommended for online service. However, there are no impediments to using it for this purpose. The tool lets you build chat groups and allows all users involved a copy of the chat.

12. Casengo

Casengo has the ability to centralize email, chat and social networks in one place and is one of the most popular WordPress chat plugins on the web. The service recently included a proactive chat tool and apps for Android and iOS, as well as several other features common to online chats.

13. Awesome Live Chat

This chat system also tries to live up to its name ( awesome means awesome) by bringing one of the most complete WordPress plugins for chat. Among its key features, Awesome Live Chat allows users to open as many tabs as they want from your site and continue the conversation from the same place even if you close one of them.

14. FlyZoo

Like iFly, this platform also has a greater focus on integrating and engaging their communities and social networks, although it can also be used as a customer service. FlyZoo also has customization options such as fonts, colors and themes for your online chat.

15. Pure Chat

A lightweight, easy-to-install platform, Pure Chat has a customizable widget as well as language switching. It also has mobile apps running Android or iOS, as well as letting you know a visitor's location or even banning inconvenient users based on their IP, among others.

16. Tidio

Another free tool from our list of WordPress chat plugins, this platform allows users to start using it without having to create a signup and therefore not log in. Tidio has customizable color palettes to suit your site, plus apps for Android, iOS and even Mac and PC computers.

17. Wise Chat

Aiming at social networks, one of the tools that Wise Chat is the ability to create groups, as well as iFly and FlyZoo. This plugin is also free as the previous item and can be used on both computer and mobile devices.

18. Banckle Chat

Closing our list, Banckle Chat provides one of the most complete experiences among the WordPress chat plugins demonstrated here. One of its most appealing features is the demographic reports that let you know more quantitative and technical details of visitors to your WordPress blog or website.

Which of these WordPress chat plugins did you find most interesting?

Through this list, we believe your search for a plugin to implement on your ecommerce, blog or website has been made easier. We always recommend that you test the tools that attract you the most so that you find the one that best suits your purposes and goals. Be sure to comment with us which ones are your favorites!

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