18 Instagram Tricks and Tips

Instagram is one of the most widely used apps worldwide, along with Facebook and Whatsapp. And all this success has led to several Instagram enhancements over the last few months. This app is nowadays much more than an option to edit images and share them with friends. Instagram has become a great marketing and social outreach tool. To let you know all the tricks and tips for Instagram we have created a post where we will explore some of Instagram's most secret features.

I'm sure you don't know at least some of these tips. If you know a few more that were not disclosed in this article, just leave a comment at the end of the post and we will add your tip as soon as possible.

1. Use Grow Social to send automatic messages

Used to improve followers on your Instagram profile, Grow Social automates interactions with user-specified profiles, hashtags, and locations. That is, he searches these publications and people (or businesses) and starts to like the publications and follow these profiles.

However, one of Grow Social's main attractions is the automatic message sending, which can be sent as soon as you receive a new follower. It can also be used to send directs to all followers, such as the announcement of a new product.

Note: Try Grow Social for FREE for 3 days by clicking the link!

2. Study the most popular posts in your niche

One way to get more ideas for posts on Insta is to research which are the most popular posts from your competitors. This way you can study how the post generated engagement.

But how do you know which posts have the most likes and comments?

Using the Instagram Top Posts Tool. You only need three small steps to get started: sign up, link your Insta profile with the tool, and search for a profile.

When searching, the tool will show you the 15 most engaged, most liked or commented posts. After that, just make your notes and try to replicate the formula with your own content.

Start using it now for free by clicking the link!

3. Increase your followers with Managegram

One of the biggest tricks and tips for Instagram is not in the social network itself, but in a browser app. Managegram automates the process of searching for the most relevant profiles according to your area of ​​choice, following them and liking your publications to your preferences. The app is used directly from the computer and even reports on the interactions obtained through it.

Note: If you want you can try the Managegram for 5 days for FREE. Click here to start!

4. Send automatic directs on Instagram with Bume

In addition to offering the ability to automatically interact with Instagram profiles and posts, Bume also offers an automatic messaging tool for new followers. You can set up several response templates, which take turns as these profiles begin to follow you.

Bume also offers a report showing the progress of followers on your profile and makes it possible to schedule Instagram posts. Ideal for managing your posts and tracking your Instagram.

Note: Bume can be tested for FREE for 7 days. All of its features are available during the period and click the link to start your trial!

5. Schedule posts and stories with SimpleGram

Instagram doesn't allow you to schedule posts or stories natively, and the best of Instagram tricks and tips here is to use an external app. One of the tools that allows you to do this programming is SimpleGram.

In addition to scheduling posts according to your content schedule, you can set up automatic messages to new followers and set up automatic interactions. So be sure to check out the link and try SimpleGram for FREE for 3 days when you sign up!

6. Create your Instagram Web Store with Bagy

Recently, Instagram has released a feature called Shopping, which lets you sell products from your online store through posts in the feed or in Stories. However, it is still necessary for the user to leave Instagram to finalize this purchase and this can be strange, especially if the design of your ecommerce is very different from Insta.

Bagy is a tool that solves this by allowing you to build a website with an Instagram-like layout, making it ideal for those with social networking as their primary source of sales. This way, your followers won't feel much different from your profile, relying more on checkout, making this one of the best Instagram tips and tricks.

You can also import photos of your products published in the feed or Stories and set up an in-app showcase. Learn more about Bagy by clicking on the link.

7. Make sweepstakes on social network

It's true that Instagram doesn't offer a native feature to make sweepstakes. So we recommend using our own Instagram sweepstakes tool! With it, you can use comments in a specific post to determine the winner.

In addition, it is possible to configure filters such as keywords, number of followers drawn, among others. Sweepstakes is a great way to attract more people to your profile. And the best part, the app is completely free, access it right now!

8. Upload photos privately

A few months ago, Instagram added the ability to send photos only to pre-selected friends, and can do so to a maximum of 15 friends. Once shared with them, your friends can comment on and like your image, just like the Instagram Feed.

To do so is actually very simple. Edit the photo as usual and then instead of selecting the "Followers" option, choose the "Direct" option as shown in the image below:

Then choose the friends to share this image with. Remember that you can choose a maximum of 15 friends. After sharing, go to the top right corner of your Instagram account as shown below.

You should now see an image similar to the one below.

Click on the image and check if it has been shared with the right friends!

If you are seeing an image similar to the one above, with your profile highlighted and that of your “lighter” friends, it is because you have done everything correctly.

Tip: Create montages to share via Direct on Instagram with Photo Grid!

9. Ignore posts from some people on Instagram

The option of direct messaging is interesting, but it can often be used a little cumbersome. If that friend who is always sharing content with you privately, Instagram gives you the option to opt out of that particular friend. Just click on the three dots that are in the upper right corner of the image. Then something similar to what you see below will appear.

Choose the "Ignore posts from this user" option and from now on they will no longer be able to send you direct messages. One of the best tricks and tips for Instagram to block annoying people.

10. Remove tags from images

Friends often end up tagging us in, say, less convenient photographs. If this happens to you constantly, this tip will be extremely useful! Instagram has the option of removing tags from images! Just press and hold the image for a few seconds and then select the "Remove my profile from image" option.

If you want you can keep the tag and tell Instagram so that this image does not appear on your profile on this social network.

11. Use filters without posting to Instagram

The filters are great and also have some tricks and tips for Instagram! However, they have a big setback: they can only be used without posting the image. That was impossible… until you read this text!

To use the filters without posting the image to Instagram, just leave your iOS or Android in Flight mode and then use the filters and try to post the photo. In the end, an error image will appear, but don't worry as this is purposeful!

When Instagram uses filters but cannot publish your image, it is automatically stored in your mobile photo folder. Now you can have the image with the filters without posting it to Instagram!

12. Remove location of photos

By default, Instagram uses your location to create a tab on your profile, telling you where you took your photos. But if you're a more discreet person (like me) and don't like to disclose where you are, just remove the location option.

To do so is quite simple. At the time of posting, remove the “Add to photo map” option as shown in the image below.

13. Add Hashtags After Publishing an Image

Instagram does not have the option of editing your photo description yet. This can be a problem as we often end up forgetting some essential hashtag's.

If you get desperate every time this happens, we have a simple solution that will solve your problem. Just go to the comments and enter the hashtag you want. This is because comment hashtag's can also be found on the Instagram search panel. It obviously doesn't look so good aesthetically, but that's another detail…

14. Share your photos on Instagram after posting

Surely you already posted a photo on Instagram and then forgot to share on social networks. Believe me, this is very common. But once again, we have the solution for you.

When you want to share something you've already posted, just click on the three dots next to the photo.

Then click on "Share Photo."

And lastly, choose the social network that you will use.

15. Save the original photo

When you share the photo on Instagram, the app usually records the final version of the photo on your phone. But to save the original version of the photo you will have to perform a few steps. First, go to “Options” and then select “Save Original Photos” as shown below. And now, Instagram will now save an original version of your photos.

16. Turn off auto view without Wi-Fi

Automatic viewing of videos on Instagram always ends up spending countless Megabytes on your internet. If you want to avoid this waste, this item from our list of tricks and tips for Instagram can save you money. Just tell Instagram that auto-viewing will only work when you're connected to Wi-Fi . To do so just follow the steps we will show below.

Go to Instagram's "Options" and then go to the "Videos" tab and click the "Preload" option.

In this part, choose the “Wi-Fi only” option. And that's it, now videos will only start automatically if you're connected to Wi-Fi.

17. Find people to follow on Instagram

If you're starting out on this social network and want to follow interesting people, one of the best tricks and tips for Instagram is to look for who has a profile in your mobile contacts. Check out how to do it in the steps below.

First go to "Options" and select the "Find people to follow" option.

Then select the option “Contacts”

And lastly, choose the friends you will add. Instagram gives you the possibility to add one by one (advisable) or to follow them all. It's your choice.

18. Study more Instagram tricks and tips

If you really want to sell more through Instagram, the best way is to renew your knowledge and study some online course that can improve your results. So test the news and learn everything you can to create content and ads for social media.

To help you with this task, follow the profiles of some of the top Instagram experts in Brazil and Portugal!

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